Daily Record, Morris County, N.J., Saturday, February 26, 2000

Dickens gets his due in inventive play "INVENTING MONTANA"


".... Dickens' fans will not be disappointed with the play within-the-play, which relates a tale that has all the pathos, humor and vitality of a real Dickens novel. And the cast, especially Nick Stannard and J.C. Hoyt, provides terrific fun.

J.C. Hoyt of Morristown and Nick Stannard, both familiar fixtures to Centenary playgoers, and newcomer Katrina Ferguson are the hits of the show.

Stannard is a real star, playing three roles with great relish. He invests Charity's benefactor, Lord Radlowe with the hard-won sincerity of a doomed man. His priggish Lord Songsbee has just the right combination of lecherous humor and a world-weary undercurrent that takes this role several notches above the ordinary swine. And he attacks his role of the highwayman with the gusto of a swashbuckling adventurer.

....Despite its problems, Walker's love for Dickens shines through "Inventing Montana." The show makes you want to hurry home and sit down with a copy of "Nicholas Nickleby" or 'Great Expectations, and rediscover the master."