Hi, my name is Sara, welcome to my page!

My page is constantly being worked on but I'll give those of you who can't wait a little background info on me. Guess what? I'm in college now! And this is my first college entry. Yes, I am writing to you from the comfort of my own dorm room (which is beautiful, by the way...no, I'm not being sarcastic...for once). Everything here is great and, if you're reading from home, I hope everything there is wonderful too! I've put up the "Quote of the Day" section and the "College Photo Album" because I know you have all been eagerly waiting for it! Please go check it out...I gave up Plato for this! I'll have more stuff up soon once I get around to it. So, until then, I hope you continue to check back here and don't forget to still browse through my old high school section!
Good news!!! I have pictures up!!!. I don't have any Fiddler pictures and I've given up asking people for them. I do, however, have some pictures from the Rising Star award ceremony, which is the closest thing I have to it. Why? Because Jeff's dressed as Tevye. I also have pictures from graduation and my 17 and 11 month surprise party. So stick around for that!
This is all well and good but now I am proud to announce that most of my home page is now open to the public! Feel free to look around and be happy in knowing that more is on the way!

Choose wisely...

College life--Finally here! | High School Years

By the way...if you have time go here for a really fun Charlie Brown and Snoopy game!

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