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"A picture is worth a thousasnd words."  And so we have chosen to showcase, in one place, some of the images that succinctly reveal the Great Salt Lake for what it is.  The most frequently asked question is "What is the Great Salt Lake like?"  There are hundreds of image-links here to help answer that question. We hope you enjoy this tour of the Great Salt Lake and its hinterlands.  The images have been gleaned from a number of  websites on the internet.  No hard copies have been made -- we only make links.  Our purpose is to create deeper understanding, appreciation, and concern for the Great Salt Lake.  We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible. Unfortunately, Web sites change or cease to exist, so some of these images become unavailable and require updating.
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  1. Salt Lake City from Farmington Bay (Jared Alger, Chad Marsing, SURWEB)
  2. Traditional Blessing of the Fleet, GSL Marina, May 3, 1997 (Craig Pearson)
  3. Outline of Ancient Lake Bonneville (Utah Geologic Survey)
  4. The Lake Effect (NWS, Standard Examiner)
  5. Great Salt Lake in January (Kelly & Deenie Sullivan)
  6. Antelope Island viewed from causeway (Patrick King, Granite School Dist.)
  7. Map of Great Salt Lake and Vicinity (USGS)
  8. "Twilight Near Mouth of the Jordan," Alfred Lambourne (Springville Museum of Art)
  9. American White Pelican (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  10. Black Rock (Utah Dept. of Natural Resources)
  11. South Marina, Great Salt Lake State Park (Ut. Dept. Natural Resources)
  12. Antelope Island Sunset (Utah Photo Wild)
  13. Good day at Black Rock (Ryan Galbreath, Salt Lake Tribune)
  14. Standing on the shores of GSL at Sunset (Frank Jensen, Ut. Travel Council)
  15. Pink Floyd, our resident flamingo, escapee of aviary (ChristianScienceMonitor)
  16. Where flamingos live, map (ChristianScienceMonitor)
  17. Reflections 1 (Kelly Ragsdale, Great Salt Lake Yacht Club)
  18. Great Blue Heron (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  19. A great color map of the Great Salt Lake and vicinity (USGS)
  20. Good wind on glassy seas, Olsen 30 (USGS)
  21. Sunset over Farmington Bay (Jared Alger, Chad Marsing, SURWEB)
  22. Range of California Gull almost doesn't include California (No. Prairie Wildlife Res)
  23. Borderlands of Great Salt Lake (Todd Volkening)
  24. Marsh Hawk, female harrier, GSL (Jaime Merrill
  25. Split Rock Bay, westside of Antelope Island (Utah State Parks & Recreation)
  26. Satellite View of GSL (USGS)
  27. Migratory pathways map, GSL is important (Western Hemispheric Shorebird Res.)
  28. When to see each bird, chart of populations in time (Box Elder County)
  29. Bear River Delta region, Bear River Migrator Bird Refuge (UtahLINK)
  30. Reynolds Cup Racing (Mike Franklin, Great Salt Lake Yacht Club)
  31. Map of Great Salt Lake, towns, cities (MapQuest, Yahoo!)
  32. Avocet, drawing (FBWMA)
  33. Old Saltair, "Coney Island of the West" (Garfield Elem.)
  34. Mallards (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  35. View of Wasatch Mountains from Antelope Island (Patrick King, Granite Schools)
  36. Brine shrimp, atemia salina, photo (Nghia Nguyen)
  37. Dikes, freshwater impoundments, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (UtahLINK)
  38. Brine fly, Ephedra, illustration (Leslie Jones)
  39. Farmington Bay Refuge (Jared Alger, Chad Marsing, SURWEB)
  40. White Rock Bay, Antelope Island (Frank Jensen, Utah Travel Council)
  41. Red-tailed hawk (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  42. Aerial view of Layton Wetlands Reserve and GSL (Nature Conservancy of Utah)
  43. Brine shrimp photo (Laboratory of Acquaculture and Artemia Research)
  44. Sailing into the Sunset (Lloyd Austin, Utah Div. Water Resources)
  45. Botulism, 500,000 birds died in 1997 (Utah LINK)
  46. Split Rock Bay, Antelope Island (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  47. Map, Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area (FBWMA)
  48. Floating in the Great Salt Lake (Utah Travel Council)
  49. View of GSL from Split Rock Bay, Antelope Island (SURWEB)
  50. Sailing onf GSL, "Intoxicator" (Bill Harris)
