What is a spanking "startle"? Well if you have ever read the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking, you probably have a pretty good guess, but for those of you who haven't.. let me explain. A spanking startle would be a spanking event that has caught you offguard. Some examples :

1. A trip to the mall restroom results in hearing a 15 year old girl take a trip over her mom's knee in the stall next to you for trying to shoplift a pair of earrings.
2. A 12 year old boy at the table next to you in a restaurant is dragged to the restroom by his father for his behavior and comes out with a tear covered face and his hands rubbing his bottom.
3. An 8 year old boy in the grocery store gets a slap on the butt for adding one too many things to the family cart.
4. A 13 year old girl is informed that she is going to be taken to the car for an "attitude adjustment" if one more smart remark comes out of her mouth.
5. A recent episode of "Now and Again" showed a mother telling her teenage daughter that if she isn't home after a certain amount of time she'd find out how embarassing, and painful, her mother could be.
6. An episode of "Popular" showed a girl making a smart remark to her attractive substitute teacher, asking him what it would take to get a spanking.

That would cover the examples, from the extreme to the non. Any will work, none to large and none to small, startles have always been one of my favorite aspects of spanking sharing so they will all be posted here to share. Please provide as much detail as possible, if there is enough information and it qualifies as real life, I may move it to the experiences page. As time goes on and more startles come in I will begin to take off the examples above and organize the startles into sections. Please email me to contribute a startle, all contributions will be posted anonymously (unless instructed otherwise). Please note in the email that it is a spanking startle contribution.

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