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RACE: Half-Elf
CLASS: Earth Druid - Psionicist - Preserver
ALIGNMENT: True Neutral

The Birth And Family

orn the only child in his family, Ore's story is one of turmoil and challenge. Yet embedded into this story is the rise of chivalry and victory.

Ore's father was Duke O (the Barbarian) of the Order of the Paladins--an organized guild he founded long ago in the lands of Yserbius (TSN / INN Network). By the age of 11, Ore was adapt in the ways of Clerical magic. He was a long time student with his mother, Snookie, a beautiful red-haired Cleric, who was wed to Duke O before the First Dark Ages. From his Mother, Ore learned to cast cures even as he first learned to speak. His relationship with his mother was everlasting until her disappearance before the Second Dark Ages. This disappearance wasn't explained to Ore by his father until near the end of time for Yserbius, where Ore learned that his mother Snookie was succumbed not by Evil, but the dreaded Realm Gods. Ore mourned her death for months afterwards, clinging to the memories that continued to chase him in his dreams.

Ore's Father And The Rebirth Of A Warrior

Around the age of 13, Ore was busy accompanying Duke O as a squire to the Paladin jousting contests and tournaments. He found a new love in the ways of fighting. But as every lad soon learns, responsibility comes with the new learned and deadly skills. Father O handed down the ways of Good and Chivalry to young Ore. Soon, Ore joined the Paladins and followed in his father's example by partaking in many jousts and tournaments held throughout the Realm. This combination of fighting, clerical abilities, and chivalry was soon to be complimented by his wizard friend, Delft.

Queen Delft And The Ways of Magic

Delft was the lovely Queen of the Devotion Guild which was founded in the land of Yserbius. Already a friend of the family, she befriended Ore while he was acting as a young squire to Duke O and soon taught him the ways of Wizardry. Ore found himself busy with the new lessons of magic between his journeys into the Realm with his father. Ore was quite proud and pleased with his newest abilities of spell casting. After his schooling with Delft and tenure to his father were both over, he melted this new knowledge with his previous skills to become a mighty warrior.

The Mystic Portal

It wasn't until about this time Ore was interested in traveling abroad. He learned of a mystical portal that existed in Yserbius from his friend Delft. This portal allowed Ore to travel outside the realm of Yserbius and to the Sword Coast found in The Forgotten Realms. On his first trip through the portal, Ore landed amidst the area known as The Islands--as the mystical portal was hard to control and Ore never really could predict just where he would land. All the while, he travelled well and met new friends and people. After a week or so, Ore returned to the portal located in the Islands and traveled back to Yserbius. There, countless times, he told others in the tavern of his adventures in the Sword Coast. Many of his friends back in Yserbius listened, but they had other plans of travel. For many peoples were planning their escape one day when the fore told second Dark Ages would devastate everything in Yserbius.

City Of Neverwinter

Over the next year or so, Ore travelled to the Sword Coast whenever he could. He used the mystical portal and landed in various places in the Forgotten Realms. Usually on his agenda was the due of meeting new people and trading for magical items in the city of Neverwinter. This became one of his favorite pastimes. An occasional loss of an item to thieves could not keep Ore away from the action of Neverwinter.

Then finally it happened. Ore received word of the impending doom of the Second Dark Ages approaching Yserbius. Ore had to remain in Yserbius until the time to permanently come to the Sword Coast was at hand. He didn't visit the mystical portal for a short while after returning with this information of impending doom. Gone for the moment were the lively but short visits and trips through the mystical portal.

The Transition

Back in Yserbius, all the people of the realm, Good or Evil, were nervous and preparing for the end of time. Slowly, fewer and fewer people showed up in the taverns and volcano. The Paladins guild once again had to declare its group a Freelance organization, as they did after the First Dark Ages. Once the union of the land and its people was broken, it was most difficult to remain as a solid foundation upon its soil.

On the last eve of Yserbius's destruction, Ore travelled deep through the River's End to reach the Island of Eternity. Once there, Ore made his way through all four rooms to start the engine of the mystical portal. After reaching The Unknown, Ore fought past many ghosts of Evil Mages and Clerics, Dragons and Wyverns, until finally, the last time switch was set. Ore knew there would be no turning back once all four time switches were set and the mystical portal was charged. However, the real horror was not the trip, but the evil that awaited Ore after the last time switch, En-li-kil.


En-li-kil was the most evil, most foul, and most deadly Elemental of all the realm of Yserbius. Next to suffering the loss of his mother, taking on En-li-kil and his horrid beast-guards in a solo fight was the hardest thing Ore ever did in his life. Slowly, Ore crossed the magical bridge that appeared to bond the ridge he transversed to a platform at the center of the room. Below the platform, was complete darkness, as light itself could not escape the void of The Unknown. Ore drew his weapon and walked across, looking around with eager anticipation. There it was, the Fountain of Life, awaiting Ore to partake and make the pass through the mystical portal one last time. Suddenly, En-li-kil appeared and blocked the path to the Fountain. The fight was on. Slashing, bleeding, many blows exchanged to and forth, the fight dragged on for what seemed to be eternity itself. One by one, Ore was able to defeat all the horrid beasts and left En-li-kil for the Coup De Grace. Summoning deep from within, a cloud of magic sliced through the raging night air from Ore's hands and a rain of Death Darts and Energy Blasts beat down upon En-li-kil's mighty chest. The driving magic was too much for the powerful Elemental and as he turned to face Ore, he slipped and fell backwards off the platform--forever vanished into the darkness of The Unknown.

Drained almost of all life, Ore crawled to the Fountain of Life and took a sip of its cool waters. As Ore's strength started returning, he began feeling very dizzy. His life flashed before him, showing forth all the brothers and sisters of the Order of the Paladins he once knew and loved. All the battles he fought were suddenly raging as a huge whirlwind in his mind. No corner of his mind was left empty as Ore witnessed hundreds of horrid beasts falling in hundreds of battles... Then, as fast as the evil battles had appeared, moments of serenity retouched his life as he remembered the many moonlit evenings he spend with his mother on the bridge that crossed the river in the Dwarf Kingdom to the Land of Giants. Her gentle touch... Her motherly love for a son still trying to understand the ways of life... The images disappeared almost as quickly as they came. The portal was open and there was no time to be wasted. Sounds of death and destruction could be heard bellowing from below the platform, radiating out of the thirsty darkness of The Unknown. With his heart beating like a kettle drum that's about to tear open, Ore quickly gathered up his weapons and items and ran over to the mystical portal's entrance. Before leaping through the swirling lights, his Rainbow Gems stashed carefully into a leather pouch began glowing with an anger like a fierce fire raging through the forest. With no time to ponder this, for the end was near, Ore passed into the portal. The Moon Prism strapped around his neck and given to him by his mother at birth with the promise of eternal salvation, shattered into thousands of tiny glistening fragments, spraying out over the pathway to the portal. The transition was made, Ore fell into a spiral of light that carried him into a deep sleep.

Ore's Passage through the folds of time and space...
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