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I have the following things for sale. I'd prefer to sell to people in the UK but I will sell to those of you in other countries if you can pay in UK pounds. You must pay in advance if you want anything. The minimum price for CD singles is four pounds , two pounds for cassette singles and whatever you want to offer for CD albums.

Robbie Williams

Old Before I Die CD single

Lazy Days cassette single

Mark Owen

Clementine cassette single

I Am What I Am cassette single


Don't You Love Me cassette single

I Wanna Be The Only One cassette single

Power Of A Woman CD album

East 17

Someone To Love CD single

Steam CD album

North And South

I'm A Man Not A Boy cassette single

Tarantinos New Star CD single

Katrina And The Waves

Love Shine A Light cassette single

Another Level

Freak Me remixes CD single

Chicken Shed

I Am In Love With The World CD single

You can e-mail me at

hey BZ fanz,im lookin 4 any 1 who has the boyzone dolls,scarves,and any other stuff with the boyz on it,oh and the first issues of the official BZ magazine still intact,so if u got any thing email me at: if u need any thing email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya I have spare copies of the following Boyzone CD's to sell:

So Good

Father & Son

All That I Need

I Love The Way You Love Me

When The Going Gets Tough

You Needed Me and I also have the Where We Belong album to sell.

I have extra copies of The official Boyzone Magazine issues: 34, 41, and 43.

Shona, Scotland.

Hi my name is Tracey and I am looking to buy any photos or memorabilia to do with Shane Lynch

Hello, I'm willing to swap/buy/sell !!

Request :

Boyzone single 'Love Me For a Reason' (CD)

Boyzone album 'Said and Done' (CD)

Westlife single 'Swear It Again' (CD 2)

Ronan's doll

Offer :

Boyzone Tape Featuring their interview (in Sydney, Australia - 1997), gossip, songs and etc .. (Mail me if you're interested and I'll send you what's the contain of the tape)

Elton John Single (CD):

Something about the way you look tonigh

Candle in the wind

You can make history (Young again)

Oasis album 'Be Here Now' (CD)

Take That "Greatest Hits" CD

No Doubt album 'Tragic Kingdom' (CD)

All Saints single 'Never Ever' (CD)

Never Ever

Never Ever (Nice Hat Mix)

I Remember

En Vogue single 'Too Gone, Too Long' (CD)

Too Gone, Too Long

It's about Love

Whatever (Roni's searching for a new key mix)

Whatever (Tuff Jam 2 in 1 mix)

Backstreet Boys Necklaces:

-Backstreet Boys (heart shaped) necklace

-Nick Carter (round shaped) necklace

-Kevin Richardson (round shaped) necklace

If you're interested, please e-mail me at Or leave me a message on my ICQ 22867424


I NEED: Anything on RONAN of BZ, esp pics of 1996 and their BZ books{BZ IN PERSON, OH BOYZ}. Also need anything on NICK Carter BSB, esp pics of 1999.

I HAVE: anything and everything on 5ive,Robbie, Steps,Leonardo,Spice Girls,Westlife,All Saints, Hanson,3T,Michael J.,Take 5,Aaron, BZ, and maaaaaaaany more. anyone interested to swap please mail me.


Bloke power from Carol a.k.a. amina keating a.k.a. amina carter! ha ha!

DEAR fellow 'zoner,

i am a Massively massive, and Humungously Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge BOYZONE fan and desperately need the following things. Please can you help. you see i'm from Pakistan [Asia] and here you can't find 'zone merchandise. Besides, i seem to be living in a real unlucky place 'coz the ladz have been around the world six times now, yet they always seem to miss my country!!!!!!! oh well! Anyway,i luve the ladz with all my heart, and all of them are special in their own way, but my fave is the breath takingly gorgeous RONAN. There are some U.K. fans who don't like talking to Asian fans [ no reason], but we're just like you too. We love the lads and are really devoted fans. We just can't help living where we do, and its not our fault that the ladz spend more than half the year in U.K. and Ireland. SORRY, i did'nt mean to go on and on.hope you understand. well, back to business.

I need:

BOYZONE IN PERSON [book] by Eddie Rowley

OH BOYZ [book] by O' Brien Press

BZ OFFICIAL MAGS issues 1,2,4,5,7,9,10


BZ family pics, and baby pics of the ladz

RONAN POSTERS PLEASE.....esp of the year 1995-1996 I'D also like to swap posters of the ladz for Ronan posters

Also have LOADS of posters of everyone[Robbie,Britney, Spice gals,911, BSB, name it, i got it...] Will swap for BZ posters. ANY other BZ merchandise, key chains etc..

