-Sensual Hot Wax Play-
By MissEve

Have you ever wanted your lover writhing beneath you breathing in quick gasps as their flesh is warming and begging for release? If not, then you probably haven't enjoyed a little "innocent" hot wax play. Following you will learn techniques on how to use hot wax for sensual pleasure and how to use it safely as well.

Many people see candle wax and automatically shrink away, but if administered properly this type of play can bring your partner to new heights of pleasure that they never envisioned. You will of course want to find someone who has an open mind and is a willing and patient victim... errrrrr volunteer to enjoy this type of entertainment with you.

As with any type of alternate play you will want to exercise caution at all times. Remember you are playing with something that can truly harm your partner. You want to enhance their arousal not give them third degree burns. ~smile~ Therefore, when selecting candles for your sensual hot wax play never choose beeswax. These candles tend to hold the highest level heat, not cooling and will cause deep painful burns to your submissive (nobody is that masochistic to desire to endure third degree scaring burns.) Suggestively you should use small votive candles or tea candles, usually small white candles encased in thin metal. You may find white burns cooler because it contains no dyes. You can also use candles made of paraffin, the type of wax used to seal jelly jars. Or the type of candles you see that come in large jars (also known as a larger votive.) These candles are usually inexpensive and tend to burn cooler when the wax is allowed to pool in the well of the candle within the glass. Color also plays a part in how hot the candle will burn. Black seems to burn cooler than say red or purple dyed wax.

The best way to test your candles and the type of heat they will offer is of course trying them on your own skin first versus your submissive. As a Dominant its your responsibility to ensure your submissive's protection. Other safety measures is keeping the burning candle away from any draping cloth, such as bedcovers or curtains. Have a container available for your tapered type candles while they are not in use. Something they can fit snugly into with a wide base to avoid tipping. Keep in mind that you are literally playing with fire and taking extra precautions will avoid accidents. Always have something nearby to extinguish a fire in the case one does get started. After all, if you have a bound and helpless person under your care, you will want to do your best honor their trust.

To make clean up easier you might want to use a towel or a piece of heavy plastic under your submissive. You may even try an used shower curtain that can be reused and you wont have to worry about cleanup as any fallen wax will land on it. Tips for easy wax removal from your partner could be shaving them first. Although some tough subbies out there may enjoy the scene itself in removing the wax from the hair. If you choose not to shave, take a fine toothed comb and comb all the hair down and in one direction. Applying oil to the skin before play is common and makes clean up easy, but do keep in mind that the wax will heat the oil and make is seem hotter. For fun you can use a dull butter knife to scrape off the wax enducing the scene with a little added fear and abrasion. You may even use your crop or other type of sensual whip to slap it off the skin. Even merely using your fingers to pick and peel the wax away from the flesh or the same comb you used to straighten the hair will do as well. Do keep in mind you will be finding little waxed bits on the submissives flesh and around your play area for a few days. Be certain to remove as much as possible before your partner decides to shower since the wax tends to clog drains.

Now for the fun part! A few tips on how to make wax play truly enjoyable. *Never forget that this play isn't for everyone. Some love it and crave it , while others abhor it like the plague and only find it painful.* When playing have your submissive lay on a flat surface so you can avoid any wax dripping onto unwanted areas. You should first start with the candle dripping about a foot or so away. At that height the wax will have time to cool before it makes contact with the skin. You can continue to lower it to the body always keeping in mind your partner's reactions. Watch your submissive not the candle! While you have them lying down, you may even light a few candles such as the small votives, make sure you remove the metal bottoms and that the wick is intact, and strategically set them along their body. Not only does it allow a pleasant visual effect but adds a little more suspense to your scene.

Try to use your candle dripping as an art. You may even allow the wax to fall so it creates patterns or write your name on them with the drippings. You can really have fun with the colored waxes when making your subbie the center of your sensual art. Use a steady stream of drops and making sure you rotate your candle so it burns evenly. Note: NEVER pile wax ontop of itself, it will maintain the heat under the wax and continue to warm and insulate which will cause deep burns and will not be enjoyable at all.

It's recommended that you begin at the chest and around the nipples, avoiding the sensitive areas at first (belly, inner thighs, where the hip joins the pelvis and the genitalia) then work your way down. Always keep the wax below the shoulders as the neck and face are extra sensitive areas that burn easily. As you work your way down you can pour the wax along the upper and inner thighs. You may try pouring some on the genitals be extra careful these areas are especially sensitive. Don't forget to turn your submissive over doing the backs of the knees and the ass as well. You can even try inserting the candle into the vagina or rectum and allowing it to drip as it burns. Keep a watchful eye on this! You can really have fun with your wax pouring it over the penis, breasts, or into the bellybutton making molds that can be souvenirs.

As you play you may peel the wax away and alternate it with cooling ice. Wax combined with ice will enhance the submissives sensations, because the ice will have the effect of heating the skin without using more wax on that area. Do be cautious with ice as well you could cause slight frost bite or even hypothermia in prolonged uses. Tying your partner coupled with being blindfolded will increase their pleasure. Not knowing where the next drop will fall, and being unable to move away from it can add a great deal to the erotic sensations. Between peeling the wax you may choose to stroke the area with a soft piece of fur or feather, scrape it with your fingernails, use your tongue, or try blowing on it. Taking your time in this process is very sexy and prolongs a very playful session. Remember there is no rush when your playing. Take your time and make it an enjoyable sensual scene.

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