  51. Airboat (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  52. Promontory point, old wooden trestle, GSL (JK Shrimp)
  53. Changes in the Great Salt Lake: 1963 satellite photo (USGS)
  54. Changes in the Great Salt Lake: 1972 satellite photo (USGS)
  55. Changes in the Great Salt Lake: 1987 satellite photo (USGS)
  56. Management ponds, Farmington Bay Refuge (Alger, Marsing, SURWEB)
  57. Bird watching, one of best areas in America (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  58. "Algae gardens," Great Salt Lake (Nghia Nguyen)
  59. Windrows of brine fly pupal cases on beaches of GSL (Leslie Jones)
  60. View of Farmington Bay, Antelope Island & Oquirrh Mtns. (Patrick King, Granite)
  61. Marshes, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (UtahLINK)
  62. View of Stansbury Island from Antelope (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  63. Grazing lands, lake view, Fielding Garr Ranch, Antelope Island (David Anderson)
  64. Shrimper's boat, brine shrimp harvest, Great Salt Lake (USGS)
  65. Aerial view of shrimpers harvesting "brown gold" (Lab of Acquaculture & Artemia)
  66. American Avocet, Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve (ISSR)
  67. Headgate for water control, Farmington Bay Refuge, (Ager, Marsing, SURWEB)
  68. "Seagulls," oil on canvas, 1930, Phillip H. Barkdull (Springville Museum of Art)
  69. Bear River Wetland Tributary to GSL (Western Hemispheric Reserve)
  70. Wasatch Mountains over the water (UtahLINK)
  71. Rotating sailing photos, GSL (Bill Harris)
  72. Brine shrimp boat and drag-harvesting equipment (Golden West Artemia)
  73. California gulls (Ut. Dept. Natural Res.)
  74. View across the salt flats, Great Salt Lake (T. Husarik, Ut. Travel Council)
  75. Sailing in winter's solitude (Great Salt Lake Yacht Club)
  76. View Antelope Island Marina, causeway and Wasatch Mtns. (Patrick King)
  77. Black-crowned night heron, Bear River Nationa Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  78. Oldest rocks in state, Farmington Complex, Antelope Is. (David Anderson)
  79. Dikes impound freshwater habitats, Farmington Bay Refuge (Alger, Marsing)
  80. How Wetlands Work, diagram (Salt Lake Tribune)
  81. California gulls in flight by the thousands (Jared Alger, Chad Marsing, SURWEB)
  82. Like a scene out of Africa, this is a special place, worth preserving (UtahLINK)
  83. Wetlands, Great Salt Lake (Utah Department of Natural Resources)
  84. Alkaline bulrushes (BRMBR,UtahLINK)
  85. Map, diagram of Great Salt Lake and wetlands (Salt Lake Tribune)
  86. Shores of the Great Salt Lake (Shirley Naylor)
  87. View of Birds, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (Refuge Net)
  88. Corixid Bug illustration,, waterboatmen of GSL (Nghia Nguyen, Leslie Jones)
  89. Tundra Swan, Farmington Bay, November to March (Alger, Marsing, SURWEB)
  90. Alkaline grasses (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  91. Birds, birds, birds; near the shores of GSL (Nature Conservancy of Utah)
  92. View of GSL from atop Antelope Island (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  93. Weasel (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  94. Under Spinaker (Bill Harris)
  95. White Pelicans on the water (USGS, US Fish & Wildlife Service)
  96. Brine shrimp life cycle diagram; cyst, nauplii, subadult, adult (USGS)
  97. View of Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve (ISSR)
  98. Map of Antelope Island State Park (Westminster College)
  99. Familiar silhouette at sundown (Utah Nature Conservancy)
  100. White Rock Bay below Buffalo Point (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  101. View of Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (Refuge Net)
  102. Model of GSL Food Web, diagram (Jacquelyn Rouillard)
  103. Brine shrimp eggs or cysts closeup (Golden West Artemia)
  104. Fielding Garr Ranch House, Antelope Island (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  105. Schlosser's drawings of Brine Shrimp (Lab. Aquaculture & Artemia Research)
  106. Aerial view, Farmington Bay Refuge, GSL wetlands (Alger, Marsing, SURWEB)
  107. Bullthistle (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  108. "Garfield Pier, Great Salt Lake," Mary Teasdel 1904 (Springville Museum of Art)
