Frank Peck/Mark Ritchie
FRANK PECK "songs for a bar" cassette
this an incredibly haunting and beautiful new release from prolific UK
songwriter. it's a tribute to his favorite, and now closed, pub The Clyde
bar. Not your usual drinking songs, it's a gentle look at the Clyde's
lonely patrons and the desolate life of a drinker. stark voice and guitar
w/ no ormantation make it all the more powerfull. look for a CDR comp.
of Peck's earlier works real soon...
(from the Seagull Records website)

"Mark Ritchie (aka Frank Peck) is the master of the slow ballad, earnestly strummed on an acoustic guitar with lovely vocals on top. Recorded in a lo-fi manner, which adds to the charm. Gloomy and romantic and with the occasional cheap keyboard thrown in. Pure anti-fidelity beauty"- AutoReverse zine

"The Michelle Shocked of Glasgow, not singing round a campfire but with the gas oven door open and inviting"- Dddd zine

Cassettes available
(titles in
BLUE also available on CDR)

Tricks to Dull our Bleeding"

"Insecurity Guard"

"Commercial Rock Cassette Number One"

"I Am Mark Ritchie"

"Songs for a Bar"


"Last Notes from Home" (split with Ian C Stewart)

"20 Golden Greats"
(split with Timo)

"Year of the Rat"

"World of Peck"


"Fragile Idiot"

"No Comfort Zone"

"Frank Peck 2"

"Frank Peck"

"Inside the Spaceships"

"I Am Frank Peck"

"Desolation Hill"
(split with Throstle)

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