The Siren's Scream

~She Leads~

Emerald The Tavern Wench {She Leads}.

she seems content with leading so you let her lead you into what seems like a world ripping start. She looks at you with the wild look. The wind sweeps her hair up, and the lips are wet the smile almost evil.. she pushes you back up against the wall and puts her hands on the roof of the jeep.. and kicks her legs up against the wall.. and her pussy is now in your face. Her legs around you. You dive down hard and suck her sweet nectar. Her moans.. Her screams. And you have her whole pussy in your face.. her face is near your upper thighs and she licks and sucks on them as you suck her gushing cumming pussy harder, harder. Your hands hold her waste and your face buries deeper Hold her, pulling her hard into your mouth.. She cums again.. Her body goes stiff her legs close around your head and pull you nearer.. she collapses on your body and her legs slide down/.. to your waist. Her long legs wrap around you, and you pull her up.. Your dick enters her hot wet snatch.. Her arms around you. The deep entrance as she bends back and you hold her and her hands hit the top of the jeep.. and she thrusts back harder and harder.. moving her nectar concoction all over and around.. her tits bouncing in your face. You suck on them.. Bite on the hard round orbs that hold her excitement. Licking and sucking her mounds. Your throbbing cock plows harder and faster.. In and out.. harder.. the salve that pours out of her all over your cock. Is spread all the way to your stomach and her pussy smell is all in your nose. It is driving you to pump her harder.. To feel the silky thighs and ass as you pump in It faster. As you squeeze her firm ass and you feel her pussy and your cock are almost one.. She presses up higher with her cunt ringing hard on your cock.. Juicy and deep each thrust brings you closer.. Her tongue licks your face.. Her tits pressed up hard against your naked body.. Your fingers all around her ass sticking your finger in her ass.. Hearing her scream your name out.. Your fingers clutch and you go mad with each thrust.. Each quake.. Pounce of her delicious cunt still fresh on your lips.. Closer.. Your dick swells hard..


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