Hillel's Calendar of Events for Fall 2000
Happy Birthday
August 19th- First Night-SSU 8:00pm-1:00am
August 20th- Ice Cream and Comedy Night , Zin Quad, SSU 9:00pm
August 31st- Opening Event, Main Quad, SSU.   Food, Fun, Games, T-shirts, and it's Free  1:30pm
August 2nd- Lauren Weisman Birthday
August 22nd- Jenn Meyers Birthday
September 4th- SRJC Schmooze, 4:00pm Library Room 1
September 5th- Hillel Discussion at SSU Stevenson Hall, Room2091  7:00pm
September 7th- Shabbat Dinner
September 1st- Erin Yales Birthday
September 1st- Elana Analole Birthday
September 17th- Erin Goldin Birthday
September 19th- Hannah Finder Birthday
September 20th- Andrea Krother Birthday
September 30th- Courtney Sessler Birthday

September 11th- Lunch at SSU, Noon
September 13th- Sonoma County Jewish Film Series, 7:15pm
September 14th- Berkely Hillel Shabbat Dinner
September 17th- Erev Rosh Hashanah
Services begin at 7:00pm at the SSU Lakes, Dinner follows, and it's FREE
September 18th-19th-August 20th Rosh Hashanah
September 21st- Jewish New Years Part, Dinner included 7:00pm
September 26st-Kol Nidre- Erev Yom Kippur
September 27st- Break the Fast, 7:30
September 30st-Build a Sukkah on the Quad at SSU, FREE Bagels INCLUDED
October 2nd- Sukkot Begins
October 4th- Sonoma County Jewish FilmSeries 7:15
October 6th- Julia Shapiro Birthday
October 5th- Shabbat Dinner in the Sukkah
October 7th- Bagel Brunch in the Sukkah
October 9th- Lunch in the Sukkah
October 10th- Simchat Torah
October 16th- Dinner and Discussion, SSU Student Union  7:pm
October 18th- SRJC Coffee Talk, Higher Grounds 3:30
October 21st- Sonoma JCA presents: Simcha Sunday, Sebastopool Community Center
October 25th- Sonoma County Jewish Film Series 7:15
October 26th- Israeli Shabbat, 6:30
November 5th- Marrisa Mornick Birthday
November 7th- Jeremy Maurer Birthday
November 8th- Tanya Goldberg Birthday
October 31st- Halloween Party at SSU 7:00pm
November 4th- Bagel Brunch noon
November 10th- Kristallnacht event Dinner starts 6:00
November 16th- Shabbat Dinner
November 21- Thanksgiving Break Begins
December 4th- Dinner and a Movie, SSU 7:00pm
December 1st- Desiree Gruer Birthday
December 6th- Jewish Film Series  7:15pm
December 9th- Hanukkah Celebration
December 10th-13th- Candlelighting, 6pm, Zin Quad