LoVe PoEmS

-=You're The One=-

As I gaze into your eyes,
My heart begins to race
For all I feel is love so real
That nobody can replace

Even though we haven't even
Had much of a long past
I know that we'll look back on this love
That is for sure to last

I know that in reality,
We started just as friends
But now it's becoming obvious
That our feelings aren't pretend

So since we both know
Something new's begun
I want to let you know
...that you're my only one


Reality is the world I live in
When I am not here thinking about you
And of all the feelings I feel within
That you make me seem to believe are true

Usually I never take chances
With the things like love, I never take part
I just watch others in their romances
So very afraid to follow my heart

If I let you in as more than a friend,
If I open the door that once was sealed
I might get hurt when it comes to the end
Because all of my feelings were revealed

So I will try not to let my love show
For reality is all that I know

-=For You=-

For you, I would climb
Tha highest mountain peak,
Swim the deepest ocean
Your love, I do seek

For you, I would cross
The river most wide,
Walk the hottest desert sand
To have you by my side

For you're the one,
Who makes me whole
You're captured my heart
And touched my soul

For you're the one
That stepped out of my dreams
Gave me new hope,
Showed me what love means

For you alone,
Are my reason to live
For tha compassion you show
And tha care that you give

You came to my life,
And made me complete
Each time I see you,
My heart skips a beat

For you define beauty,
In both body and mind
Your soft, gentle face
More beauty I'll ever find

For you're tha one
GOD sent from above
Tha angel I needed
For whom, I do love

-=Key To My Heart=-

I had closed the door upon my heart
And wouldn't let any one in
I had trusted and loved, only to be hurt
But that will never happen again

I had locked the door and tossed the key
As hard and far as i could
Love would never enter again
My heart was closed for good

Then you came into my life
And made me change my mind
Just when i thought that tiny key
Was impossible to find

That's when you held out your hand
And proved to me i was wrong
Inside your palm was the key,
You had it all along

-=A Sad Deed=-

Have you ever heard words
That you wish never came out?
Have you ever met someone
Who thought they knew what love was all about?

i know all these things..
i've experienced them before
And that's why i feel
My heart can't take them anymore

Honestly i thought,
that you were not like the rest
but you're just another person
putting my game to the test

I feel like i can no longer
be in this world alone
but perhaps it is much better
than giving away the only heart i own

i would rather be sad
than tormented and hurt
because all i've been through
being treated like dirt

i know i deserve respect, at least,
which one day i may get
but until then i will not allow
anymore love that my heart may let


When I first looked at your smiling face
I couldn't believe what what I saw in my eyes
But now that I know you much better
I can not believe I went through all your lies

I trusted you, with my eternal love
And gave you the heart I own
Only to learn that you'd take it away
And leave me all alone

At first I thought you'd be the sweetest
But I see you had me tricked
And with that pride you go along
Thinking of which girl next to pick

You just lead me on, but now I know
All tha hate you've got
To steal one's love, just like mine
But now your game is caught

Because I'm sad, because I've cried
Because of all you've put me through
I thought you would see I'm hurting
But that was a thought too good to be true

So now my shattered lonely self
Is apart from all my dreams
Thanks so much for hurting me
You couldn't do worse, it seems

-=Died For Love=-

As i was walking, down the park,
I saw the guy that stole my heart
He sat a strange girl on his knee
And told her things he never told me

I went home, to cry on my bed
Not one word to my mother, i said
My dad came home, late that night
Looking for me, left and right

He went upstairs, my door he broke
To see me hanging, from a rope
He got a knife, to cut me down
And on the floor, a note he found:

"Dig my grave, dig it deep
Place a statue on my feet
On the statue place a dove,
To show the world...i died for love."

-=Depending On Fate=-

gazing at the stars,
the moon and the sky
i count all the days i'm without you
that slowly pass me by
trying many things
to make myself feel better
but there is no use
when all i want is us to be together
i reach for my happiness
but fall somewhere inbetween
i imagine us alone again
But realize it's just only a dream
reality hits me hard
Whenever I think of you
my heart still lays in your hands
if only somehow you knew
night or day you're on my mind
because of you i can't think straight
i hope that you will give me love
While fate may let me wait


If I could hold your hand
And never gaze back into the lonely night
All my pain and all my fear
Would drift far out of sight

If I could look into your eyes
And never look away
All my dreams and all my hopes
Would head endlessly my way

If I could kiss your lips
And never open up my eyes
I wouldn't have to worry about
future painful goodbyes

And if I could hold you close
And never ever let go
You'd know my eternal love for you
Will be forever shown

-=Change Of Heart=-

you were my dream, you were my past
you were my future that didn't last
you gave me love that wasn't real
you told me words you didn't feel
i cared for you, like nobody could
i thought you'd be there, i knew you would
you opened my eyes, to dreams aplenty
But tha whole time your heart was empty
i thought you didn't mean what you had said
but you were just saying that to play with my head
you waited this long to let me know
that you feel no love and want to let me go
i guess you think that i don't care
but in my heart you once were there
you hurt me bad, and the wound's still seen
all because i finally know what you mean
and with that, we are now apart
and it's all because your change of heart

-=When It's Him I'm Thinking Of=-

I would've done so much for him
But he didn't care
He meant the world to me,
But was never there

I gave so much to make it work
When he didn't even try
Now my world is falling apart
Since he said goodbye

He has his eye on some one new,
He treats her very good
I can't help but wonder why
He didn't treat me like he should

Now i have a broken heart
That maybe time will heal
I wish i had a chance
To tell him how i feel

Now i sit here lonely
With no one left to love
Not just any one will do
When it's him i'm thinking of


there comes a time, between love and hate
when you find someone who makes your life feel great
where you think you know just how the story goes
only to find thingz you didn't really kno
i learned that when i met you, dear
it hurt me because i can not hold you near
being FRIENDz just makes me want to cry
i turn to GOD and ask everyday 'why?'
why i have to go through all this again
when i felt it before, i thought it was the end
but since someone else seems to carry your heart
then me being with you wouldn't work from the start
i feel like that someone else is as lucky can be
i stare at her wishing it were only me
at times i feel like i have to pretend
without being myself, i act strictly as friends
inside, i kno, that these feelings don't go
but still i have to try my best for it not to show
so i have to move on, with tears on my face ..
always wishing to be in someone else's place ..

-=Feelings for you=-

It was destiny that we ever did meet
And I lost my heart because you were so sweet
Now I find it's your heart I'm trying to win
A future with you, I wish to begin
But to the world you are a king
That's why being with you is only a dream
These feelings for you, I had all along
And the feelings I have are, oh, so strong
I want to tell you how I feel
And be there to help your broken heart heal
But why should I bother or even try to be part of your world
When I can't compare to all your other girls
Why do I tell you, add to your confusion
When me being with you is only an illusion
I guess these feelings I can no longer hide
I can no longer keep these feelings for you inside
You need to know I care for you so much
And I long for your soft and tender touch
It's not my fault, that you own my heart
Because you put it together, when it was torn all apart
Maybe I tell you all this because I'm insane
But I hope these words cause you no pain
I don't want to hurt you, you're one of a kind
I just wanted to tell you what's on my mind
Now I wonder what can I say and do
So that I could be with someone like you

-=Love Hurts=-

Why must love hurt so much?
Why must you turn me down?
Why must i be so sad,
With every little frown?

How come i'm so lonely?
How come you said, "no"?
How come every time i look at you,
I feel so very low?

Why must you hurt me?
Why have you made me sad?
Why have you insulted me,
And make me feel so bad?

I can tell you why i'm lonely,
I can tell you why love hurts so much
It's because i lost you
With every little touch

-=Everlasting Love=-

I think about you and me from time to time
When I'm on the phone, I wish it were you on the line
I sit in the dark listening to depressing slow jams
you use to help me with your guiding, loving hands

What happened to all those times you cared?
You helped me when i was sad and scared
"I still love you" is what I want to hear you say
But we don't even talk when you see me everyday

You just don't know how much you've made me cry
Cause at this moment I feel like I want to die
How could you leave after I gave you all my love and trust
I mean I thought our love was full of sweet, romantic lust

Now every breathe, every heartbeat is full of hurt
And it hurts cause you are such a big flirt
What i feel when I see you flirt with other girls
Is nacious and dizzy the room starts to twirl

I would give up everything in this world, this lifetime
But only if you were once again mine
So if I should happen to die and descend to heaven
I'd give up my wings just to be with you all over again

So as you can see my love for you is strong and endless
I can't get over you and I still love you, that's what I confess
~Crisa Luna


I knew it from the beginning,
That you were just a flirt
Yet i fell in love with you
Knowing i'd get hurt

I thought i could tie you down
And make you love just one
But how can i do something,
No one else has done?

I know you'll never love me,
And i'm trying not to cry
Though i must find the strength
To kiss your lips goodbye

When you look for me again
You'll see i won't be there
I want a love to call my own,
Not one i have to share

So i'll hide my broken heart,
Beneath my laughing face
And though you thought i never cared
No one else will ever take your place!

