Shower of Spanks

Submitted by : Spnksvy

One of the most painful and embarassing spankings I received was when I was about 15 years old. One of the things my mother did not want us to do is use the shower in the basement. We had the basement refinished with a bathroom which had a full shower in it, but when they refinished for some reason the shower leaked internally and caused all kinds of problems. We never had a chance to have it fixed at the time, and it didn't really matter because we had 2 showers upstairs, one in the family bathroom and one in my mother's bathroom. Well on this day both were being used, or at least both bathrooms were being for various reasons. My sister (11) had a friend over to spend the night and they were both taking showers in seperate bathrooms to prepare for a night in after dinner.

I wanted to take a shower as well and thought I could sneak down to the basement and take my shower before my mother would notice, she was outside talking with neighbors and had been for awhile. I ran downstairs, stripped out of my clothes and turned on the shower ready to go. Then a problem arose, I forgot my shampoo and conditioner upstairs, since the shower wasn't used we didn't keep any down in that room. So I quickly slapped on my briefs, wrapped a towel around my waist, and ran upstairs. I grabbed the shampoo and conditioner and made my way to the stairs. Once I got to the stairs I realized they were done with their showers upstairs. I stopped, thought for a second and ran downstairs to take my shower regardless. The water was running already and I would only be a minute.

I ran down the stairs and then ran to the basement stairs to go down. Then my mother yelled to me from behind. I turned quickly with my mouth wide open, surprised that she caught me in the act like she did. I didn't have anything to stay I just stood there dumbfoundly as she asked me what I was doing. Eventually I was able to stammer out that I was taking a shower. She then asked me why I was going downstairs when I knew it was off limits. I said I was sorry and that I didn't want to wait for them to get done upstairs. Right when I said that my sister and her friend came walking down the stairs fully dressed in their pajamas after taking their shower. My mom looked at them and looked at me and claimed I obviously wouldn't have had to wait all that long, and that it wasn't a good enough excuse to begin with.

I then made the mistake of lying, telling her that I have never done it before and I apologized I wouldn't do it again. Immediately she pounced on the fact that she had caught me once before, and that she had known about other times but refrained to mention anything until she caught me in the act, she even named the recent times in the past few months I had done it for whatever reason. Upset she started lecturing me on lying, and yelling about me using the shower to begin with. She then told me I was grounded and not to leave the house or use the phone for the rest of the night. At this point I was mad and getting embarassed by all the lecturing, with my sister and her friend standing there watching grinning the whole time. I then once again crossed another line and yelled at my sister and her friend for grinning and making fun of me behind my mothers back.

My mother told me to leave them out of it, and then instructed them to go downstairs and turn off the shower. My sister and her friend laughed and started downstairs screaming that I couldn't take a shower and that I was grounded. At that point I lost my patience, my power with my sister and her friend was being damaged by my mothers verbal punishments. I had always given the impression around my sister friends, that I was the older brother who could do what he wanted, and this was a serious blow to my ego. I started down the stairs behind them and my mom knew right away what I had in mind and yelled that I would get a spanking if I touched even a drop of water.

On that note my sister and her friend just started laughing all the harder, enough that my mom even yelled at them to be quiet on her way downstairs. I made it into the bathroom and my mom wasn't far behind once I got there. She stopped in the doorway to the bathroom as I approached the shower. She reminded me once again what would happen if I touched the water and didn't turn the shower off. I could hear my sister and her friend giggling, my sister telling her friend I was going to get a spanking. I don't know what got into me but, I then said I could take a shower where I wanted and if she didn't want someone to use it broken she should have gotten it fixed already. My mom let out one final don't you dare walking towards me, and that is when I jumped fully into the pouring shower, towel and briefs still on. It didn't take but a second for me to get sopping wet, and it didn't take but a second for my mom to reach into the shower, and grab my wrist smacking my butt as hard as she could around the shower door.

I struggled and tried to get out of her grasp but the shower floor was a bit to slippery for me to maneuver around her oncoming hand. Then with one yank towards her, I slipped in the shower a fell forward as she sat on the nearby toilet, landing directly across her lap. On the way down I smacked my knee on the corner of the bathtub portion of the shower because of how close the toilet was to the shower. My knee started throbbing and my cries of pain got no sympathy out of my mom who was giving me something more to worry about. She continued to spank and spank as hard as she could and then told my sister to come in and turn off the shower. My mom continued spanking not losing a beat and finally realizing it wasn't having the effect she wanted whipped off the towel and started spanking me on my sopping wet, thin white briefs which offered no protection at all. My mom cracked my bottom with the palm of her hand time and time again as my sister reached over my flailing legs to push in the shower nozzle. I kicked behind me all the harder and violently when my sister reached to get the nozzle and managed to land a portion of my foot on her waist. She yelped and grabbed her side after pulling away from the nozzle and started crying, embellishing a bit on the actual kick.

At that point my mom was livid, she continued spanking me harder and faster and told my sister hand her a brush that was on the counter, and shut the door on her way out. My sister did just that and my mom held the brush in her left hand as she continued to deliver some final blows with her hand. When she was sure the door was shut, she reached down to my briefs and pulled them around my knees exposing my bare butt. I started begging for her to stop at this point and she didn't say a word, she just continued spanking with her hand. The crack sounded like gunshots in the new bathroom downstairs, now that the door was shut and she was spanking my bare butt. Then she stopped and moved the brush from her left hand to her right, tears began rolling down my eyes as I begged her not to use the brush. <CRACK> She didn't listen and started spanking me with the back of the brush. Only a few swats landed before I started crying to a full extent, embarassed that my sister and her friend were on the other side of that door, and in pain from the wet spanking I was receiving.

Finally she stopped, stood me up and not saying a word pulled my wet briefs around my waist, and then wrapped the towel around me again. She placed the brush on the counter by the mirror and dragged me by my wrist, still crying, out the bathroom door to the basement where my sister and her friend sat on the couch. She pulled me over to them and stood me in front of my sister demanding that I apologize for going out of the way to kick her. I refused as my sister smiled and I knew it was exactly what she wanted. My mom then raised the towel, delivered 4 cracks to my butt and told me to apologize or she was going to put me right back over her knee in front of them both.

I apologized, with the last few tears drying on my face. My mom then told me I was grounded for the next week, and was to go up to my room and wasn't to leave it within the next week except for meals and to use the bathroom. I went to object and when seeing the look on my mom's face turned and went upstairs to my room.