How To Copy these ASCII Pictures
1) Use your copy/paste feature. Highlight the specific ASCII picture that you want to save and click "copy". Save it onto whatever text editor or word processing software that you like. (Personally, I prefer Windows notepad.)

You may want to adjust your screen size.  I've found that if you have a screen larger than 600 pixels, the copied ASCII art is saved too far to the right margin.

2) If you want to copy the colored pictures, you will have to copy the HTML source code. Simple copy/paste will not work. Please be aware that the colorized pictures are not coded for use in mIRC. See mIRC Colorization info page. There are several ways that ASCII art can be colorized-- HTML codes , mIRC codes, ANSI codes- to name a few. I've colorized using HTML codes. These pictures can be used on a website. If you do so, I ask that you link back to my site (you could add the link through the "jgs").

3) Sometimes the pictures look "skewed" after you've saved them. If this happens to you, check the font. Chances are that you are viewing the ASCII art in a proportional-type font. Changing the font or saving the picture to another editor will solve the problem. This also happens in different mail readers. Check your font. If in doubt, see the mini-FAQ

    3a) Outlook Express Users-- to show plaintext, click on "Tools/ Options". Click the "Read" tab. Click the "Fonts" button. Select "Courier" or another non-proportional font for ALL of the listboxes. Then select smallest size. Click "OK".

    3b) AOL and WebTV Users-- to my knowledge there are no font options for a non-proportional or fixed-width font-- unless you are using AOL4.0  (I'm not sure about WebTV). However be assured that the ASCII art you send can be received correctly by 90%+ of other internet users.

4) Please don't write to me asking for a complete collection or a zip file of all the ASCII art. I add new pictures to this collection all the time. I don't have a zip file available and won't because I don't have the time to constantly update a zip file. 

5) Also, please don't write to me asking for the program I use to create these pictures-- I don't use one! If you really want a program to convert pics to ASCII, go to the FAQ. I don't guarantee great results with any program, however.

6) I often fill requests-- but only if time and inspiration permits. If you would like me to create something, please suggest it to me. I'll see what I can do. 
(NO lettering/names, please - see FIGlet)

7) Once again, please leave my initials intact. Non-commercial use only-- unless arrangements have been made. Links to this web site are appreciated as are postcards from your home city/country. -see Guideliness

Thanks again. Enjoy my ASCII art! Share them with a friend!

-- all ASCII artwork copyrighted ©1996-01 -- Joan G. Stark -- All Rights Reserved --
READ: Internet Copyright Information & Intellectual Property Law Primer

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