-=Did you ever=-

Did you ever love someone,
But knew they didn't care?
Did you ever feel like crying,
But knew you'd get nowhere?

Did you ever close your eyes,
And say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into their eyes,
And wish that you were there?

Did you ever watch then walk away
Not wanting them to go?
Or whisper, "GOD i love you,"
But never let them know?

You cry all night in misery,
And almost go insane
There's something in this whole wide world
That can cause you so much pain

If i had to choose between love and death
I think i'd rather die
Love is fun, but the price you pay
Is so very high

So you see, my friend, don't fall in love,
You'll get hurt before it's through
You see my friend i ought to know
Because i fell in love with you

-=Only You=-

There are many guys that cross through my mind
But only you have deeply touched my heart
I know another person like you is very hard to find
Because you're so very beautiful, sweet, and smart

I've liked you for a long time and still on
And you know it, too
Though other guys I've once liked are gone
You're the one who can't just pass me through

I care about you more than you'll ever know
You make me feel like I can go on with constant strength
I juss see you as my only morning's glow
Risking to do anything for you, at any length

If I were to chose to live without you
Or to go ahead end this life and die
I would chose to prove my love is true
Rather than passing every lonely day by

So you see, I'm capable of many things
As long as I can hope to be your one
Maybe soon you'll recognize how much love I can bring
Because without you, my heart has none

-=Love To Hate=-

Like the sleeping newborn, my innocence was true,
But all that changed the moment I met you.

Such a splendid life, I thought to myself,
Blinded by love, not knowing my need for help.

Each morning I awoke with thoughts of you,
Denying the facts of the scandalous deeds you do.

I gave you my soul, even my trust,
And you threw it away for one night of futile lust.

I was strangled by the tangled web you weaved.
And it's lucky for you I gave more than I received.

A garment of love covered my eyes,
making it impossible to see through your lies.

I must admit, at times you were great,
but your deceitful ways turned my love to hate.

-=Show Me Love=-

In the beginning, everything was right
We had fallen so much in love
Nothing bad or alarming in sight
Because it was sent from heaven above

I was the happiest person alive
Because I found the one for me
But, suddenly, my love took a dive
Because you're love I could not see

After that, we broke apart
Feelings of neglect were too hard to hide
The feelings of love that I had in my heart
Are still deep down buried inside

The period of time that we were together
Someone wanted to take your place
He promised to treat me like a queen forever
But having someone new, I just couldn't face

I sit and think of what you had said
If you really meant everything
I think of all the lies you fed
And all the joy they used to bring

If you really want another try
'Cause you don't want things to end this way
Give me something money can't buy
And listen to what I have to say

Prove to me that you still care
Open up the way you feel
I need to know that you'll be there
And if your love is real

You said that you'd never let me go
You said that I was too good to be true
But these feelings you have to show
So I can once again love you

-=What You've Given Me=-

you will never understand
what you've given me
it's too hard to explain in words
What my world has come to be

I thought I would be forever lost
But all those thoughts went by
For the only place I get lost
Is when I look deep into your eyes

When the walls were coming in on me
I was sure i lost control
You opened up so many new doors
And made me feel so whole

The love that we share together
how everything means
you will never understand
what you've given me

-=I am Alone=-

They have all left me
Left me here to die
Never again looking back
Because he knew he'd see me cry

I gave my all to him
But it didn't matter
He did nothing for me
Except, of course, make my heart shatter

He left leaving nothing
But memories in my mind
But having someone to take his place
Would be impossible to find

He gave me joy
Each and every way
But I'll never understand
Why he treated me that way

Next thing I heard
He was onto someone new
Some tell me that I should be happy
To be part of the lucky and the few

I thought that I had found
A love that would last
But I think that we moved
A little too fast

Always speaking of
Marriage, forever, and such
But I really don't think
That I loved him that much

I thought things would be better
The second time around
But my feelings of love
Were nowhere to be found

By giving things
Another try
We just ended up
Saying good~bye

I speak of all this
As if there was only one
But they will never know
Of the damage that was done

Many have contributed
To all the pain I feel
Now I know for sure
That my heart will never heal

As each one has passed
They have taken off a piece
My heart is torn apart
Just to say the very least

-=When I See You, I Get Sad=-

I'm happy when I miss you,
I'm sad when you are near
You never loving me
Is my one and greatest fear

Everyone thinks I'm crazy
Whenever you are around
Because instead of feeling joy
I begin feeling down

But I don't care what they think
It's up to them to say
But whenever you're around
I always go away

Honestly, I do know,
That my love for you is true
And because you don't feel the same way back
Makes me feel so blue

Maybe I'll get over this thought,
But that I really doubt...
For at times I don't want to be near you
But with you, I can't live without

-= what you had begun =-
if you're what made me happy
and if you were the only one
why didnt you finish
what you had begun
i cared for you in numbers
that you could never count
i helped in different ways,
shapes, and amounts ...
it seems you have the gift
of turning the blame on me
what i keep forgetting
is letting you be free
sometimes i stop to think
but i just cant figure you out
if i tell you that words are the power
i expect you to shout
and tell me of yourself
just open up that heart
fail to push me away
fail to bring us apart
but, no, that you will not do
it is too much to ask you for
so i'll write in a letter,
send it across the ocean to your shore
i'll say .... if you're what made me happy
and if you were the only one
i think i'll finally finish
what you had begun

-=My Love For You=-

My love for you is, oh, so much
words just can't explain
'Til the day i feel your touch
i will never be the same
My dreams and hopes beyond my heart
Lead me straight to you
'Til the day your love will start
I'm right here waiting for you
Past the experiences of romance
and past the loving door
'Til the day i get my chance
I'll allow you to explore
With each endless cry
i don't know when my life ends
'Til the day you give love a try
I'll continue in this pretend
Long and long I'll wait
For you to love me, too
Because I believe it's fate
And that's why i love you

-=Love You All The Way=-

You're the one for me,
From the very start
And we need to be together
And never be apart

I love you more than anything
Believe me, i'm for real
For no one, but you, can understand
The emotions that i feel

My heart is beating fastly now,
Because i don't know what to do
My love for you will never end,
Don't you know it's true?

But after a few more days
Things will seem more clear
'Cause i'll never let you go
And i'll be waiting here

So i'll wait and wait forever
Listen to what i say,
That i need you, and you should know by now
That i love you all the way

-=A Painful Cry=-

Here i lay, deep in the dark
And nobody's here but me
Thinking of you, all alone
Oh, just why couldn't you see?

I hold you close, in my dreams
Hoping they will come true,
And maybe by then, time after time,
It'll just be me and you

I've waited for so long by now
But know i can't give away
For my love will never let you go
No matter what you say

So now i sleep, after a painful cry
Not knowing what to do
But still i'll wait no matter what
For you to love me, too


I am now alone
I feel as if you've left me here to die
So all day long i think of you,
And then begin to cry

All my dreams, and all my tears
In you i did confide
And all these things you took with you
My love, my hopes, my pride

We had our times together
Now that is a world of memories
We laughed, talked, and joked,
But now you won't acknowledge me

You are my comfort,
A shoulder to lean on the past few years
Always there when i needed you
To wipe away my tears

Where are you now?
I thought we'd be together for eternity
I was so blind, but now i realize
That you're not in love with me

Reality, that's the bulllet
In my wounded heart
Only a word, but i can see
It's keeping us apart


You said you'd always love me,
Until the end of time
But that's just on the surface,
Your love is such a crime

We only met the other day,
You're playing with my head,
I know you're just saying that,
To get me into bed

I'm sure that you have done this,
To many girls before
They say that they don't want to
But still you push for more

I've told you how i feel right now
And you just look away
You say i'm the only girl for you
In each and every way

But i know deep inside me,
What you're all about
We only met a few days ago
Yet i know you inside out

You're only after one thing,
And you think that you're all set
But until you find respect for me,
That's one thing you won't get!!!


where did time go when you left me...
why does it seem so long ago?
how come we couldnt let it be...
why was it love that we couldnt show?

when was the last time i crossed your mind...
do you think of me tha same way i do?
why is it that people say love is so blind...
when love is all that i can see in you?

how is it that we fell apart...
when we didnt do anything wrong?
why do i still feel pain in my heart...
when we've been away from each other so long?

When did the feeling disappear...
why didnt GOD let us know?
how come i still have falling tears...
why did we let our feelings go?

-=No Longer=-

I am no longer allowing anything into the heart of mine,
I have been through so much, there's nothing new I can find
Guys have made me feel bad, they're basically all the same
They say how much they love you, then hurt you as if it's a game
I gave you second chances, accepting that you were wrong
Why did i do that, when the same mistakes come along?
So you can say i learned my lesson, not to be fooled again
I need some time off from you, even as a friend
I've tried to hide my fears, but the pain can't pull it through
After all my heartbreaks, i'm willing to get over you
And to get over the other guys, who have ruined me in the past
It was hard to imagine that I thought with each one, that i would last
Maybe I'm not meant for love, or maybe just not for ones i've had
Gradually my heart gets weaker, and makes me lonely and sad
I have come to my solution, to block my heart away
Unless you can prove you're the one, i guess i'll leave it this way

-=Hoping Someday=-

I loved you so very much
But you didn't know
Then i told you
And you just said, "so"

You broke my heart in two
And didn't even care
When we could've had
A love we both can share

You don't understand that
My life is broken in parts
Since the day you looked at her
And gave her your heart

What do i do to show you
The love that i feel?
What do i say,
To make it sound real?

