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Summary : Willow is tired of the way she & Spike are portrayed in Fan Fic stories, so she does something about it.


            Buffy entered the living room and found Willow sitting on the sofa. One look at the laptop on the coffee table and she understood the sour look on her friend's face. Taking a seat next to her, she sighed.

           " Will, didn't we talk about this? " she said, her voice gentle, yet twinged with a parental tone.

           " Why do they do it? " Willow angrily clepped, avoiding the blonde's eyes.  " Why do they write it? "

           " Why do you read it? " Buffy countered. " You know how upset it makes you. I thought we agreed you were going to take a break. "

           Willow lowered her eyes. " I can't help it. I..I need it. "

           " No, you don't. "

           " You don't get it, Buffy. "

           " Uh, hello much? Need I remind you of my days as, Fic Chyc? "

           " That was different. "

           " How? Enlighten me, Oh-One-Of-Redness. "

           Willow tried to think of a reason to justify her statement. After a minute of silence, Buffy grinned knowingly.

           " Fine! " Willow threw her hands in the air. " There is no difference! " She turned to the Slayer. " But you're way stronger than I am, Buffy. You fought it and won. "

           " You can too, Will, " Buffy assured her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "It just takes  discipline, that's all. " Willow looked at her and Buffy frowned.     " My so very the bad choice of words. "

           " Why, Buffy? Why does every fan fic about Spike and I have HIM as the dominant and ME as the submissive? "

          Buffy sighed deeply, knowing what was coming and wanting to kick herself for her choice of words. Willow got up from the sofa and paced the room. The Slayer rested her head against the cushion behind her and waited. She didn't have to wait long.

           " I am not submissive! K, sometimes, but not always! We take turns. Yes, sometimes I am the naughty little waitress, or, on occasion, secretary. And yeah, there's that whole, Red Riding Hood thing..and the prisoner getting interrogated game...but.. "

          Buffy fought to keep the visuals away, as her friend continued her rant. Despite all of the practice she had had, it was still somewhat difficult.

          " And then, there's bad boy who has to stay after school, the naughty librarian and Spanky the Cowboy! So see, sometimes Spike is the sub! "

           She looked at Buffy, who was desperately attempting to rid herself of naked Spike images.

          " Librarian? " she coughed. " Will, that is so more than I needed to know. Hello? Giles? " The look that crossed the redhead's face sent a chill of fear through Buffy. " Uh, Will, " she began, her voice eeirely soft. " Please tell me that this game does not involve Spike dressing up like Giles. " 

          " My point, Buffy, " Willow replied, ignoring her. " Is that Spike and I are equals. Fifty, fifty. "

          Buffy closed her eyes and mentally chastised herself for her current visual. Then, taking a deep breath, she opened them and looked at Willow.

          " Will, people are funny. They see Spike as The Big Bad, so naturally he's going to be the dom. "

         " But that's just..stupid. You can never judge a book by it's cover. Hello? Anyone remember my vamp twin? "

         " Unfortunately. "

         " Hey! "

         " Sorry, Will, but she scared me. "

         " She liked you. "

         " That's what scared me. The girl wore way too much leather. I prefer, soft, fuzzy Willow. "

         Willow smiled. " Ah, you're so sweet. "

        " Look, Will, you know the truth about you and Spike. Forget what everyone else thinks..or writes. You have the real thing. Nothing else matters. "

        Willow returned to the sofa and hugged Buffy.

        " I kinda love you, " she whispered.

        " I kinda love you too, Will, " Buffy said, embracing her.

        When the hug was finished, Buffy looked her in the eye.

        " So, no more fan fic? " It was more of a gentle order than a question.

        " I am not going to have time to read, " Willow noted, an evil smile forming on her lips.

        Recognising the moods of her best friend, Buffy chuckled.

       " Something tells me that poor Spike is in for a spot of dom when he gets back from L.A., " she purred.

       Willow sighed. " And afterwards, I'm going to write my own little story. "

       Buffy laughed, then stopped suddenly. " Uh, Will..this isn't going to be one of those, naughty librarian ones, is it? Cause, I'm thinking that would be..bad...on so many levels. "

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