I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME GET THESE THINGS.PLEASE REPLY SOON. One problem though, as i said i live in Asia, so tell me how i can pay you for them, and their prices. i can pay through a money order, if that's o.k. with you. oh one last thing; i'd like to know the lyrics to the BZ single "HERE TO ETERNITY" ,and please the e-mail address for the BZ Official mag [if you have it], and if you could tell me the birthdays of the 'zone gals, namely Yvonne,Sharon,Lisa, and Easther. Thanks a million. Y'know in my country i have no one to share my BZ madness with. Here there are quite a few BZ fans, but they're the mild type, and like other bands too, like BSB and Five.I've yet to meet a crazy BZ fan like meself here.So i'm kinda hopin' you could e-mail me sometimes, just to share BZ news.I may sound desperate, but actually, i'm just being frank.By the way, i'm 17, but i get along with girls from ages 14 to 22.I also have a bonkers BZ bedroom, all their CD's and cassettes, and some singles[recorded, not the actual ones with a CD cover.] i also have 2 BZ concert vids.well, even if you can't help, thanks for reading my e-mail. BLOKE POWER TO YA, and keep LUVIN' the ladz. i will! from Amina a.k.a. Ro's carol. Can't say AMINA KEATING anymore, can i!

amina khan

My name is Sarah and my e-mail address is or

Hi I have loads of things I want to sell

Books (brand new)

1)Boyzone'Livin a Dream' 6.00

2) The official boyzone 1997 annual 5.00

Magazines- 2.00 each but if you buy a few I will make a special deal

I'm selling all my copies of boyzone official magazines, so if you want any back issues I will have them

videos- 10.00 (brand new) I have the something else video

merchandise- price can be arranged I have unused brand new unofficial folders , pen and excercise book set, I also have a brand new organiser all with boyzone on the front

Hi! My name is Indah and I'm from Indonesia. I would like to buy Boyzone's pictures especially Ronan's. So please, to anyone who has the pictures and willing to sell, email me at I only can pay in US Dollar.

I sell great pics (I took myself) of Boyzone in Belgium, France, UK, Germany and Eire, good prices! Write me to see ya! Sandy

Hello its me again jennifer, i to buy a lot of stuff , videos i need mystical experience and cd, by request video, where we belong and a different beat videos. I need all the said and done and different beat singles, and i need no matter what, all that i need and picture of you and i need any boyzone books, again i will be willing to pay everything it doesnt matter if you cant find anything.

name: Eman


stuff for grabs: i have tonnes of the early boyzone stuff that i wanna trade. i have early (94-96) boyzone mags, with the lads on the cover, i have articles, piccies, posters, i even got a couple of huge 8 page posters of ronans face, the boyz, yuh name it i got all! soooo if anyone's interseted please mail me, and i'll give yu more info! Cheers!!

Hello I would like to buy the dolls of Boyzone, pendants, tour books. E-mail address Address is 9860 Feron Blvd Cucamonga, CA 91730. I have BSB and N'Sync stuff.

Name: Syatirah Safran

E-mail add:

Have: Loadsa posters of almost every star you could think of

Wants: Anything on 5ive or Boyzone, or CASH!

Name: Megan


I am looking for... Boyzone dolls, postcards, mugs, live pictures, and the cd "Different Beat" (will except a copy of it, too).. I am also looking for taped TV appearances.. I have stuff of *NSYNC and BSB to trade, or I will pay cash! Please email me at

Name; Sharon

Email; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi All! I was wondering if any of you have any of the following for sale/ to swap, I need:

- 'Working my way back to you' CD

- 'Love me for a reason' Limited edition CD -

'So good' Limited edition CD (with 'And you') -

'Father and Son' Limited edition CD (with the BZ hologramm on the front)

- BZ dolls (boxed/unboxed)

Email me if you have any of them and would like to sell them to me or would like to swap for anything! In return I can give you the following: -

'Love me for a reason CD1

-'Key to my life' CD1

-'So Good' CD1

-'Father and Son' CD1

-'Coming Home now' CD1

-'Words' CD1

-'Different Beat' CD1

-'Isnt it a wonder' CD1

-'Picture of you' CD1 -'Baby Can I hold you' CD1

-'All That I need' CD1, CD2 + Australian version

-'No Matter what' CD1

-'I luv the way you luv me' CD1 + limited edition

-'When the going gets tough' CD1 -'You needed me'CD1 -'Everyday I love you' CD1 + Christmas card CD

-'No Matter What' greatest hits version CD (Dutch)

-'These Days' CD (Ro's duet with Brian Kennedy)(Ireland)

-'When You Say Nothing At All' CD (UK)

-'A Different Word' interview disc

-'Boyzone All talk' Book

-'Boyzone....Our world' Book

-Every BZ album on CD and tape -LOADS of Five, westlife and BSB stuff (articles/CDs/posters etc.)

I WILL PAY VERY GOOD MONEY!!!! Hope to hear from you soon! Love and Gately grins to everybody!! Sharon xxxxxxxxxxx :o)

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