  109. Yellow-headed blackbird at Bear River Bird Refuge (Standard-Examiner)
  110. Aerial View of Antelope Island (Ut. Div. Water Res.)
  111. Farmington Bay from Fielding Garr Ranch, Antelope Is. (David Anderson)
  112. GSL Planktonic Habitat diagram, open water, floating dwellers (USGS)
  113. GSL Benthic Habitat diagram, bottom dwellers (USGS)
  114. Snowy plover, Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve (ISSR)
  115. Millions of wetlands bugs, support bird life at GSL (Alger, Marsing, SURWEB)
  116. Buffalo Herd, Antelope Island (Patrick King, Granite School District)
  117. Magnified View of  male & female Brine Shrimp, artemia salina, (UGS)
  118. John C. Fremont, for whom Fremont Island is named (Utah Hist. Encyclopedia)
  119. View toward Salt Lake City from Antelope Island (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  120. Alkali Bulrush (Robert E. Ford)
  121. Sea of birds on the Inland Sea (Jared Alger, Chad Marsing, SURWEB)
  122. Building Dikes at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (Refuge Net)
  123. American coot (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  124. Shaded Relief Map of Utah with GSL (Color Landform Atlas of US)
  125. Food Web Diagram & Map of Great Salt Lake (Dr. Ty Harris)
  126. Cattails (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  127. Map of Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (BRMBR, Westminster College)
  128. Early morning view of GSL, Antelope Island from south shore (Aquatic Lifeline)
  129. California Gull (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  130. Recording water levels, Farmington Bay Refuge (Alger, Marsing, SURWEB)
  131. Spiral Jetty by Robert Smithson, 1971, Rozel Pt (Univ. of Utah, Geology Dept.)
  132. White Pelicans in flight (Ut. Dept. of Natural Res.
  133. Brine Shrimp cysts form large red-brown streaks on Great Salt Lake (USGS)
  134. White Rock Bay and south from Bufallo Point (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  135. Black Raven (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  136. Buffalo, grass and boulders, Antelope Island (Utah State Parks & Rec.)
  137. Kildeer, Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve (ISSR)
  138. Bacteria, Halobacterium, GSL (Jacquelyn Rouillard)
  139. Eared Grebe, Great Salt Lake (Todd Volkening)
  140. Floating pupal stage of brine fly (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  141. Skunk (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  142. Marina, Antelope Island State Park (USGS)
  143. Map of the Great Salt Lake and its Drainage Basin (Utah Dept. of Nat. Res.)
  144. "Brown gold, brine shrimp eggs on the surface, aerial (Standard-Examiner)
  145. "Mouse Patrol," Great Salt Lake State Park Marina (GSLYC)
  146. Greasewood (Robert E. Ford)
  147. Red-winged Blackbird (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  148. Sunset, Bear River National Wildlife Reguge (Don Baccus)
  149. Brine Shrimp nauplii, GSL  (USGS)
  150. Duckweed (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  151. Beach, Farmington Bay, Antelope Island, Wasatch Mtns. (David Anderson)
  152. Old Saltair Resort and Passenger Railway, turn of the century (UtSt.Hist.Soc)
  153. Pied-billed grebe (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  154. Harvesting Potassium-bearing salt from solar evaporation ponds (UGS)
  155. Biking Antelope Island (Utah Travel Council)
  156. Silhouette of western plovers, Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve (ISSR)
  157. Storm Racing (Kelly Ragsdale, Great Salt Lake Yacht Club)
  158. "Bavaria" on the Great Salt Lake (Dolf & Alicia Schilder)
  159. Cruise Boat, "Island Serenade," Antelope Is. Marina (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  160. Wilson's Phalarope, (Todd Volkening)
  161. Faultline Hot spring, Antelope Island (Geologic Society of America)
  162. Lake Under Siege, diagram (Standard-Examiner)
  163. Shore birds (Jerry Sintz, Utah Travel Council)
  164. Muskrat (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  165. Railroad Causeway viewed from Promontory Point toward West (UGS)
  166. Pink Floyd, Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve (ISSR)
  167. Antelope on Antelope Island (Utah State Parks and Recreation)
  168. Western grebes (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  169. Salt flats, Great Basin (Bureau of Land Management)
  170. South Marina Dock, Great Salt Lake State Park (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  171. Geologic Map of Antelope Island (Westminster College)
  172. Marsh, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  173. Pinkwater caused by Halobacteria with rhodopsinprotein (Jacquelyn Rouillard)
  174. Mining the Lake, Minerals Industries (Standard-Examiner)
  175. Double-crested cormorant (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  176. View of Fremont Island & Promontory Range from Antelope Is. (David Anderson)
  177. Capri 30, "Skeedaddle" (Darin Christensen)
  178. Salt Grass (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  179. Salt and mineral extraction, Great Salt Lake (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  180. Snowy egret (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  181. Aerial view of GSL borderlands, eastside (Todd Volkening)
  182. Wetland, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  183. Mule deer (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  184. Cattle Egret BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  185. New Saltair flooded, aerial view, GSL (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  186. 1895 Map of Utah with Great Salt Lake region (Color Landform Atlas of US)
