Welcome to my domain. Come in, don't be shy. I want to show you some stuff. I have all sorts of things in here, dragons, frogs, some stuff about me and my country and I want to introduce you to my favourite author and share some of the wit and light hearted fun he imparts in his novels. Have a good look around, enjoy your stay.

If you have visited the Retreat previously you will no doubt be wondering why I am always changing this first page. If you are a first time visitor, you will not have noticed, but it is still OK to wonder. I could wax lyrical about the dynamics of web authorship, the creative juices, the artistic stirrings ...... but I won't. I just like to change things.

The badge in my logo is to demonstrate my pride in my Scottish heritage. On my mothers side I am of the Armstrong clan and the motto I believe means "areet boys, no-one's lookin, awa wi the sheep och aye". The rest of the logo is my chat and all round Internet persona, a character from my favourite books. Read on and you will learn more of this as the pages unfold.

It is of particular importance to me that you notice one thing about this site. I have scrupulously avoided using chat terminology's in the writing of this page. You know, the *L*, *giggle*, *wink*, *scratching my ass*, *feediing the cat*, *gone on a short holiday* style of web speak which is predominant in, and eminently suitable for, Chat Rooms, but (in my humble opinion) not suited to this forum.

If you like what you see, you might like to sign my guest book which I refer to as the Booke of Spelles, in keeping with the theme of the site.

I might mention here that my favourite author is not only funny, but addictive and being a fan makes you do weird things, like sitting up all night designing web pages to spread the word to the uninitiated. Well, I hope your appetite is whetted, now go and explore the links. If you are a keen reader, you might like to check out the Barnes and Noble link at the bottom of the page, unabashed commercialism I know, but I think they are OK and they stock my favourite guy, so give them a spin.

This Many Have
Here we go
Here we go
Here we go
Here we go
Here we go
Who the hell is Terry Pratchett and what is the Discworld ..huh??
Discworld Quizze 1 Discworld Quizze 2 Rince Meets the Man
My Country Me in brief Interesting Critters My Cobbers*
Some Links Dragons Frogs
This Page is called 'Home'
Every page is linked back to this one
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*What is a Cobber? An Aussie slang, follow the link to learn more

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this page is best viewed with your sense of humour on or, failing that (faint drum roll)

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