From Celebrity Skin #93:

Jamie Luner

We here at SKIN are avid patrons of the culinary arts. After a long, hard day looking at and writing about beautiful naked women at our New York offices, you might find us enjoying a glass of wine at Tavern On The Green or the world-famous sushi at Nobu. Therefore, we were impressed when we found out that the alluring Jamie Luner, before she made it big, went to culinary school and worked as a French chef.
     A native California girl, Jamie first got her career simmering on the forgettable Eighties sitcom Just The Ten Of Us as one of the precocious Lubbock twins. But her beauty aged like a fine Camembert and she blossomed into the woman we knew and loved/hated as Lexi Sterling on Aaron Spelling's masterpiece, the epic Melrose Place. She also gained fame on a rare Spelling misfire, the Southern-flavored yet short-lived series Savannah.
     Maybe someday photos will surface of her in one of those puffy white chef's hats (and nothing else), but for now the best we can offer you is Jamie in the 2000 straight-to-cable film Sacrifice, in which she portrays an ex-prostitute cop who helps an escaped convict (Michael Madsen) track down the serial killer that murdered his daughter. However, her character has apparently forgotten none of the tricks of the trade utilized in her former profession.
     A free spirit, Jamie had said in a 1997 interview that she would only get naked for the right film; apparently Sacrifice was it. But she also displayed remarkable intelligence in the same interview when she observed, "The human body is a beautiful thing and it should be exposed." Good to know we're on the same wavelength here, Jamie.

The right film came along before Sacrifice. Jamie already got naked in the 1994 erotic thriller, Tryst.

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