Thanks to Ecumenism...
Do we really have anything to be thankful for?

Originally published in the Crying in the Wilderness Newsletter

Thanks to Ecumenism we have a Protestantized liturgy.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have Protestantized sacraments.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have more and more Catholics leaving the Faith to embrace Protestantism.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have a frightening drop in conversions

Thanks to Ecumenism we have Communion-in-the-hand and lay-ministers of the Eucharist, both considered sacrilegious and totally unthinkable only thirty-five years ago.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have our Church leaders holding "prayer-services" with non-Catholic religions of all sorts...baptizing and canonizing the predominant heresy that "one religion is as good as another," and causing great scandal and bewilderment among the faithful.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have the dilution of essential Catholic dogmas necessary for salvation.

Thanks to Ecumenism the entire concept of the "Church Militant" has been practically obliterated.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have the Charismatic Movement within the Church, having its roots in Protestantism and Spiritism, and always considered antithetical to Catholicism.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have Protestant Ministers and Jewish Rabbi's lecturing from our once Catholic pulpits and universities.

Thanks to Ecumenism devotion to our Blessed Mother has been discouraged.

Thanks to Ecumenism devotion to the Saints has been down-played.

Thanks to Ecumenism the Rosary and many other traditional Catholic practices of piety have been falsely labeled "out-moded", clearly a trick of Satan to keep us from receiving the great graces these devotions acquired.

Thanks to Ecumenism our Holy Church has become more Protestantized and secularized, along with the fact that the Protestants are as protestant as always, and the secular are more secular than ever!

Thanks to Ecumenism many of the beautiful statues in our Churches have been removed.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have a great crisis of Faith among our priests and laity.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have the "Spirit of Vatican II," an evil and deceptive spirit employed to turn the Catholic Church upside down.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have the 1962 Vatican-Moscow Agreement, whereas in order to be assured that observers of the Russian Orthodox Church would attend the Second Vatican Council, an agreement was made between Rome and Moscow that the Council would contain "no explicit condemnation of Communism. " This policy of "no direct condemnation of Communism" is still in force to this day. (By contrast, during the reign of Pope Pius XII, any Catholic who even voted Communism in a general election was automatically excommunicated.)

Thanks to Ecumenism we have replaced the Roman Catholic altar with a Protestant table.

Thanks to Ecumenism we no longer have offertory prayers which stress the sacrificial nature of the Mass, but new ecumenical offertory prayers bearing a close resemblance to a Jewish table blessing.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have removed the altar rails.

Thanks to Ecumenism we now stand for Holy Communion.

Thanks to Ecumenism There has been a change as to what is the Mystery of Faith, whereas in the Old Liturgy, the "Mystery of Faith" clearly referred to the Transubstantiation of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of our Lord. ln the New Liturgy, however, the "Mystery of Faith" is proclaimed as "Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again"... a doctrine unlike Transubstantiation which is acceptable to Protestants. (In the new liturgy, there is actually a choice of five mysteries of Faith, all of which are a little different... is there any wonder there is now so much doctrinal confusion?)

Thanks to Ecumenism the tabernacles in many of our Churches have been taken off the main altar and placed on the side. (Is the Holy Eucharist only a sideline of our Faith?)

Thanks to Ecumenism we have a drastic drop in the Sacrament of Confession and the introduction of the face-to-face Reconciliation Room, by now clearly a flop!

Thanks to Ecumenism we have voided the interiors of our Catholic Churches with the sense of reverence and awe, strikingly present in all Catholic Churches before Vatican II.

Thanks to Ecumenism "the Church is in a state of auto-demolition" (self destruction).

Thanks to Ecumenism the Catholic Church has been placed on the same footing with every false religion on the face of the earth.

Thanks to Ecumenism the defined dogma Outside the Church there is no salvation has not only been ignored, but sometimes vehemently fought against by "Catholic" priests and theologians.

Thanks to Ecumenism we are one giant step closer to a One World Church.

Thanks to Ecumenism we are one giant step closer to a One World Government.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have the demonic New Age Movement making inroads into the Church, manifesting itself primarily in the absurd teaching that "Jesus did not know he was God until He was baptized by John the Baptist and received the Christ consciousness. "

Thanks to Ecumenism we have prayer gatherings with Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and Moslems, all who deny the Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have Diocesan bishops "lending out their cathedrals" for the installation of Protestant bishops. (i.e. Philadelphia: Archbishop Bevilacqua - Cathedral of St. Peter & Paul - April 18, 1988).

Thanks to Ecumenism we have the humanistic "religion of reason" infiltrating our Faith, manifesting itself in sad sermons and insipid catechisms.

Thanks to Ecumenism we have widespread rejection of many Catholic teachings on Faith and Morals (If pluralism is condoned outside the Church, what then is wrong with it within the household of the Faith?)

Thanks to Ecumenism we have downplayed the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ which acknowledges that all governments and all authorities ultimately receive their power of government and jurisdiction from Christ, and are therefore answerable to Him and His Divine Law.

Thanks to Ecumenism the magnificent hierarchal structure of the Church has been undermined.

Thanks to Ecumenism Sunday homilies defending Catholic Truth against heretical positions are practically extinct!

Thanks to Ecumenism we have practically every heresy that ever existed within the very bosom of the Church.

Thanks to Ecumenism we may ask ourselves, how will our Holy Church ever be in a position to condemn new errors when it has become so buddy-buddy with the old ones?

Thanks to Ecumenism we have an emperor's new clothes" situation where fraudulent tailors have adorned the Church in the apparel of ecumenism, and there are no dignitaries to be found who will admit "the Church has been stripped naked."

Thanks to Ecumenism faithful Catholics who rightly criticize the catastrophic effects of modern ecumenism are labeled "disrespectful", "dissident", "rebellious", and "disobedient".

Finally, thanks to Ecumenism we have indeed very little to be thankful for in the devastated vineyard of the Post-Vatican II Church.

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