Talent/s: news reporting, elocution, drawing

Five-year-old Sam Bumatay is the smallest among the Starstruck Kids 14K finalists. But behind her small frame lies an articulate little girl with a bubbly personality. Sam’s young mom, who is herself a working student, beams that her daughter is a lively girl who loves to entertain people wherever she goes. In malls, Sam’s mother would often wonder why people flock to a certain spot and seem amazed by what they are seeing and then she would find Sam at the center of it all, reciting poems and dancing to her audience’s delight. People would call her “Little Aiza” and would comment that she’s too well-versed for a girl her age.

Sam also joined Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines last year, where she reached the grand finals and was named Ms. U-Care. In Nursery School, she got a ribbon for being Most Witty and an award for being Second Most Outstanding.

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