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Special Kids Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre

Special Kids Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre

The above picture is taken during the New Medical Centre Opening Ceremony by our Health Minister YAB Dato. Lee Kim Sai in 1993 January 31st.

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Special Kids Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre

USA's Autism Kid Judson and Singapore- Chee Kian having Treatment and playing with Master.

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Special kids are a lifelong developmental disorder that emerges in early childhood. It affects the way a person communicates and limits his/her ability to relate to others in a meaningful way, develop friendships, show signs of affection, appreciate cuddles or understand other people's feelings. Because the severity and variation of symptoms, the disorder is often referred to as Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD. Autism affects more children than cancer, cystic fibrosis and multiple sclerosis combined. One in every 250 babies has autistic spectrum disorder. The condition is four to five times more common in boys than in girls.

Discovering your child has autism can be a very slow process and is likely to be very upsetting for the whole family and friends. The disorder doesn't always emerge with the same symptoms and occurs earlier in some special kids children than others. The way most children react to situations or other people will develop as they grow older and enjoy playing games and mingling with other children. Most children would find it very difficult not to make friends or receive affection from those they hold dear.

However, some children don't seem to want to do these things and appear distant and aloof. It's as if they are not aware of their physical surroundings. These children find it difficult to verbalize or communicate their needs and tend to display repetitive and other odd behaviors. In severe cases the child doesn't speak at all. Such children lack any awareness of others and show a disinterest in social situations. These are the common characteristics of autism.

Children with special kids autism will display very different symptoms. The severity of these symptoms will also differ from child to child. All special kids children with autism will display characteristics of impaired social interaction, impaired communication and social skills and delayed language development or absence of speech. They will also have a restricted range of interests and activities. A number of children will show severe symptoms and will need special care for the rest of their lives.



When diagnosing autism specialists will look for a number of symptoms in each of these areas. The symptoms in these areas of development can differ significantly and vary according to the age of the child.

Behavior, interests and activities

Most children with autism are determined to keep to very specific routines and tend to show significant signs of distress if these routines are interrupted or changed. They tend to have limited interests and are often preoccupied with one particular interest or activity. An example of this behavior is the repetitive lining up of an exact number of toys in exactly the same manner rather than playing with them. Another example is memorizing dates and phone numbers, which they repeat to themselves incessantly.

Quite often, a special kids child will have a fascination with a specific object, toy, tool or even body parts. Some children will have a favorite stick, piece of cloth, cup, toy... that they will take with them everywhere or hold on to. Trying to take this away, will cause distress and in some cases very agitated or aggressive behavior.

Autistic children also often fall into patterns of repetitive and purposeless movements of hands, body or head. Examples of such movements are: hand flapping, head banging, rocking and swaying. Abnormalities in posture such as tiptoe walking and odd body postures are also often observed.

Many children with autism also tend to keep touching different body part e.g. they might put their hands on their head or slap their heads with both hands. In severe cases children will go as far as hurting themselves repeatedly and may have to wear protective clothing. Some children will also show extreme signs of aggressive and harmful behavior towards themselves and others.




DSM is a standard of categorization for mental disorders developed and published by the American Psychiatric Association used to classify autism. As defined in the DSM criteria, the onset of autism occurs before the age of 3 years old. Abnormal functioning occurs in at least one of the three following criteria: social interaction, language or imaginative play.

During late infancy, parents or caregivers often start noticing signs of indifference or even aversion in their child when showing affection or cuddling their child. They also often observe other symptoms such as: a lack of eye contact, no facial responsiveness or socially directed smiles and notice that their child fails to respond to their voice or the voices of its siblings.

The first clear signs of abnormality become apparent when a child's language skills lack speech development or are very delayed. As infants and toddlers grow older, these skills don't appear to progress. They don't say words or formulate sentences. Often children appear aloof, withdrawn and detached. They prefer to be alone and tend to display repetitive and self-stimulating behaviours such as rocking or head banging. By the age of two or three, it becomes apparent that something is severely wrong. Over time, as the symptoms of autism become more obvious, the special kids child fails to develop normal verbal and communication skills.




The cause of autism remains unknown. Scientists believe that autism herbs is a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain. Brain scans of people with or without autism reveal differences in the structure and the shape of the brain.