I'll just stay right here
Only a wish away
Dreaming of my future
Hoping someday...

-=Mahal Kita=-

You say you love me
Like you really do
But do you think
Your love is true?

We only started talking
A few days ago
It's a little to early,
For you to really know

I just want you to know
How much i care
And to let you know,
I will always be there

When the sun rises,
And when the sun sets
I hope you never forget
The day we met

You're my love,
Mahal kita
Always and forever,
Walang iba


aside from what i know, aside from what i feel
aside from all tha times you made feel so real
aside from all the moments, aside from our long past
aside from our experiences that helped our relationship last
aside from all the pain, aside from all the tears
aside from all we've been through, and everything i hear
aside from the sweet kisses, aside from all the joy
aside from all fear, in which you helped destroy
aside from all the things i lack, aside from what you contain
aside from those eyes i look at that make sunshine out of rain
aside from what i think, aside from what may appear
aside from the fact that i will love you for years
aside from opinion, aside from basic facts
aside from the constant feeling that made us attract
aside from your smiling face, aside from body
aside from the idea that you might leave me for somebody
aside from my heart, aside from mind
aside from tha fact that you're the sweetest person i can find
and aside from my love that grows more and more each day
You know that i care for you, that's why i feel this way!!

-=This Is Love=-

As boundless as the restless sea
As timeless as eternity
As endless as the stars above
To all who find it, this is love

It constantly amazes me,
This special love we share
The gentle way it draws us close,
Our gifts beyond compare

And when our hearts are nearest,
I'm most certain that it's true
There's nothing that can measure
All the love i feel for you


Forget his name, forget his face
Forget his kiss and warm embrace
Forget his love, that once was true
Remember now, there's someone new
Forget the love, that you once shared
Forget the fact, that he once cared
Forget the times you spent together,
Remember now, he's gone forever
Forget you cried, the whole night long
Forget them when, they play your song
Forget how close you two once were,
Remember now, he's chosen her
Forget you memorized his walk,
Forget the way he used to talk
Forget the times that he was mad,
Remember now, he's happy, not sad
Forget the times, he used the phone
Forget the times when you were alone
Forget he made, your dreams come true,
Remember now, there's someone new
Forget his gentle, teasing away
Forget you saw him everyday
Forget the things, you planned to do
Remember now, she loves him, too
Forget the thrill when he drove by
Forget the way he made you cry
Forget the way he spoke your name
Remember now, things aren't the same
Forget the times, that went by so fast
Forget them all, they're in the past
Forget he said, "I'll leave you never"
Remember now, he's gone forever


Never say "I love you" if you really don't care
Never talk about feelings if they really aren't there
Never hold my hand if you're going to break my heart
Never say you're going to if you don't plan to start
Never look into my eyes if all you're going to do is lie
Never say "Hello" if you really mean "Goodbye"
If you really mean forever, say you will try
Never say "forever" because "forever" makes me cry
What do I do? I'm not really sure of the words to say
If only you knew that I feel this way
I want to give my heart to you
Show me the way you want me to
I know for sure there's a place for us
I'm counting the days 'til I feel your touch
You'll come to me when I dream at night
When I'm with you it will be so right
If you could see the love in my eyes,
you'll know I am on your side
I'll be your's and you'll be mine

-=What Do I Do?=-

What do I do, to stop this feeling...
Because it will only lead to pain?
What do I do to prove how much I care...
With out going insane?

I can't stop you from entering my mind
You seem perfect for me
How can I ever find somebody else
When we are meant to be?

You bring me joy, all the time
Just to know you care
Of all things, distance can't keep us apart
No matter when or where

So I want you to know that no matter
I will be caring for you here
Thinking of you -n- I together
Even though you're nowhere near

-=The Player's Comback=-

The heart is not an instrument,
The heart is not a toy,
But if you want it broken,
Just give it to a boy
He'll hold you in his arms,
And say his love be true
But when he finds another girl,
He'll say, "The hell with you!"
Now your heart is shattered,
Like a broken piece of glass
So when he comes to you
Say, "Darling, kiss my fuckin' ass!!"

-=Scared Of Falling In Love=-

Whenever i'm in your arms
I get the greatest feeling inside
But when you look at me
It's my feelings that's hard to hide

I know how much I care for you
And that we should be together
But I don't want to move too fast
Because we just got to know each other

I wish you can always be with me
Even when you're gone
Right now you are the world to me
You seem like you're the one

But I can not help but feel sad
Because my feelings are so true
That's why I'm so scared
Of falling in love with you...


I sit in my room and think of you
Wondering why you don't love me too
Staring at your picture on the wall
Wondering why our love had to fall
I'll never forget your loving face
I'll never forget your warm embrace
Why did you leave me? Why did you go?
Why didn't you tell me? I needed to know
Your touch made me tremble, your love made me sigh
It would have been forever if this lasted long
Leaving me was the wrong thing to do
For your so called "other girl" left you too
This was bacause for your love for us both
You should have stayed with me, for I was the one you love most
Now that it's finished, period, the end
Our time together was bound to end
~MissyGrl -n- Fatima Factora


Everytime I look at you
My mind just can't think straight
All I see is you and me
And all I feel is fate

Everytime I look back on how I feel
Whenever I'm around you
Holding you close in my arms
Knowing I'm your boo

Everytime I think you'll leave me
I'll let it be up to you
But let me tell you, that no matter what
My love for you is forever true

And everytime I want to cry
You make me feel so much better
I don't ever plan to go away
From now until forever

-=Never Again=-

I'll never fall in love again
Because i can't take the pain
I'll never fall in love again
Because I just might go insane

I'll never fall in love again
Because my heart will never heal
I'll never fall in love again
Because nobody cares how i feel

I'll never fall in love again
Because my mind feels so confused
I'll never fall in love again
Because i feel like i've been used

I'll never fall in love again
Because it hurts too much
I'll never fall in love again
Because to me, there is no such

-=Broken Hearted=-

I knew you from the very start,
But that was before you shattered my heart
All the words i said were real
But all those words you could not feel
I thought you felt the same as me
But i guess we just weren't meant to be
You made me think you loved me back
But all that shit you said was wack
You broke my heart, but didn't know
You made me feel so sad and low
I can not live with all the pain
With out your love i'd go insane
Now i know how you really feel
So now my heart will never heal
Through all my pain and all my tears
"Nobody loves you," is all i hear
For me it's the love that no one will share
Maybe i'll just leave this earth, no one will care


time left me unwillingly
for it was time until i lost you
it went by fast, i didn't know
what i was putting myself through
eventually you left me
without any signs of pain
i couldn't believe it, but it's true
which is why i no longer feel the same
time keeping us apart
is supposed to make things better
but it doesn't seem to be working
because we're still not together
i can't see what you see
how am i supposed to know why?
why you left me in such sorrow
why you bothered to promise me you'd try?
if you wanted it to work
that you would've done
but time eventually told me
that you were not the one

-=Young Love=-

Look into my eyes, my friend
Tell me what you see
Do you see tha one who longs to say
"You were meant for me"?

Let me take your hand, my friend
I'll follow you anywhere
Time with you is magical
Can't you see i care?

Listen to my words, my friend
The silent ones that pray
"Please don't ever let me go,
I love you more each day."

Some day i'll be brave, my friend
We'll stand face to face
Then i'll say the words aloud
And melt in your embrace

-=How Would You Feel=-

how would you feel if you were left being lonely
when your heart has been torn apart by your one and only?
how would you feel if the one you count on wasn't there
or if the one you thought would wipe your tears didnt seem to care?
how would you feel if the one you love let you down
after you tried so hard and all they did was leave you with a frown?
how would you feel if you heard things you wish were not real
and your perfect someone felt things you hoped they would not
how would you feel if your lover lost hope and moved on
just leaving you alone and then suddenly is gone?
how would you feel if the person you cared for set you free
All these feeling i know, because you did this to me

-=Harsh Love=-

Oh, why must love be so harsh to me?
Why must love be so unkind?
Why must everytime i look at you,
You can't get out of my mind?

