The Green Goblin!

Real Name: Harry Osborn
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man 31, although he didn't display any Goblin tendencies until Amazing Spider-Man 136.
Died In: Spectacular Spider-Man 200.
What's His Problem? During a period when he was struggling with drug addiction, Harry witnessed the fatal battle between his father, the original Green Goblin, and Spider-Man. Rejected by Peter Parker when he asked for help (Parker was trying to deal with the death of Gwen Stacy), and unable to deal with the truth about his father or to accept what he had seen, young Osborn began to go slowly insane. Like his father, Harry suffered from a sort of selective amnesia, where he would go for long periods of time without remembering any of the Green Goblin's secrets. Toward the end of his life, he subjected himself to a new version of the strength-inducing Goblin formula. Unexpected side-effects apparently killed him. Despite a decaying body found in his grave, how "dead" Harry is remains a question, seeing as he died after ingesting a mysterious chemical that made him stronger than the original goblin (and keeping in mind that his father survived having his heart ripped apart by a goblin glider -- tough lot, those goblins...).

Favorite quote: "Does that frighten you, Hamilton? It shouldn't! Nothing should frighten you more than me!" (To the third Green Goblin during their struggle; but for that story you have to go elsewhere!)
Heroes He Kept Running Into: Harry's Green Goblin couldn't stay away from Spider-Man, to his eventual cost. He also fought Macendale's Hobgoblin and had an epic battle with yet another Green Goblin...but they aren't heroes, so they don't count here!
People Who Think He's Not So Bad: Mary Jane Watson, once Harry's steady girl, helped him through drug addition despite Parker's accusations that she was at least partitial responsible for Osborn's problems. Psychiatrist Bart Hamilton was initially sincere in his attempts to help Harry, although he later tried to go the Green Goblin route himself. Peter Parker himself tried desperately to help his friend regain his sanity until the very end. Harry's wife, Liz, and his son Norman, continue to grieve for their loss.
Most Despicable Act: Dangling a live bomb over Aunt May's head while she was tied to a chair. The guy had to be crazy to do such a nasty thing to that sweet old lady!

Green Goblin Mug Shots!

Amazing Spider-Man 137

The Last Fight

Spec. Spider-Man 200

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