Stabbing Westward Remixes, Rarities, and Demos

Songs listed by album. I'm sure there are some mistakes or songs I've overlooked, so please feel free to contact me with corrections and/or additions.
The letter between the "~" denotes who remixed the song: WF = Walter Falkus, AK = Andy Kubisweski, JP = Jim Plotkin, RM = Roli Mosimann, LVA = Luc Van Acker, VC = Van Christie, VCM = Van Christie and Jason McNinch, W = Wink.

**Pre-Ungod (1990/1991 demos)**
1. Plastic Jesus
2. P.O.M.F. (Pissed Off Mother F*cker)
3. Shame - Do You Think God Is Dead?
4. Violent Mood Swings
This demo was made before Ungod, but I didn't think it needed its own page. The 1990 demo was done by Chris Hall, Walter Falkus, DJ, and Andrew Hunter and the 1991 demo was done by Chris Hall, Walter Flakus, Andrew Hunter, and Jim Sellers. The 4 songs contained on each demo are the same and all of these songs have been rehashed into newer versions. Violent Mood Swings and Shame were remade into the songs of the same names on Ungod and WBB&P. This version of Violent Mood Swings also appeared on the Cyberflesh Conspiracy. POMF was remade into The Thing I Hate (Darkest Days) and Plastic Jesus was redone into Dawn (Escape From L.A. soundtrack). The lyrics on this demo are completely different from their remade versions. This demo cassette is what got SW their contract with Sony/Columbia.

1. Lies (Hello Kitty Mix) ~WF~
2. Lies (Fx Mix) ~RM~
3. Lies (Fu Mix) ~RM~
4. Lies (Club Mix = Power) ~JP~
5. Violent Mood Swings (Hatred Mix) ~WF~
6. Violent Mood Swings (Thread Mix) ~WF~

1. Dawn (on Escape from LA soundtrack and import cd)
2. Falls Apart (Powdered Cat Mix) ~VCM~
3. Falls Apart (Warzone Mix) ~VC~
4. Haunting Me (acoustic)
6. Inside You (Remix) ~WF~
7. Inside You (Relic Remix #2) ~AK~
8. Inside You (Relic Remix #5) ~AK~
9. Shame (On You Mix) ~LVA~
10. Shame (It Up Mix) ~LVA~
11. Shame (acoustic)
12. Sleep (Daddy's Little Girl Mix) ~AK~
12. Slipping Away (Suicide Mix) ~WF~
13. What Do I Have To Do? (Man/Machine remix) ~AK~
14. What Do I Have To Do? (piano acoustic version)
15. What Do I Have To Do? (guitar acoustic version)

**Darkest Days**
1. Darkest Days (Remix) ~AK~
3. Desperate Now (acoustic)
2. Drowning (demo)
3. Drowning (acoustic)
4. Everything I Touch (demo)(on WBB&P import cd)
5. Everything I Touch (Remix) ~WF~
6. Hopeless (on Japanese Darkest Days import)
7. On Your Way Down (Down and Out Mix) ~WF~
8. POMF Dispossessed (The Thing I Hate Remix) ~WF~
9. Save This (Save Yourself Remix) ~WF~
10. Save Yourself (demo/early version)
11. Save Yourself (Damage Dub) ~AK~
12. Sometimes It Hurts (Reconfigure/Recombine Remix) ~AK~
13. Sometimes It Hurts (Neuroleptic Remix) ~AK~
14. Sometimes It Hurts (Random Pulse Dub) ~AK~
15. Sometimes It Hurts (acoustic)
16. Torn Apart (Spawn soundtrack Wink Remix) ~W~
17. Waking Up Beside You (Forgotten by the World Mix) ~AK~
18. Waking Up Beside You (Last Call Mix) ~WF~
19. Waking Up Beside You (acoustic)
20. You Complete Me (Pinto & Beans Remix) ~WF~

**Self Titled**
1. Last Time (on Japanese import)
2. Wasted (Pulsing Drone Mix) ~AK~
3. Wasted (acoustic)
4. So Far Away (acoustic)
5. Perfect (acoustic)
6. Television (acoustic)
7. The Only Thing (demo)
8. Angel (demo)
9. High (demo)

1. Give Me It (Cure)
2. Top of the World (Carpenters)(from import single)
3. Me and a Gun (Tori Amos)
4. Putting On The Damage (Tori Amos)
5. Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order) (Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack)
6. Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire (soundcheck)

1. Ungod live
2. Why live (different beginning)

**Fan Mixes**
1. Goodbye (No Friends Mix)
2. Darkest Days (Furgz Mix)
3. Slipping Away (Trip Mix)
4. Save Yourself (No Conversion Mystic Mario Mix)
5. ? (Lisa Loux mix)

**SW Tribute #1 (covers/remixes by fans)**
1. Crushing Me (by Blush)
2. Dawn (by Inanimate)
3. Drowning (Nothing Real by Vance Berisford)
4. Drugstore (Over the Counter Mix by Aaron Geis)
5. Everything I Touch (by 777)
6. Goodbye (by LoRez and Kassie)
7. Hauntign Me (by Solskin Pure)
8. Hopless (by Nuclear Winter)
9. I Don't Believe (So Stupid Mix by Vanec Berisford)
10. Lies (Lounge Version)(by Crush 49)
11. Nothing (by Solskin Pure)
12. On Your Way Down (by Artifical Intelligence + SM)
13. Sleep (by Silently Screaming)
14. Slipping Away (I Can Feel It by Inri)
15. Violent Mood Swings (Disaffekt by Gaelic-Earl)
16. What Do I Have To Do? (by Sparkleheart)

**SW Tribute - Haunted Reality (covers/remixes by fans)**
1. Nothing (by Solskin Pure)
2. Sometimes It hurts (By Silent Echoes)
3. Falls Apart (by Mindfly)
4. Hopeless (by Nuclear Winter)
5. Violent Mood Swings (Reaffekt by Gaelic_Earl)
6. Dawn (by Inanimate)
7. deaperate Now (by Silent Echoes)
8. Haunting Me (Ghost Mix by Solskin Pure)
9. Waking Up Beside You (by Ten Dark years)
10. Lies (Lounge Cover by Crush 49)
11. Sleep (by Raven stone)
12. Nothing (by Silent Echoes)
13. Drugstore (Over the Counter mix by Aaron Geis)
14. What Do I Have To Do? (Get Away Mix by Past Perilhelion)