But if one day, you would hold my hand,
You would take all the wrong away
You would make me feel invincible,
At least for one day

But this shall not happen
You will always have her in your heart
And we will never be together,
We will always be apart

And now this day will never come,
And love will never come, too
I will never learn to love
All because of you

Please love me,
In any kind of way
So that i may be able
To learn to love someday

-=Pair somewhere=-

when i hear your name,
and when i see your face
nothing seems to be tha same
Since my heart seems to race

i can't stop thinking of you
no matter what i try
dreaming is all i can do
Since it helps me get by

i wish you knew how i felt
when i almost had a chance
so that you can understand what I've dealt
Since all I've wanted was romance

it's hard for me to explain
how much i wish to be with you
i don't mean to cause any pain
Since my love is so very true

please forgive me for all I've done
and everything i have done wrong
i just hoped a relationship would have already begun
Since i've been waiting for too long

sometimes when no one's near
all i do is cry
counting all the lonely tears
since I'm giving try

my love for you just keeps me going
you can call it my dreams
When we met my face was glowing
since i knew we'd be together, it seems

so now that you know what i had to say
and how much i really do care
I remain sitting here, dreaming away
since me and you aren't a pair somewhere

-=They Say=-

They say that time heals the pain
But for one, I can't say it's true
I need you and i love you so much
I wish you only knew

They say that love conquers all,
But how are you supposed to know
When all he'll do is lead you on
Pretending to let it show

They say that to have loved and lost
Is better than to not have loved at all
But with all the feelings you think he feels
He won't even give you a call

They say that friendship is the first key to love
But that i can not feel
Because when it's over, you say you'll be friends
But do you know if he's for real?

So i guess that what they say,
Can not be stated a fact
But i want you to know i love you
And there's nothing they can say about that


It's what you don't feel
When you've been hurt
Cold chills down your back
After being treated like dirt

It's what you don't feel
When noone's there for you
A cold tear down your face
Because you don't know what to do

It's what you don't feel
After you heart's been chewed up and thrown
The pain is unbearable
So now you want to be left all alone

...but why... shouldn't be... ...for...

Is the feeling you get
When you do find someone to please
Who doesn't treat you like dirt
And if you were to leave,
he would get down on his knees
It only explains the way a person feels for you
It's LOVE...And you should feel the same way too

-=You Ain't Worth Shit!=-

At a time in my life, i wanted you so much
I loved your smile, i dreamed of your touch
Constantly my heart would melt at the sound of your voice
I looked into your eyes and my heart would rejoice
Your love made me smile, your tears made me blue
You said you loved me, i thought it was true
Sure it took some time, but my heart seemed to mend
I wanted you no longer, not even as a friend
I will always love you, and remember the fun we had
But you're still a sorry~ass bastard that hurt me really bad
I know you think it's funny, but only time will tell
That i'm a payback bitch and i hope you rot in hell
Oh sure you're a great lover, and that i will admit
But when it comes to being a man
Honey, you ain't worth shit!!!


Your love for me is all that i need
Like a beautiful flower blossomed from a seed.
Even through April showers, did we stand firm
And through the darkest hours we did not turn.
I cherish your love, more than my life
I'm blessed to have you as my wife.
The rings that bind you and i
Does symbolize our hearts and minds.
The symphony we hear is our hearts combined
The emotions we feel can't be defined.
The times we share i treasure like it's rare
A fairy tale will always pale when our love's compared
~Rj jizzy

-=Tell Me How You Feel=-

Believe it or not, but i think it's true
That i'm slowly, getting over you
I've liked you so long, so that long that you knew
We never really talked, but still you made me go through
Go through all the pain, and confusion one keeps
When in a relationship, with heartbreaks and weeps
It's weird how you gave that to me, and you didn't even know
Though i expressed my love, that's all you'd let me show
At times i would go somewhere, leading a prayer of hope
When i expect to see you make me happy, instead of making me mope
When i finally have see you again, it's like you do not care
How long time kept us distant, you were never aware
I gave myself excuses, for all the things you lacked
Even when you went with her, your schedule was fully packed
"I'll try to wait longer, for i know we're meant to be"
Why do i say that, when no heart is given to me?
Love is all for trust, loyalty, and romance
Also many other things, like maybe one single chance
But one day if you realize that i'll still be there
I have stuck by my word, but now i don't care
But always in my heart, i'll love you so very much
Even though i changed my mind, i still wish for your touch
We may still be meant to be, but that can't be proven yet
Even though i thought i realized it so the day we met
I want someone to hold me, and who loves me, too
But my mind just wants know, is that to much to ask of you?
I keep wondering what my heart truly feels
It's better off knowing first, what really is the deal
But if you laugh, or don't believe what i say,
Then i'll finally face the facts, and take my heart away
Away from you forever, unless you're willing to stay
That's all up to you, which ever way you may
I admit, though, deep down inside
Beneath my hope, wonders, and pride
That i'd like to know why, you've made me wait this long
You've waited until i would finally say, it's time to move along
Now i said my peace, what are you going to do
I hope you're willing to tell, so i can get over you

-=I'll Never Get Over You=-

When the sun goes down, i still think of you
You can't get out of my head
Don't you know, how i feel
Or do you think of her instead?

I'll give you your wish, a lasting love
And everything that you need
If you give me a chance, for me to love you
I'll beg, i'll cry, i'll plead

You gave her a chance, and it didn't work
So why do you turn me down?
For her you seemed to try everything
Such as turning your whole life around

My friends keep telling me not to worry,
That I'll find somebody new
But i try to find my true feelings from them,
Because i'll never get over you.


Once again youíve left me
Iím here all alone
Youíve hurt my heart so badly
If only Iíd of known

I thought things went well
Because you took my breath away
Only time could tell
Whether or not you were planning to stay

Iíve tried to work things out
Because my heart needed you to stay
If you knew what my love was about
Maybe weíd be together today

But you broke my heart
And caused the falling of each tear
Because from now on weíre apart
And nowhere even near

So Iíll say my goodbye
Before you move on
With one last long sigh
Wondering why we couldnít get along

-=Falling For Him=-

feelings inside made love for me occur
until i saw tha way he looks at her
it made me laugh outside, but hurt deep within
knowing that i can not be with him ..
for awhile i have been telling myself it's ok
not realizing things will never go may way
i end up playin tha friend til forever
wishing instead for u & i to be together
but i have no choice .. but to move on
Seeing as how all my world is gone
going to try to find someone else to think of
it's all my fault for falling in love

-=First love=-

The first time I heard your voice
I knew you were the one
The first time we met each other
Was when our love begun

The first time we held hands
My heart had already melt
The first time that we kissed
Romance was all I felt

The first time that we held each other
I felt so very right
And the first time we said, "I love you"
I knew I'd never forget that night

-=Living a Dream=-

At times I stop and look around
About all the things I've been through
But the best thing I know I've found
Was the love I have for you
At times I think of all tha good qualities
That you have shown to me
I realize I'm in reality,
And we are meant to be
At times I reminisce
Our special moments together
Like our first kiss
That I wanted to last forever
And at times I just dream away
Finally understanding what love truly means
When we're holding each other every day
It's just like living a dream

-=when i'm over you=-

where the sun will shine again
and i won't have to wonder how
where the river flows gracefully
and more steady than now

the time a smile is worth
more meaning the before
the time each breath is taken
knowing there will be more

How much I believe in myself
Grows stronger every day
How I let you go
Won't matter in any way

I will begin another
and start a better new
I will move on
And try things I did not do

When i won't question life
and everything that's true
When things will be a miracle
...when i'm over you

-=Last time=-

the last time i saw you...
it was your smile that touched my heart
you made me feel like never before
our feeling never kept us apart

keeping all the memories in mind
reminiscing each one by one
trying to forget why we broke away
And waiting until a new love has begun

I know you think of me
And the best times that went on
Because in our hearts we keep the love
Since the past is never gone

The last time we were together
things obviously didn't work well
but you are still a part of me
For as long as I can tell


there once was a time,
when i used to be alone,
when my life was still a mystery,
without a love to call my own,
your face i first observed,
was beautiful in everyway
i stared at u in awe,
as u chase my blues away,
and then u began to speak,
with your gentle sweetened voice,
which matched just who you were,
the goddess of my choice
~pierre p.

-=My Loss=-

I lost your love to somebody else
who i think you care for more
I did not expect this to ever happen
Which is why it is my heart that is torn

I got lost in hope of us
I did not lead the way
And i think that is why
Your love did not want to stay

I want all the blame
Because i let you go
It was you, I totally lost
And it took awhile for me to really know

It is my fault for not giving you
The love i wish to give now
If only i could bring you back
if only you would show me how

i lost your love to somebody else
And now I don't know what to do
I pray that you will come back
So I can say I love you


you make me smile,
when i'm blue,
you always know what to do,

you reach out your hand,
when i need a special touch,
you always care
for me so much,

you seem
to be around,
to lift me up,
when i'm down

there are alot of things
i regret from the past,
but i know my love for you
will always last
~pierre p.


i'm not very special deep inside,
but i've got feelings, and i've got pride.
and what you have to offer, is more than i can give,
but i know i will love you for as long as i shall live,
people never look beneath the surface of the skin,
at my mind, my soul, and love deep within,
when your hand touches mine theres something i can't explain,
time which subdues the memories, and ease the pain.
so here i stand vulnerable for you.
a mystical tale revealed a dream coming true.
so i'm giving you my secret, something others don't see,
i'm opening up and giving u everything in me....
~pierre p.

-=The Love Didn't End With Me=-

I love you so much,
So much as you can see
But why do i get the feeling,
That you're cheating on me?

I know i should trust you,
I just can't believe it's true
I guess you don't understand
All the love i have for you

You tell me, "Don't worry,
That there's a guy on the other line."
But how can you just sit there,
Like everything is fine?