  187. Eared Grebe, Great Salt Lake (Todd Volkening)
  188. Aerial View of Wetlands and Mudflats, Great Salt Lake (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  189. Geologic Map of Utah (USGS)
  190. Black-crowned night-heron (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  191. Great Salt Lake (Utah Travel Council)
  192. Early photo, bathing in Jordan River near GSL (UtahHIstoryEncyclopedia)
  193. Midges (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  194. American Avocet chick, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  195. Fieldmint (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  196. Aerial view, Lakeside, Strongs Knob, into Newfoundland Basin (Utah Water Atlas)
  197. Venture 21, "Athlone Rose" (Craig Pearson)
  198. White-faced Ibis (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  199. Kit fox (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  200. Floating Lady's Finger (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  201. Auto Loop, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  202. Old Postcard of Saltair. front (web)
  203. Syracuse causeway flooding and erosion (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  204. Northern pintail (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  205. "Shockwave" racing beneath stormy skies (Kelly Ragsdale, GSLYC)
  206. Foxtail Barley (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  207. Marsh Hawk, male harrier, GSL (Jaime Merrill)
  208. Example of playa habitat, Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve (ISSR)
  209. Photographing birds, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  210. Long-billed curlew, Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve (ISSR)
  211. Cinnamon teal (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  212. Antelope Island landscape (David Anderson, SURWEB)
  213. Brine Shrimp Eggs (Brine Shrimp Direct)
  214. Brine Shrimp Nauplii (Brine Shrimp Direct)
  215. Brine Shrimp Adult (Brine Shrimp Direct)
  216. Redhead (BRBR, UtahLINK)
  217. Hardstem Bulrushes (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  218. Frogs (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  219. White-faced Ibis, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  220. Dredging out causeway culverts, GSL (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  221. Ruddy duck (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  222. Muskrat Lodge (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  223. Western Grebe, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  224. Hobie Cat sailing off Antelope Island (Standard-Examiner)
  225. Marsh wren nest (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  226. " Spiral Jetty," Promontory Pt, Robert Smithson, 1970 (John Weber Gallery)
  227. "Spiral Jetty," earthsculpture, Robert Smithson, 1970 (John Weber Gallery)
  228. Forster's Tern, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  229. Milkweed (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  230. Shrimper's lower the boom to gather brine shrimp (Standar-Examiner)
  231. Turkey vulture (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  232. Flooding Signs, Great Salt Lake (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  233. American avocet in sunset light (GSL Audubon Soc)
  234. Aerial view of manmade dikes in Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve mitigation (ISSR)
  235. Great Salt Lake Sunset (Bob Trim)
  236. Sunset View (HM USA Travel Guide)
  237. Virginia rail (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  238. "L'Exocet" racing (Kelly Ragsdale, GSLYC)
  239. Dragonfly (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  240. Bear River National Wildlife marsh (Don Baccus)
  241. Kildeer (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  242. Olney's Bulrush (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  243. Wetlands around Great Salt Lake (Ut.Dept.Nat.Res.)
  244. Black-necked stilt (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  245. Paiutes, original inhabitants of Great Basin (Bureau of Land Management)
  246. Escaping the storm, "Escape" (Kelly Ragsdale, GSLYC)
  247. Prairie Cordgrass (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  248. Great Blue Heron, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge (Don Baccus)
  249. Old Saltair under construction (Garfield Elementary)
  250. American avocet (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  251. Antelope Island in bloom (Frank Jensen, Utah Travel Council)
  252. Aerial view, South pond, Inland Sea Shorebird Reserve mitigation bank (ISSR)
  253. Brine Shrimp (Sanders Brine Shrimp & Ut. Dept. Natural Res.)
  254. Pelicans skimming the surface of GSL (Sierra Club)
  255. Flowers on the shores of Great Salt Lake (Utah Travel Council)
  256. Willet (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  257. Kayak & sailboat (Craig Pearson)
  258. Great Blue Heron (GSL Audubon Society)
  259. Puncture Weed (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  260. Marsh Hawk, juvenile in flight, wings spread, GSL (Jaime Merrill)
  261. Long-billed curlew (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  262. Diagram of Male and Female Brine Shrimp (Brine Shrimp Direct)
  263. Stinging nettle (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  264. Wilson's phalarope (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  265. Reynolds Cup, 1998 (Mike Franklin, GSLYC)
