From the February 20th Star:

Soap hunk Jack Wagner divorcing

Pals blame his womanizing

THE rocky seven-year marriage between Melrose Place hunk Jack Wagner and his wife Kristina came to a crashing end when she slapped her hubby with divorce papers.
     And the only thing that has shocked pals is that Kristina put up with his roving eye for as long as she did.
     The split is no surprise to those who know Jack. He simply can't keep his eyes on his wife. "It's as if he has a sexual compulsion and will never change."
     Wagner met his wife when they starred together as General Hospital super-couple Frisco and Felicia, but didn't become involved until Kristina's marriage to Robert Malandro fell apart in the late '80s.
     Even as the duo became romantically entwined, insiders say Wagner, 41, shamelessly chased other women.
     In the notorious book You'll Never Make Love in this Town Again, former Hollywood party girl Liza Greer writes about a torrid sexual encounter with Jack while he was dating Kristina.
     Despite the book's allegations, the couple stayed together and in 1990, Kristina gave birth to their son Peter. Six months later, Jack left the ABC soap and his wife and child, moving out of their Bel Air home, sources say.
     "I was alone," Kristina recently recalled. "It was me and baby Petey."
     The pretty actress was so heartbroken, she took a six-month medical leave of absence from her ABC daytime drama.
     Meanwhile, ladies man Jack worked on the soap Santa Barbara and was linked to two co-stars, Nina Arvesen and Paula Irvine.
     Despite his gallivanting, he and Kristina reconciled. They tied the knot in Lake Tahoe in 1993 and a year later, a second son, Harrison, was born.
     He developed another passion that teed Kristina off golf!
     "He travels all over the country to take part in tournaments, leaving his family behind," says another source.
     Finally, citing irreconcilable differences, Kristina filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court, insiders reveal.
     "Kristina," say the source, "has simply had enough!"


I can't believe he cheated on Kristina with Liza Greer. Kristina looks so much better than Liza.

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