Some people are also genetically more prone to autism. It is not uncommon to see more than one child with autism within one family. A number of children with autistic spectrum disorders or ASDs also have problems with their immune and biochemical systems. These special kids children react often quite badly or are intolerant to certain types of food, washing powders, etc.

Researchers are also of the opinion that there are other possible causes, which include heredity and genetics, but also a number of medical conditions (such as Fragile X syndrome) or the intake of harmful substances by the mother during pregnancy as well as other environmental factors. Over the past few years, the media have often reported fears on a possible link between childhood vaccination and autism. However, no conclusive evidence is available to substantiate this claim.

Theories on the cause of autism

Association with developmental brain abnormalities
Over the past two decades a number of studies of the brain - using imaging techniques and autopsies of individuals with autism - have revealed a variety of developmental brain abnormalities. However, none of the observed abnormalities seem to be consistent or specific for autism.

Evidence for a genetic cause

Before 1970, researchers were convinced that autism was the result of cold, unloving parenting (also known the "refrigerator mother theory"). However studies discredited these opinions as they demonstrated higher incidence rates of autism in identical twins and siblings and provided strong evidence of a genetic contribution to the cause of autism. However, despite extensive research the genetic cause for autism is not yet understood. Impact of environmental factors
Environmental risk factors are also believed to play a crucial role in autism. In the 1970s a relationship between congenital rubella and autism was observed. A link between prenatal thalidomide exposure and autism has also been established. Epidemiological studies of other medications used during pregnancy or chemical exposures in pregnancy found no conclusive evidence of a link with autism.

Childhood vaccination

More recently the possible role of childhood vaccination in autism has been the subject of heated debate and many parents have refused to have their children vaccinated with the triple MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

This is especially the case in the United Kingdom. In 1998, a group of researchers at one of the major London hospitals published the results of a study documenting irritable bowel disease in a small number of children with autism. According to the study, most of the children's parents reported onset of autistic symptoms just after the triple MMR vaccination. The researchers claimed that the use of the MMR vaccine in special kids children was associated with an increased risk of autism. At that time, other researchers also pointed to the widespread use of the mercury-containing preservative in childhood vaccines as a contributory factor for autism.
The media also reported the incidence of development regression in children who had been given the vaccine. These children developed normally until between the age of 2 or 3 years old, when they suddenly started showing signs of regression such as: loosing their ability of language or speech, their ability to interact socially and respond to signs of affection and showing signs of unusual or - in severe cases - aggressive behaviours.

Although numerous parents are convinced that there is a link between autism and the MMR vaccine, no conclusive evidence of a relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism has been found. Between 2000 and 2001, three expert reviews unanimously concluded that the available data at the time of the claims did not support this association. A large-scale study in 2002 also reported no association. With regard to thimerosal exposure or the mercury-containing preservative used in childhood vaccines, expert review panels also reached similar conclusions, although fewer data are available.
Association with other medical conditions



There are no global guidelines for the treatment of autism, nor is there a consensus across specialities on the treatment of the autistic spectrum disorders. As there is no cure for autism, treatment focuses on improving the child's development and behaviour by using customized treatment plans and programmes. These target the developmental strengths and the weaknesses of the child and yield the best results if they are started as early as possible. As there is no single approach to treat individuals with autism, treatment tends to consist of developmental, educational and behavioural programmes complemented by medication to target the child's specific symptoms.

We have catered for all these special kids of autism with our tailore made intensive neuro acupuncture and special herbal brain powder. There have been very well accepted by the parents and you can e-mail to order some of the herbal brain powder and also prepare to come over for the intensive treatment for your special kid.



Children with special health care needs and attention, are those who have or are increased risk for chronic physical needs, developmental disorder...


There are many various types of special kids all have been on our top list of research for recovery treatment. Many have achieved HIGH recovery and some get 60 % pluse covery for CP cerebral palsy and brain damage.


Special Kids has been lately discuss on the Cause by Industry toxic release into environment and water.


Our research shows that not only these that has contributed to autism special kids but they are only part of the trigger factors.


Isolated in worlds of their own, people with autism appear indifferent and remote and are unable to form emotional bonds with others.

Special Kids Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment Cure Centre


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