  266. Satellite View of Utah with Great Salt Lake view (USU Geography Dept.)
  267. Flowers in bloom (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  268. Montgomery 17, "Enid Anne" (Keith Diehl)
  269. Great Horned Owl (Utah Dept. Natural Resources)
  270. Wirelettuce (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  271. Great blue heron and reflection (
  272. Layton Wetlands Preserve (Kort Duce, Standard-Examiner)
  273. Forester's tern (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  274. Cliff swallow (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  275. Aerial view showing difference between north & south arms (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res)
  276. Northern Harrier, drawing, marsh hawk, GSL (Nghia Nguyen)
  277. Big brown bat (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  278. Watchful Silhouettes, Reynolds Cup 98 (Mike Franklin, GSLYC)
  279. Marsh wren (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  280. Diked Ponds, Aerial View, GSL Minerals, Little Mountain (Standard-Examiner)
  281. Yellow-headed blackbird (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  282. Temporary marina during flooding at Saltair (web)
  283. White-faced ibis (Sierra Club)
  284. Aerial view of old Saltair and bathers, GSL (Ut. State Hist. Society)
  285. Eared grebe (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  286. Venture 21 launching at South Marina (Craig Pearson)
  287. Harvesting salvage wood from old RR trestle (Ut. Dept. of Nat. Res.)
  288. Tundra swan (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  289. Great Salt Lake at sunset (Utah History Encyclopedia)
  290. Sandhill crane (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  291. North Arm, South Arm color differences (Kort Duce, Standard-Examiner)
  292. Marbled godwit (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  293. Brine Shrimp Population Studies, Doyle Stephens, USGS (Standard-Examiner)
  294. Islands of Great Salt Lake (UGS)
  295. Living lake at sunset (Sierra Club)
  296. Reflection (Craig Pearson)
  297. White Pelicans soar to incredible heights in formation (Standard-Examiner)
  298. Black-headed tern (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  299. Bald Eagle in winter (Jerry Sintz, Utah Travel Council)
  300. Racers in the Reynolds Cup (Mike Franklin, Great Salt Lake Yacht Club)
  301. Bald eagle (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  302. Spectacular sunset over GSL (Utah Dept. of Nat. Resources)
  303. White-crowned sparrow (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  304. Dark-eyed junco (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  305. Close Up View of Breach in Causeway (Utah Geologic Survey)
  306. Railroad causeway maintenance (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  307. Eared Grebe, illustration (Nghia Nguyen)
  308. Carp (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  309. Santana 525, "Abraxas" (Darin Christensen)
  310. Lake Bonneville Map (USGS, Standard-Examiner)
  311. Grasshoppers washed up on the shores of GSL (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  312. Badger (BRMBR, UtahLINK)
  313. Race Relations, Reynolds Cup 1998 (Mike Franklin, GSLYC)
  314. Algae, bioherms, pinkwater, Great Salt Lake (Jennifer Hatch)
  315. Aerial View of Antelope Island over Molly's Nipple (Ut. Div. of Water Res.)
  316. Aerial view of railroad causeway separating two arms (USGS)
  317. Saltwater and foam (DK Sander)
  318. Salt Production, Great Salt Lake (Utah Department of Natural Resources)
  319. Pennate Diatoms, siliceous microorganisms, Great Salt Lake (Jennifer Hatch)
  320. Flooding/Sandbagging in SLC, June 1983 (USGS)
  321. Pelicans take flight (Sierra Club)
  322. Marina in winter (Great Salt Lake Yacht Club)
  323. Levels of Great Salt Lake Map (Dept. of Nat. Res., Standard-Examiner)
  324. Sunflowers over GSL (DK Sander)
  325. Horseback riding on Antelope Island (Ut. Dept. Natural Resources)
  326. West Desert Pumping Plant close-up in operation (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)
  327. How the Pumps Work Diagram (Standard-Examiner)
  328. Satellite view of Promontory Point & ponds (USGS)
  329. Old Saltair postcard, side view with swimmers (web)
  330. Coring the Great Salt Lake (LRC)
  331. Thousands of nesting birds, Antelope Island (Ut. Dept. Natural. Res.)
  332. Petroglyph of Anasazi-at-the-helm-with-steering-wheel? (Ut. Travel Council)
  333. Looking out on the Great Salt Lake (Craig S. Thom)
  334. Beaches, west coast of Antelope Island (Utah State Parks and Recreation)
  335. South Shore of the Great Salt Lake looking south (Craig Pearson)
  336. Great Salt Lake sunset, end of a perfect day! (Ut. Dept. Nat. Res.)


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