I don't understand
Why you lie and G.O.D
So i'll do us both a favor,
And i'll set you free

If this is what you want,
Then i'll let you be,
But i just want to let you know,
The love didn't end with me

-=My Little Angel=-

When i see him smile
It takes my breath away
His cute little dimples,
Show in every way

When i hear his voice,
So sweet and full of love
It's like he's an angel,
Sent from up above

When i close my eyes
His face pops into my mind
It makes me kind wonder,
How i found someone so kind

He's my little angel,
He's as perfect as could be
He came down from Heaven
Just to be with me

-=I Know You Do=-

I know that you still love me
I know your heart beats true
But why'd you have to leave me,
And make my world so blue?

Everyday i think of you
While laying in my bed
But i can't help, but wonder
If you left me, for her instead?

I know that you still love me,
Believe me, i know you do
Just remember one thing,
Remember i love you


I see the way you look at me
And know it wasn't meant to be
If only you knew my feelings for you
That I flew when I saw you

Just when you thought I wouldn't give you a chance
Was when we began our lovely romance
Then we wouldn't be the way we are
Which is so very, very far

I hope that you realize what you put me through
I gave you my heart, so warm and true
These feelings I feel hurt me so much
All because I lost your touch

If only you'd tell me exactly why
Then maybe I'de know whether or not to cry
Now I'm so confused, I can't even explain
I don't even know if I am in pain

But I'm not blaming it on me nor you
Just know that all of this could be true
And if only you really knew
That I really do love you!
~Amanda Chavez -n- MeeH

-=Send Me No Flowers=-

A wilted bouquet,
On my dresser drawer
A tattered note,
Torn on the floor

A girl with tears,
Running down her cheeks
A boy with
another girl to seek

Don't give me flowers,
They'll only die
Why tell me you care,
If it's only a lie?

I don't need your love,
That lasts just for one day
I don't need your "affection",
Or that kind of play

Just leave me alone,
As you've always done
You've hurt me too much,
To be the one

-=I Love You=-

The first time that we met,
Your name was all I knew
But as i got to know you better
Dreaming was all I could do

Thinking about us, taking long walks
Holding hands, as we would talk
All these things i would miss
And all i wanted, was a simple kiss

These cute eyes,
Staring down at me
Playing that it
Was meant to be


After all the times you hurt me,
The times you made me cry
Why do i forgive you,
With every little sigh?

The times that you betrayed me,
And the times of painful goodbyes
Why do i still need you,
After all those lies?

The times that you ignored me,
And the times my pain had shown,
Why do i still care for you
Though you left me all alone?

With the scars left upon me,
And the tears that fall each day
Why am i still in love with you,
Though you've treated me this way?

-=Will You Remember Me?=-

Our love was so perfect, nothing ever went wrong
Until you showed me her, you've liked her all along
You told me it was over, and didn't want me hurt
But now i finally realize, that you've treated me like dirt
How am i supposed to understand, when all i do is cry
You chose her over me, now all i ask is, why?
Over and over again, my mind feels so confused
How could i love you so much, when you made me feel so used?
It's hard for me to imagine, me and you again
But i have to face the facts, that this must be the end
So as i cry myself to sleep, i dream about when we used to be
And hope and wonder a question, will you remember me?

-=How Would You Feel=-

how would you feel if your first played on you
or if your best friends started hatin on you
how would you feel if your heart was never touched
or if you were turned down by your favorite crush
how would you feel if nobody could understand
that all I need is someone holding my hand
how would you feel if your love wanted to break it off
because they thought that you did not love them enough
how would you feel if you weren't appreciated
or the person you love wasn't as dedicated
how would you feel if the ones you turn to, turned the other way
or if the ones that you truly missed crossed your mind everyday
If you have any idea on how you'd feel,
then you'd know that this pain I feel is real

-=Love You Always=-

You are far away
And not any where near
For i would give anything
If you were here

We have to make it work
I don't care what you say
As long as it means you love me,
In any sort of way

If we wait, just for awhile
Maybe soon we'll be together
And then our love can last,
And we can beat forever

But for now, please don't feel sad
I'll always be thinking of you
Because you are my love
And i bet you know it's true

So don't worry about what happens
Distance can't keep us apart
Because i'll love you always,
And you're special in my heart.


I will always be there,
To hear your every sigh
I will always be there,
Till the day i die!

Never will i leave your side,
Here i'll always be
Never will i leave your side,
Just you wait and see

You'll always have a special place in my heart,
I'll make sure that it's seen
You'll always have a special place in my heart,
Never anything in between

-=I'll Be There=-

I know you have a broken heart,
And i know that you are sad
But, remember, don't look back
On the love that you once had

I know how much it hurts,
And i now just how you feel
But, remember, give yourself time
And eventually your heart will heal

I know how much you care for him,
And i know how much he meant to you
But, remember, think happy thoughts
'Cause it's not worth the pain you're going through

I know that he just left you,
And i that it's not fair
But, remember, that no matter what
I will always be there

-=Missing You=-

Eversince we split apart
It's almost as if, you took my heart
I know breaking up was the right thing to do
But i just want to let you know, i really miss you

We can't get back together
'cause your too far away
But i will be thinking of you
Every single day

When i am watching the sunset,
Or wishing on a star
I wish to be
Where ever you are

Always and forever
I love you
And deep down inside,
I know you love me, too

-=Move On=-

Tell me the truth,
Are you really the one?
'Cause if you're not,
Then let me have my fun

I dreamed about us,
Being together
I think our relationship,
Would last forever

Things seem so obvious
That we weren't meant to be
Maybe in the near future,
It will seem clear to me

Now it's time for me to move on
Without you getting in the way
I've found another love
And there's nothing more i can say

-=Don't Say Things You Don't Mean=-

Don't tell me you love me, then go leave me blue
Don't say i mean the world to you, unless i really do
Don't flower up things you say, to make my life a dream
Unless you really love me, don't say things you don't mean
Don't let me feel your loving arms, and then push me away
Don't talk about forever, unless you plan to stay
Don't tell me you'll be my king, and i'll be your queen
Unless you really love me, don't things you don't mean!!

-=Still Waiting=-

I'm hoping that you'll love me,
I'm hoping that you'll care
I'm wishing hard inside
That our love is good to share

I'm asking for one day
Of just you and me
And maybe by then
You'll see we're meant to be

I'm wanting to see your smile
Open just for one
And hopefully by then,
Our love would have begun

I'm knowing that one day,
My wishing will come true
But for now I'm still waiting
For you to love me, too

-=As Long As I Live=-

As long as i live, i promise to never
let go of our love we share together
as long as i live, i promise to stay
for us, i have hope for in each and every way
i hope that you feel, the same as i do
because i feel love that couldn't be more true
i've lost many other lovers, in the past
i pray that our love .. will suprisingly last
you know we can make it work, if we just try
so that we can avoid saying goodbye
i hate letting go, for the pain is so strong
I can never let you leave me, with you .. i belong
i thank you so much, for the love that you give
i will cherish that, as long as i live

-=I Hate Myself For Loving You=-

I hate myself for loving you,
I guess your feelings just weren't true
My heart said "yes", but yours said "no"
I guess it's time to let you go

I won't waste my time, waiting for you
I guess you don't just get the clue
What's in your mind? What's in your heart?
Tell me you love me and don't want to part

That will never happen
It won't come true
But i just want to let you know...


we had a special relationship...
one that was unique and true
even though you couldn't say we were "together"...
it was always me and you

we knew how we felt for each other...
no words were said about love
though we knew we felt that way...
being together was all we would think of

things went so well for us
for so many years..
yet without listening to my heart..
i brought my happiness to tears

i doubted our future being so confused
with how things were going slowly...
i did one thing to lose your faith
now i'm here left lonely

every night i cry myself to sleep...
because i know i deserve no better
all i ever wanted was for me and you
to always be together

you weren't ready for commitment..
and that gradually broke my heart
because if you couldn't let me be yours
someday, i knew, we would be apart

people tell me to move on..
because it wasnt meant to be
but how can i possibly move forward...
when all i think of is you and me?

now that were separated,
i can't understand what i did
you know i love you, that's all that matters to me
why can't your love allow you to forgive?


I'm bursting with emotion
And i don't know what to do
My heart feels torn in many ways,
And it's all because of you

Every night i lay in bed to sleep,
But all i do is cry
You've hurt me in so many ways,
I feel like i could die

My hopes, my dreams, my happy thoughts
They all faded away
And everything would be different now,
If only you would stay

I used to trust so easily,
But you made me disappear
When you left, you took my heart with you
Now all i feel is fear

I fear that i might once again
Be caught in someone else's trap
And in the end, alone again
My heart, it just might snap

Someday i wish to love again
Someone who will always be there
But for now, i just can't help but wonder
Oh just why couldn't you care?

