A Wish at Dish: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, Pretty Woman Malu was all set to fly to Las Vegas to begin preparations for her upcoming October 8 wedding to Roy Chiongbian at the Paris Hotel. Ahh, you see, my dear reader, this was definitely NOT one Runaway Bride.

A surprise girls' night out for  Malu Maglutac, soon to be Mrs. Roy Chiongbian.
16 Sep 2001, Dish Restaurant, Rockwell, Makati City

But, alas! As fate would have it, before the American (bound) Sweethearts could even leave their isles, Osama Bin Laden struck, sowing terror in a magnitude the world has never seen.  Pretty Woman Malu's Sept 13 flight was re-scheduled to Sept 20, only to be postponed again to Sept 27.  Wedding guests from Manila, previously itching to sneak in some shopping at Barstow, were now undecided if not outright fearful about flying out.  The already very intimate guest list was in very real danger of getting shorter, tearing away all but the last shred of excitement Pretty Woman Malu had in her.  "Oh why couldn't Osama wait until after my wedding?!" Pretty Woman Malu wailed.  The Julia Roberts wannabe was devastated.

At the other end of the forest, also tired of the gloom and doom of the recent days, thirteen maidens decided they had had enough (one particular maiden was especially tired of Pretty Woman Malu's wailing).  They were determined to shake off the dark cloud that seemed to hang over the kingdom. They would... "make someone happy", knowing maybe a bit selfishly that by doing so, they could make themselves happy, too.  So they thought and "texted"... schemed and texted some more... until they came out with a plan to surprise Pretty Woman Malu.  An impromptu shower!  And they would hold it at Dish, the most popular tavern in the kingdom.

Seated L-R: Avelou Cadeliña, Agie Garces, Ging Tillman, Meena Sehwani, Ayie Cruz, Didette Caguioa, Cecile Lorenzo, Bon Arambulo
Standing: Malu Maglutac, Diana Zamora, Ana Co, Susan Laurente, Enna Tumale, Maricel Ledesma
(photo courtesy of Susan Laurente-Itchon)

Before long, however, they realized that what Pretty Woman Malu desired most in her heart was not in their power to give... a confirmed flight on PAL.  Alas, but what could they offer the fair (Pretty Woman) Malu?  Not a kitchen showcase for sure - that was the contents of her 15 balikbayan boxes last year.  Nothing for the boudoir either - her supply of Binaca and thongs had not yet even been depleted. So the thirteen maidens put their thirteen minds to work... can you imagine what collective capacity of thinking ability we are dealing with here?

The thirteen maidens thought and texted until their SMS allocations ran out. And then finally, ahhhh..... ooooh...... eeeeh.... they found the answer!

Forgot the question?  In text format: wat cud dey giv PriT Womn Malu?

Of course, the answer was so simple it escaped their feeble minds.  Only their HEARTFELT WISHES.

They agreed to each write their wish on cheap stationery (when you're tipsy you think you would notice?!) and deliver these in a box, in hues of the sun and the sea, sealed with a bow....

Unbeknownst to many, these thirteen maidens are actually witches in bitches clothing and their wishes are really spells that can never be broken...

And Pretty Woman Malu will live happily ever after...

Malu, we wish you all the best. Congratulations!

(All other photos and write-up courtesy of Ayie & co.)

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