New as of 05/03/2006 - New material under WebWorks and Cover Tunes (over at Epic Tales).
More music can be found at Epic Tales.

Sundry Works

Here's where I'll be placing all my material that doesn't fit elsewhere.


Music written specifically to underscore websites I've thrown together. But they're still in a "game" style... :) (UPDATED 5/3/2006)

Misc Game MIDI

Files from other game-related projects are here. (previously called the HopeBeam page)

Flurb: the RPG

Added in 2004, and it may actually see completion someday.


2002's addition. Another RPG, a different take on composing.

The Hymn Book - Music arranged for a wedding

I assembled a collection of some of my songs and hymns from the Christadelphian Hymn Book for another wedding. Features two new pieces, the highlight being "Two Hearts Joined." For the most part, however, the highlight is meant to be the hymns themselves.

Cymru Dragon project

A shooting-game music idea, inspired by my vsit to Wales in 2000.

Threads of White and Blue

This new page is the culmination of a very dear project of mine. When an old friend of mine got married, I wrote this song for him and his wife. The page tells the story, has the music, and lists the words to the song.

Backing Tracks

Be afraid...a new experiment has finished, involving...MY VOICE! AIIIII!!!!! ;) (well, not HERE, but the music I SING to is here...)


Formerly known as Champions of the Apocalypse.


A project I joined in 1998, along with several composers.


The way it all started. I had an idea, found some MIDI software on a PC at college, and the rest was history...:)

Back Up...

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