-=The Basics Of Love=-

To all who came before me,
To all who fell behind
Watch your step carefully
Because love will make you blind

Never take a short cut,
Never run the mile
Always stay inbetween
The papers of love files

Keep your distance from the start,
And try to stay away from the end
And watch out for the saying,
"I just want to be your friend"

For not all love is good,
And not all love is bad
Just hope you never look back
On the love that you once had

-=The Feeling=-

The feeling that you're left alone,
And nobody is there
The feeling that makes you wanna cry,
Because nobody cares

The feeling where you're hurt so much,
But don't know what to say
The feeling where you know you're lost,
But know you'll find your way

The feeling that somebody's near,
But doesn't make a sound
The feeling that you cannot hear,
But yet you hear your heart pound

The feeling when you think you're in trouble,
But don't know what to do
The feeling when you think you're in love,
But don't know if it's true

-=Coming from me=-

My heart carries feelings of experiences I've had before
With guys just like you who knew nothing more
You're telling me right now, how you just want a chance
This isn't anything I haven't heard, so there's nothing to enhance
I will not waste my time, on guys just like you
they put bull shit in your head, when all they wanna do is screw
I can't take the pain, of one night of perfection
When in the morning your gone, fulfilled with satisfaction
It is hard for me now, to know if you're Mr. Right
Many guys have fooled me, just to mess around at night
Well, as you can see, I'm not a little hoe
So if you want to get busy, you might as well go
Because the last thing on my mind is getting hurt by you
So coming from me, you might as well be true

-=Deepest Crush=-

I got a crush on you for so long
i love you so much, i can't be wrong
i had my eyes on you for years,
but what i did was get only tears
you ignored me, you walked away
you did the same thing everyday
i know we don't talk to each other
but my wish is for us to be together
so please don't break my heart
because of you, i don't wanna be apart
you are always on my mind
for you I leave others behind
nobody could take your place
because you got the cutest face
if there is a chance that i may be with you
i promise i'll always be true
because if i'm cheating on you, or if i lie
i know for sure you'll say goodbye
so please give me a chance
if you don't, in my life... i probably won't have any romance

-=Falling For You=-

When i saw your face,
It was all i could see
For, i knew already,
That you were meant for me

When i held your hand,
It was all i could do
Then i knew already
That this meant something true

When i kissed your lips,
It was all i could feel
That was when i knew
My love was for real

When i said goodnight,
Dreaming was all i can do
For then i had the feeling
I was falling for you

-=Why do you=-

Why do you show me
your love and affection
Why do you seem giving
When you don't give me any attention?

Why do you dedicate
Every song to me
Why do you sing
Words you don't mean?

Why do you try
To make me smile
Why do you love
When it only lasts awhile?

Why do you write me
poems and such
Why do you call
And then don't say much?

Why do you act
like you really do care
Why do you give me heart
When there's even nothing there?

-=Take Me=-

Take me in your arms
Say your love is true
Hold me close and never let go
Say you love me, too

Take me with you
Wherever you go
Remember I love you
In case you don't know

Take me afar,
Away from all wrong
I'll love you forever
Our love will be strong

Take me in your world
Where no one has been
We'll be alone together
And our love can begin

Take me in your heart
And keep me inside you
'Cause I'll love you forever
No matter what you do


I can't believe it's happening,
But i guess i have to let you know
We cannot let our love go on
For there's nothing left to show

The love we had just wasn't right
And sooner or later you will see
The love we had was fake
All in a world of make-believe

We acted like we cared,
But knew it wasn't true
Everyday we just went on,
Saying our "I love you"'s

So now we have to be honest,
And let ourselves move on
For the love we thought we once had
Is now forever gone

-=A change=-

We've been friends ever since I can remember
I used to want it to be this way, up until forever
But now I'm realizing something very new
That in my heart I feel that I'm falling in love with you
I can not hide it any more, my heart keeps beating fast
In a way I want you to know how I feel, but it might ruin our past
I want you to feel the same as me, but how will I know?
I can't wait any longer to wait for your feelings to show
You might think I am crazy, but baby I'm for real
I know love is burning inside of me, with everything I feel
All this confusion is making me lose my mind
I wish I could go back to our old times by simply pressing rewind
But I know now that nothing can prevent this change I feel
I pray and hope that you already know the deal
I don't want our friendship to end, that would be more pain
But not knowing how you feel is driving me insane
So I'll tell you seriously, so you know that my feelings aren't a game
It's all because of this change, that I might never be the same

-=I don't want to be with you anymore=-

I don't want to be with you anymore
Please don't stand in my way
I don't want to be with you anymore
And there's nothing left to say

I don't want to be with you anymore
You played me once, you played me twice
I don't want to be with you anymore
Even if we seek advice

I don't want to be with you anymore
You hurt me enough already
I don't want to be with you anymore
Because our relationship is too unsteady

I don't want to be with you anymore
Because all I need is all you lack
I don't want to be with you anymore
And I don't ever want you back!


Oh how I love being with you
And holding you near
But you leaving me,
Is all that I fear

Sometimes when you're gone
I wonder with fright
If maybe you're with someone else
On this lonely, cold night

Even though I trust you,
My mind wonders on
About how you might leave me
And be forever gone

I really want to tell you
About all I feel
Like how I'm scared when you're away
But when you come back I heal

I know you'll be mad
So that's why I can't tell
But I don't want that to happen
I'd rather go to hell

I don't ever want you hurt
Or ever mad at me
But I understand if you do
I know exactly what you see

So I'll build up tha courage to let you know
And won't expect anything bad
I hope it'll help me feel better
Instead of feeling sad

-=One Night=-

The night was dreary as the rain came down,
"Let's go for a ride," she said with a frown.

All through the night she had nothing to say
it was almost as if something was in the way.

All of a sudden it came out of the blue,
"My parents say I must stop seeing you."

"I'm sorry," she said, "I cannot pretend,
my parents say our love must end."

He took out a paper and wrote something down
his eyes watery- her face a frown.

All of a sudden, the car wouldn't start,
he looked up at her and said, "You broke my heart."

He rolled down the window as she went into the rain,
and that's when she noticed the lights of the train.

She tried to pull him from the car- having a fit,
he jumped from and pulled away and that's when it hit.

All she remembered was his blood running red,
and somebody saying, "I'm sorry he's dead."

The ambulance sounded like a whimpering cry-
she remembered the paper- it said, "Without you I'd die."


Don't put me down,
Don't even say a word
Don't walk out that door,
As if nothing occured

Don't pretend you still love me,
Don't think nothing's wrong
Don't break my heart again
Because it's not that strong

Don't even look at me,
With that expression on your face
Don't apologize to me
Then melt in your embrace

Don't lie to me again
Then say your love is true
Don't cry to me again
Because there's nothing i can do

You've sold out on me a lot
Don't do it again
Don't even bother to try
Because this is the end

-=I Want You=-

Baby, can't you tell me, why this has to be
You're over there with her, and no where near me
I just don't understand, you don't know how i feel
'Cause the love inside my heart, is just so fuckin' real
So maybe if you could, just give me a second chance
I just need a little time to work on our one-flame romance
I'm crying everday, you're always on my mind
Because someone like you is so very hard to find
I guess you just don't know why i want you so damn bad
I just need a little love i've never really had
So while you're having fun, not thinking of us two
I'm sitting here thinking, of how to get with you

-=Are We Meant To Be?=-

what if you and I were meant to be
cuz love is so blind that you cant see
we might of been lovers in our past lives
probably fell in love one hundred million times

maybe I was Romeo and you were Juliet
and now we're reunited so that we won't forget
that we loved before and it was made to last
making love better than the ones in the past

oh how I have longed to have finally found you
so we can prove once again that our love is true
if you are doubtful, let me hold you in my arms
to hold you when you are weak, and keep you safe and warm

please say yes to what I'm about to ask you
the one that I've been looking it you?
are you the one that can take away all my pain and my fears?
the one that can heal the bruises and can stop all of my tears?

are you the one that I've always dreamed of finding?
making that dream come true now is perfect timing
honestly I came up to you to see if it was true
if the angel was right when he told me it was you

I would never thought that you would be here with me
can I ask you, do you think that we're meant to be?

-=When Cupid Gets Lonely=-
(Cupid's plea)

My heart has not been loved
It's turning into stone
For I am the only one
With no one to call my own

Every couple that I see
Looks very happy together
To me it seems as though
I'll be lonely forever

I hook people up
It's what I do best
My magic never fails me
Just put it to the test

Juliet and Romeo
Yeah, that was me
It was very sad though
How it ended in tragedy

Love is a thing
Which I can only imagine
For I am not loved
How could this of happened?

What does love feel like?
Does it involve pain or joy?
Explain it to me
For I am only a boy

I will keep my job forever
It's hard to bare
Forever I'll be alone
It's just not fair

Loneliness is my best friend
Happiness will never be
For no one will ever show
What they truly feel about me

Nobody even thanks me
For what I have done
No one ever did
Nope, not one

With my arrow
I tried to shoot myself
But pain,
Was the only thing I felt

If I could be a lover
I would say "I Love You"
Because there'd be no other
I'd always stay true

Who will hook me up?
Who will be my boo?
Doesn't anybody know
That I get lonely too..?


