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Spiritual Significance of Ayer's Rock
Kanwal, Ludhiana.
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Spiritual Significance of Ulluru
ULLURU is the oldest natural monument standing with the profound spiritual significance in the world. This huge sandstone monolith stands 384 metres high in the Uluru National Park in Australia (the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock is Uluru). The rock is said to have many 'moods' according to the weather and the time of day as the sun moves across it, changing its colour from bright reds to pastel blues, greys and pinks. Ayers Rock has an extremely important place in Aboriginal folklore. The local Aborigines acknowledge its spiritual significance and consider it so sacred that they advise the tourists not to climb it. Its here that life took birth. Ulluru is surrounded by eleven landmarks and appeared in the very center of Australia 450 million years ago.

ULLURU stands out from the wilderness of tree deserts, glowing with very deep red hue, captured by the changing sunlight. It has been described by Shri Mataji as 'Shri Mahaganesha' in the reclining position, a Swyambhu. It real color is grey but it appears red on the exterior. Nearly lies mountain Olga, the guardian of root and symbol of fertility. She is the great mother earth and creator of all things and life.
Ulluru North View  Stars' Trail over Ulluru    Ulluru under Storm  Ayers Rock

Creation of Ulluru

A long time ago in the ages past, in ancient land there were great mountain ranges running the length and breadth of this Australia. Within the center of this land there was a vast inland sea. What was to happen was one of the marvels of nature.
Ulluru at Sunset
Over millions of years the waters of Mother Nature fell into the earth and washed over these mountains. And through the ages the rains washed these mountains into the inland Sea. On the ocean bed, the remnants of these mountains were laid down in layers. These layers were made from many different elementsof the earth. Eventually they were compressed to form highly resistant sandstone.

This continued for over millennia till one day, 500 years ago, the energy of the earth folded, and titlted these layers from their horizontal resting position, to a near vertical plane. Mother Earth then thrust this rock out from the ocean. She then removed the less resistant surrounding rock, leaving the world's largest monolith standing in the midst of the ocean.
Comet over Ayer's Rock ( Ulluru )
One morning, as the sun slowly rose on an ancient land, the the first beams of the sunlight raced above a vast inland sea, as they had always done, but on this day they struck a massive singular form, which for the first time illuminated the earth with its red glow ULLURU, the Mooladhara of the Earth was born.As it manifests the myrid colours, and hues of its mother, the earth the world is prevaded by the innocence and power of the Mooladhara.