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My Photos

You've got two choices. If you want you can see all the pictures at once here. But be warned, it takes ages to download. You can view each picture individually by clicking on the links below.

Me in the hospital, only a week old.

Four months old, February 1982

Eight months old, June 1982

Age 1, February 1983

Age 2, November 1983

Me age three with very little sister Sally, summer 1985

Me age five and Sally age two, November 1986

Me on a beach age 6, summer 1988

Me with Sally and a Shetland Pony, age 7, summer 1989

My year four picture, age 9, autumn 1990

A school picture of me age 11 and Sally age 7, autumn 1992

Me looking very nice, (even if I do say so myself), summer 1995, age 13

Me in the back garden with my clarinet, summer 1996, age 14

Me and Sally with our Guinea Pigs Sandy and Pebbles, summer 1997, age 15

Me at a canal boat show, spring 1998, age 16

Me in the Isle Of Man, summer 1998, age 16

Me with my friend Thomas, age 17, spring 1999

Me looking smart in the back garden, age 17, spring 1999

Me on the field opposite my house, age 17, spring 1999

Me, Sally and our Dad at Silverstone, age 17, Summer 1999

Me with Sally and our friend Thomas, age 18, autumn 1999

Me, my dad and Sally at Edinburgh castle, age 18, autumn 1999

Me and Sally at Stirling Castle, age 18, Autumn 1999

My whole family in front of the Columbia Icefield in the Rocky Mountains, Canada, 27 July 2000

My mum, dad and me in front of a lake in Canada, August 2000

Me in an abandoned river channel (?) in Canada, July 2000

Me in my sister Sally's room, December 2000

My favourite cat Thomas on Sally's bed, December 2000

Our remaining Guinea Pig Pebbles on Sally's bed, December 2000

My mum, dad and me on a bridge over the river Thames in London, December 27th 2000

The official Staffordshire University Hockey Club photo 2000/2001

I'm first on the right in the front row. There's too many people to name them all but if you really want to know feel free to e-mail me.

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