There's a longing in my heart,
A desire that's unfulfilled
A yearning that keeps me going
A wound that needs to be healed

A search for true happiness
A quest for true love
Looking for the lone angel,
Sent from up above

She is gorgeous in my eyes
A pleasure to my ears
A sight so captivating
And words that pull me near

She possesses a voice of sweetness
Appealing to my soul
Yet, i must fight this siren
Who is sure to give me a hole

A hole punched deep in my heart,
From the distance we must be
On the rejection i will receive
For this always happens to me

So how do you know you've found her
When time keeps pulling you away?
There you sit and pray to GOD
For just, just one more day

-=If Just This Night....=-

If just this night, you take my hand
And lead me to the stars
Forever it will be with me
To charish what was ours

Not knowing what tomorrow brings,
Or where our lives may go
I'll hear your whispered words of love,
As the gentle breezes blow

I'll give to you, myself this night,
My passion, love, and heart
Knowing that the time will come
When we will have to part

-=Did I=-

was it really me that hurt you...
or was it really in your heart?
is it my fault that you couldnt hold on anymore
is it my fault we're now apart?

did i do all the wrong things
just like you said i had?
did i make you go away...
or did you really feel mad?

was it i who let you go...
or was it just you who walked away?
was it me who didnt stop you from going
when you wouldnt even try to stay?

did i not try to avoid the fights..
and not say what i would think of?
did i not care so much for you...
or did you just let go of my love?


We've only known each other
Just for a few days
Let's wait wait a little longer
For us to really say

You tell me i'll be your only lover
For the rest of your life
You tell me we're forever
And i'm to be your wife

But are you even sure
That this is how you feel?
And are you even sure,
That your love is for real?

You ask me what i think,
And i don't know what to say
Because i don't want to hurt your feelings,
In any sort of way

I still think, though
That we are moving to fast
So please understand,
If our relationship can't last

-=A Chance To Last=-

Ever since you looked at me
And I lived within your eyes
All I ever wanted was a relationship
Between us to be given a simple try

I've noticed you're unlike the others
You treat girls with respect
Ever since I saw you smile
There was so much to expect

I ask for much in a guy
But what can I say?
I need to if you're the one
And that's the only way

So I'm thankful that you care
I had to say this fast
Because I'm starting to fall for you
With this given chance to last


each endless sigh i give
shows my grief over you
i miss you so much
what more can i do?

i've tried all i could think of
and you're still not here
my hopes have slowly drifted
to disturbing amounts of fear

i'm scared that this really
might be the end
and that you may no longer
give me a chance to let this mend

if it is so please let me know
because i can't find out alone
i need to know if my heart will remain broken
for it is the only heart i own

-=A Time To Be Apart=-

You say that you still care,
Even though you have feelings for her
You say that you still love me,
But are you even sure?

I dreamt of all the moments,
That i thought would soon come true
But now it's just a question,
All depending on you

In you i gave my all,
Believing i was right
But now since we're apart,
It seems like one big fight

We seem to be alike
In many different ways,
But you do not understand
How much it means for you to stay

So i guess this is our fate
For everything to turn out wrong
Now this is our awaiting answer
Which you knew all along

-=Even Though=-

Mintute after minute,
You're always on my mind,
I care for you so much
Even though my love is blind

I know you could do much better than me
And that i don't deserve you
But still i think we're meant to be,
Even though you don't love me, too

One day, soon, we'll be alone
And everything will be real
And i will finally say my i love you
Even though i don't know how you feel

You might think i am crazy,
And i don't have a chance
But still i will care for you,
Even though there's no romance

So please do me a favor
And tell me what to say
Because i really need you,
Even though you don't feel the same way

-=To The One I Love=-

It's you i love, and will forever
Time will change, but i will never
Time will come, when we must part
But time will never change my heart
I do believe, that GOD above
Created you for me to love
He chose you from all the rest
Because he knew i'd love you best
I had a heart, and it was true
But now its gone, from me, to you
Take care of it, as i have done
For you have two, and i have none
And when i die and go afar
I'll carve your name upon a star
For all the angels above can see
Just how much you mean to me
If you're not here by judgement day
I'll know you went the other way
To show just what love can do
I'd go to hell to with you~!

-=Lost Hope=-

There used to be times, i could let you know how i feel
And times you would help me out, knowing our love was real
There used to be times, i would see a lot of you and you were there
I only wish i could see you now, knowing that you care
There used to be times, where we would just talk all night
When i wished it would never end, because everything was right
There used to be times, when i only thought of you as a friend
But those moments i took for granted, thinking it would never end
There used to be times, i will never forget
So many memories, especially the day we met
And there used to be times, where i'd always cry and mope
Because we'll never again be this way, and i've lost all my hope
~Katrina -n- MeeH


if you could only see,
how much you mean to me,
you'll know what's goin' on inside,
and what I want to be,
each starry night i talk to you,
makes my day complete,
your the perfect type of guy,
so funny, nice, and sweet,
You tell me things I know are true,
and it warmly melts my heart,
I want us to be together,
and never ever part,
Even though you have a gurl,
with looks, style , and charms,
I'll fight for one tender kiss,
and one chance in your arms,
There's just something about you,
I just can't understand,
my heart would beat histerically,
with one touch of your hand,
For now i'll wait forever,
'Till that special day,
When your down and tearful,
I'll kiss your pain away

-=Now And Then=-

now and then i think of you
we've been apart for far too long
i always wonder if you think of me, too
because my saddened heart is not so strong
now and then i dream of us
continuing the love we left behind
giving it a happy ending
by letting you always be mine
now and then i pray for myself
that i will hold on without you near
because i can't be where you are
i only end up in endless amounts of tears
now and then i close my eyes
and take a breath for you
wishing i could hold you close
and prove to you my love is true

-=All I Want=-

All i want, is a little romance
All i ask, is for a little chance

I've liked you so very long, you even knew
But all you could do, was pull me threw

You pulled me far, and no where near
"I just want to be friends" is all i hear

I keep imagining that you're different to me
That's all in my head, you were just being friendly

You treated me equal, not the way i thought you should
I kept thinking of myself, not now i would

I've learned how to be now, so please understand
That it took me awhile, now i accept your hand

Your hand of friendship, you offered long time ago
That was before, when i had said no

But now you have taught me, i thank you so much
Now all i want, is your simple touch

-=You Are the One I love "As Long As Forever"=-

As long as I live,
I will stay be your side
I'll be your companion,
Your friend, and your guide

As long as I live
and as long as you care,
I'll do anything for you
I'll go anywhere

I'll bring you the sunshine,
I'll comfort your fears,
I'll gather up rainbows
To chase all your tears

As long as forever
My love will be true,
For as long as I live
I'll only love you

I may not tell you
of the love within my heart
of all the special dreams and plans
of which you are a part,

But I'm hoping that you understand
those things that words can't show,
Because you mean far more to me
than you will ever know
~Glendee Sithivorado

-=Someone Iíve Found=-

My eyes have cried so many tears
Through out my life beyond the years
but now that Iíve found somebody new
I see he's the best out of the few.
He heals the pain deep inside my heart
the pain I had from the very start.
I thank GOD up above for for sending him to me
Sending me someone special i truly believe
Now I know I don't live in vain
And I see my life is not the same
I want to say to that some one so true
just like I alwayz say it "BaBy i LoVe yOu"


I know this sounds silly, but believe me it's true
I know deep, deep down within my heart, that i was meant for you
The first time i saw you boyee, you left me astounded
With the beauty you possessed ... it left me dumb-founded
You are my angel, that is plain to see
I am asking you here and now, Would you be interested in me?
I would love to be at your side, I would love to see your smile
I would love to get to know you better, if only for awhile
I know you will never feel the same way i do
I only pray and hope that someday, i will be with you
My life ... it is almost in perfection
But it will never be, without your affection
I hope that someday, you may realize
All the love I can give to you, because you will see it in my eyes
It may be love, my feelings toward you
It is unknown, until you feel the same way i do
I hope, that with me, you are willing to take the chance
That one day we may share this special romance.
~rOBBiE -n- NiCoLe

-=Perhaps Love=-

Perhaps love is like a resting place,
a shelter from the storm.
It exists to give you comfort,
it is there to keep you warm.
And in those times of trouble,
when you are most alone.
The memory of love
will bring you home.
Perhaps love is like a window,
perhaps an open door.
It invites you to come closer,
it wants to show you more.
And even if you lose yourself,
and don't know what to do.
The memory of love
will see you through.
Love to some is like a cloud,
to some as strong as steel.
For some a way of living,
for some a way to feel.
And some say love is holding on,
and some say letting go.
And some say love is everything,
and some say they don't know.
Perhaps love is like the ocean,
full of conflict, full of pain.
Like a fire when it's cold outside,
thunder when it rains.
If I should live forever,
and all my dreams come true.
My memories of love
will be of you.

-=Forever & Always=-

I thought of you today,
But that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday,
And the day before that too.

For everyday, know matter where,
In my heart you will be there.
Today, tomorrow my whole life through,
I'll never ever stop loving you.

Far accross the universe,
Upon a restless sea,
Where ever you are my love,
That's where I want to be.

So take this love I have to offer,
Store it with your own,
Keep it safe for ever more,
Then you'll never be alone.

