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• Jack & Kristina Wagner

After seven years of marriage—and five more of an on-again/off-again, and sometime volatile, relationship—GENERAL HOSPITAL siren Kristina Wagner (Felicia) filed for divorce from her husband Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco, GH; Peter, MELROSE PLACE) on February 2.
     "It's very disappointing," reacts Thomas Montalto, owner of Wagner World, the two-year-old website that fans look to as the ultimate source of all things Wagner. Montalto admits that once news of their split went public, his site's chat rooms were instantly filled with fans hotly discussing the breakup of GH's royal prince and princess.
     "I thought, as everyone did, that they were an amazingly beautiful couple," Denise Alexander (Leslie, GH) told People magazine. "They should have lived happily ever after."
     Although the couple's relationship spanned over a decade, some say the writing was on the wall from day one... make that, scene one.
     1983 marked the year of the very first love scene that the then-GH newcomer Kristina "Malandro" Wagner had ever done, and her co-star (Jack) decided to play a raucous prank. Her male lead is said to have taken a banana from a nearby bowl of fruit and planted it, strategically, in his pants (much to the delight of the crew, who were in on the joke). Always a good sport, Kristina made it through the scene straight-faced, and somehow fell in love with Wagner. The two married in 1993, resulting in children Peter (10) and Harrison (6).
     "We didn't start seriously dating until I got pregnant," Kristina told People, referring to the eventual birth of son Peter. "Well, maybe a couple of months before."
     At press time, the couple had not released an official statement regarding the breakup, further piquing the curiosity of the duo's admirers. However, several insiders speculate that trouble may have come to a head this past summer when Jack made his Broadway debut in the lead roles of "Jekyll and Hyde."
     According to papers filed by Kristina, the actress cited "irreconcilable differences" as the official (and a celevrity favorite) explanation for the marriage's dissolution. She is also seeking to share custody of the two boys with her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

I, too, would not date anyone seriously until I have gotten her pregnant. Well, maybe a couple of days before.

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