-=Waiting For Your Love=-

If I look back
At the short memories I have of you
It makes me miss you more
Because I know there's something I should do

But to tell you the truth,
I don't want to know what you have to say
Because you'll break my heart
Even worse than the times you would walk away

It's hard for me to accept
Exactly how you feel
Because I like how things are now
Better than knowing this love can't be real

You can say I know reality
Even though I won't let it be
Because I want you to realize
That you are meant for me

I keep thinking that I shouldn't worry
Because you know I'm waiting for you
But what if I loose this chance
To prove my love is true?

You might find someone better soon,
And it will hurt me lots
But I'm happy if you are
Because you'll want what you've got

Just know that no matter what
I'm still waiting here
Not too far away
Waiting for your love to appear

-=What I Love...=-

When I was down and feeling low
You waited there for me all along
You proved your love and let me know
How much my love could be so strong

You never failed my heart ...
Your love has always been true
I'll never look to the day we may be apart
Because I always want to be with you

At times when I may disappoint you
Or turn my feelings around
Still you always stood through
And turned my frown upside down
What I love about you is more to compare
I treasure every moment we're together
What I love about you is your love so rare
And I want us to be like this forever

-=Lonely Dream=-

I have a dream of me and you
Where we're together for eternity
If only dreams like this game true
Then you would be with me

But no, with me dreams are lonely
There's no one there to share
If only I found the right person
Maybe he would care

But many people don't realize
How special this dream is to me
They sit around thinking
Of all the other better fish in the sea

I guess that I deserve that
Since I'm between high and low
Which makes it very hard
To vision a dream you don't already know

But like I said about this dream
It's unlike all the rest
It involves another person
Whom I consider the best

Until this dream can be shown
As reality it seems
I will sit here dreaming on and on
About by lonely dream

-=Valentine Roses=-

Red roses were her favorites, her name was also Rose.
And every year her husband send them, tied with pretty bows.
The year he died, the roses were delivered to her door.
The card said, "Be my Valentine," like all the years before.
Each year he sent her roses, and the note would always say,
"I love you even more this year, than last year on this day."
"My love for you will always grow, with every passing year."
She knew this was the last time that the roses would appear.
She thought, he ordered roses in advance before this day.
Her loving husband did not know, that he would pass away.
He always liked to do things early, way before the time.
Then, if he got too busy, everything would work out fine.
She trimmed the stems, and placed them in a very special vase.
Then, sat the vase beside the portrait of his smiling face.
She would sit for hours, in her husband's favorite chair.
While staring at his picture, and the roses sitting there.
A year went by, and it was hard to live without her mate.
With loneliness and solitude, that had become her fate.
Then, the very hour, as on Valentines before,
The doorbell rang, and there were roses, sitting by her door.
She brought the roses in, and then just looked at them in shock.
Then, went to get the telephone, to call the florist shop.
The owner answered, and she asked him, if he would explain,
Why would someone do this to her, causing her such pain?
"I know your husband passed away, more than a year ago,"
The owner said, "I knew you'd call, and you would want to know."
"The flowers you received today, were paid for in advance."
Your husband always planned ahead, he left nothing to chance."
"There is a standing order, that I have on file down here,
And he has paid, well in advance, you'll get them every year.
There also is another thing, that I think you should know,
He wrote a special little card...he did this years ago."
"Then, should ever, I find out that he's no longer here,
That's the card...that should be sent, to you the following year."
She thanked him and hung up the phone, her tears now flowing hard.
Her fingers shaking, as she slowly reached to get the card.
Inside the card, she saw that he had written her a note.
Then, as she stared in total silence, this is what he wrote...
"Hello my love, I know it's been a year since I've been gone,
I hope it hasn't been too hard for you to overcome."
"I know it must be lonely, and the pain is very real.
For if it was the other way, I know how I would feel.
The love we shared made everything so beautiful in life.
I loved you more than words can say, you were the perfect wife."
"You were my friend and lover, you fulfilled my every need.
I know it's only been a year, but please try not to grieve.
I want you to be happy, even when you shed your tears.
That is why the roses will be sent to you for years and years."
"When you get these roses, think of all the happiness,
That we had together, and how both of us were blessed.
I have always loved you and I know I always will.
But, my love, you must go on, you have some living still."
Please...try to find happiness, while living out your days.
I know it is not easy, but I hope you find some ways.
The roses will come every year, and they will only stop,
When your door's not answered, when the florist stops to
"He will come five times that day, in case you have gone out.
But after his last visit, he will know without a doubt,
To take the roses to the place, where I've instructed him,
And place the roses where we are, together once again."

-=If I...=-

if i give you my heart...
will you let me down?
i don't want to get hurt
through this love i've found

if i share with you my life...
will you go away?
i don't want to risk pain
that you may lead someday

if i allow myself to love...
will you love me, too?
i don't want disappointment
of getting over you

if i trust in you...
will you ever lie?
i don't want to see that
because then i'd kiss you goodbye...

-=So Long=-

so long i've been wanting to tell you
but couldnt find tha words to say
so long i've been wanting to let you know
but couldnt find a way

i want to see you smile
i want to give you so many things
i would do all i can for you
if i knew what joy it would bring

for awhile i didnt know where i was
i waited for your sign
for awhile i stayed patiently
until i could call you mine

so long i've been wanting to show you
exactly how i feel
so long i've been wanting to thank you
for proving your love so real

-=Someone I Know=-

Someone i know loves you
With everything she owns,
Someone i know needs you
And deserves not to be alone

Someone i know cries,
With thoughts of you so dear
Someone i know will die inside
if soon you're still not near

Someone i know is lost
And need to be found
Someone i know is scared
Afraid you'll never be around

Someone i know has their heart
Set on you since you came
Someone i know is in love
And wishes that you feel the same

Someone i know is waiting for you
and your love she wants to see
And i know all this because
That someone i know is me

-=All I Want Is You=-

it's early in the morning
and late in the night
here I lay, waiting for you
to appear in my sight

i admit i did wrong
i thought you already knew
i'm crying here, praying to God
That you know how much my love is true

I'm missing you more than ever
and regreting every wrong I've done
There's so many things that I should do
To prove to you that you're the one

I know that you have left me
and that i should already move on
but now i finally know the honest truth
that i am nothing when you're gone

If you give me a second chance
i will treat you better than before
i've learned my mistakes
i promise to try to not make them anymore

because all i know is i've lost you
all i am lately is sad
how could you leave me like this
when you're all i ever had

I will do anything if i could hold you
the whole night through
just to show that will never give up
because all i want is you

-=Up Until This Day=-

I'm waiting for your love
That i know that you can show
I'm waiting for your love
Don't you already know?

After every tear,
I know you still love her
After every tear,
I know my heart is sure

Those sweet moments are the past
You have given away..
Those sweet moments are the past
Why can't we still be this way?

Are you afraid of love,
Is that why you're not here?
Are you afraid of love,
Or anything even near?

Please show me what you feel
Tell me what to say
Because i will never give up
Up until this day

-=We Promised We Would=-

When we talked, we knew it was fate
For everything in us seemed so right
We talked so long, with out even a date
But when I saw you it was love at first sight

We learned in our hearts, the feelings we felt
Even though we pretended it wasn't there
But just talking to you would make my heart melt
I knew we were were more than just a pair

Then finally, we started going together
And, of course, everybody knew
That you and I would last forever
Because our love was more than true

So everything was perfect, for time and on
And we were as sweet as can be
But believe it or not, tha feelings seemed gone
And it was all because of me

I can't explain why it happened, because I really don't know
But I started treating you bad
When I thought my love for you was all I could show
My actions began making you feel sad

I didn't tell you at first, but I know we could've make it better
To be like how things used to be
Like when we would be holding each other close together
And I'd just look in your eyes and see

See the love and so many things I could find
All inside your eyes
At the same time I felt warm inside my heart and mind
I knew that you and I would get by

But now things are different, I'm breaking your heart
And treating you so very wrong
I took advantage thinking we'd never be apart
Yet you were hurting all along

Whenever you'd cry, I'd seem to yell
I don't know why I was this way
But when I'd look in your eyes, your fears I could tell
And sooner or later I'd repay

Then one day, while you crying with thoughts
I ignored you all over again
But then I heard a really loud shot
And the things in my mind said it was the end

My mind was right, it was the end
Except my last moments with you
I would no longer be with you, not even as a friend
And I didn't know what to do

I'm sorry for my mistakes, and all tha mean games
To you get you back, I'd do anything I could
Now I finally know things will never be tha same
But we'll still be together, sometime up there, just like we promised we would

-=My Love=-

ive searched for love that would be warm and true
my search was complete when i found you
i never knew i'd be so happy with joy
falling in love with you, my boy
you showed me new things and taught me how
i dont know where i would be without you now
im used to your touch and soft gentle kiss
my old life i surely dont miss
you opened new doors for me and showed the way
my only fear is if you dont plan to stay
i used to worry about my time on
but i know now ill be okay as long as youre never gone
i want to hold you in my arms and feel your touch
it's you i love, oh, so much
please promise to never let me go
because it's you love and that you know
~Meeh 1