by: Richard Dyer Phillips


Lieutenant Commander Steve Adams Personal Log Stardate: 51587.6

     Mek and Lom have been convicted of abducting me. They will spend a long time in a Federation Penal Colony.

Captain Log's Stardate: 51589.7

     We are departing Starbase 169. Our next mission is to join a small fleet of Federation Ships to research damage caused by the Dominion.

     "Captain, Kamara is the only one who has not reported back," stated Commander Brooks.
     "I'll go check the starbase," stated Leno.
     Captain Leno went back into Starbase 169 to look for Kamara. He went to a nearby computer station.
     "Computer, scan for Kamara Hawkins," stated Leno.
     "She is not on this starbase."
     "When was the last time she was here?"
     "Seven hours ago."
     Captain Leno went to Admiral Collins' office.
     "Do you know what happened to Kamara?" asked Leno.
     "No, I haven't seen her since last night," answered Collins.
     "Excuse me, admiral. I saw Kamara last night with a Klingon," stated Lieutenant Jones.
     "Where were they?" asked Leno.
     "In the lounge on Deck 8 of the starbase."
     "Do you know the Klingon's name?"
     "I think she said Wrog."
     "I have to go find her."
     "Don't worry about the survey mission, I will assign another ship to do it," stated Collins.
     "Thank you."

First Officer's Log Stardate: 51591.3

     Our mission has been changed. We are to rescue Kamara from Wrog.

     "Sensors did pickup a Klingon ship about five hours ago," replied Collins.
     "I'll need the station's logs to located the ship," stated Leno.
     "I will have them downloaded to the Texas as soon as possible."
     Captain Leno returned to the ship. Admiral Collins sent the sensor logs to the Texas.

Captain Alex Leno's Personal Log Stardate: 51590.8

     Kamara has been kidnapped by Wrog. He will pay for this.

     "How are you doing?" asked Counselor Donald.
     "I've been a lot better," answered Leno.
     "Captain, we have the sensor logs. The Klingon ship is over four hours away at
     Warp 8," reported Ensign Murphy.
     "Take us to it, Warp 9.4," ordered Leno.
     Counselor Donald went up to Captain Leno.
     "She'll be fine," stated Donald.
     "Wrog is a very dangerous Klingon. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Wrog has no honor."
     "What would he want with her?"
     "He has always wanted her, however, she turned him down a long time ago."
     "Has he ever tried everything like this before?"
     "A few things like this, but nothing like abducting her."
     "Let me know if you need to talk to me."
     "I will."

Captain Alex Leno's Personal Log Stardate: 51592.7

     We are nearing the ship that abducted Kamara I have heard nothing from Wrog.

     "Captain, we are 30 minutes away from Wrog's ship," reported Murphy.
     "I'll be down in 15 minutes," replied Leno.
     Captain Leno got ready and went to the Main Bridge.
     "Go to Warp 9.6," ordered Leno.
     Commander Brooks left the Main bridge. He went to talk to Counselor Donald.
     "How's the captain?" asked Donald.
     "He's been much better. He's totally nervous."
     "I don't think he's going to get any better until Kamara is back." "I have to get back to the bridge."
     Commander Brooks returned to the bridge. Captain Leno had went to talk to Kamara's parents on Vatqu.
     "What do you need, Alex?" asked Mr. Harkins.
     "Kamara has been abducted," answered Leno.
     "By who?" asked Kemara.
     "Wrog. He's nearing Klingon space," answered Leno.
     "Not him again. We'll scan for his ship. If we find him, we will let you know," stated Mr. Harkins.
     "We are nearing his ship now. I'll let you know what happens," stated Leno.
     "You get her back," stated Kemara.
     "I will," answered Leno.
     Captain Leno returned to the Main Bridge and sat down.
     "Red alert," ordered Leno.
     "Wrog's ship has slowed to impulse," reported Jones.
     "Hail the ship."
     "No response."
     "Continue hailing the ship."
     "The ship's weapons are charged."
     "Fire some warning shots."
     "He still is not responding."
     "Fire phasers towards Wrog's ship."
     "We've got his attention," stated Ensign Wilson.
     "He's hailing us," reported Jones.
     "On screen," ordered Leno.
     "You'll return to the Federation, or I will destroy your ship," stated Wrog.
     "We aren't leaving until you return Kamara back to me."
     "Then your ship will be destroyed!" exclaimed Wrog.


     "Fire phasers and torpedoes at will," ordered Leno.
     "Shielding down to 83%," reported Jones.
     "Beta 31."
     "Wrog's ship has injured to warp," reported Murphy.
     "Follow him," ordered Leno.
     "He has beamed to a nearby planet," reported Jones.
     "Which one?" asked Leno.
     "A desert region on Vatqu."
     "I'm going down."
     "You're beaming into a hostile situation," stated Brooks.
     Captain Leno went to his quarters and grabbed his bat'leth, given to him by Kamara when he turned 18, and beamed to    Vatqu.  He pulled out his tricorder and began scanning for Wrog. He found him a kilometer away. He quickly met up with Wrog.
     "Where's Kamara?" asked Leno.
     "What's it to you?"
     "Where is she."
     "What are you going to do with that bat'leth. Stare it at?"
     "No, use it against you!" exclaimed Leno, getting ready to fight.
     "batlh bIheghjaj. (May you die well.)"
     "qanchoHpa' qoH, Hegh qoh. (Fools die young.)."
     Captain Leno and Wrog began to do battle. Each one received cuts and bruises from the other one. Captain Leno was      able to get Wrog on the ground.
     "Kill me!" exclaimed Wrog.
     "I will."
     "Captain, the Klingon ship has lowered shielding and someone is beaming to the surface," reported Brooks.
     "It is Kamara."
     "What has happened to Wrog?" asked Brooks.
     "He's dead."
     "You killed him!"
     "We'll discuss this when I return to the ship," stated Leno.
     Captain Leno and Kamara returned to the Texas. Captain Leno went to talk to Commander Brooks.
     "I have reported you killing Wrog to Starfleet," stated Brooks.
     "Admiral Collins is hailing," stated Jones.
     "I'll take it in my ready room," replied Leno.
     Captain Leno and Commander Brooks went to Leno's ready room. Captain Leno turned on his desktop computer.
     "Alex, how could you do it?" asked Collins.
     "I had to do what I did."
     "You are to report to Starbase 126 for a court martial hearing."
     "We will arrive in three days at Warp 7."
     "You are to leave immediately."
     "The Klingon ship has gone to warp," reported Brooks.
     "Alex, one more thing, you are relieved of duty until after your court martial. Commander Brooks is in charge of the      Texas," ordered Collins.
     "I will have the Texas at the Starbase as soon as I can," stated Brooks.
     "Good luck, Alex," stated Collins.
     Commander Brooks went to the bridge. Captain Leno went to Kamara's quarters.
     "Ensign Murphy, take us to Starbase 126, Warp 8," ordered Brooks.
     Captain Leno was thinking of his upcoming court martial hearing.
     "You didn't have to kill him," stated Kamara.
     "I had to kill him."
     "You're going to get into serious trouble."
     "Only if I'm found guilty."
     "You killed someone!" exclaimed Kamara, beginning to cry.
     "Everything will be fine."
     "I hope so."
     "There's one thing I learned while Wrog held you captive."
     "What was that?"
     "That I love and want to marry you,"
     "Yes, I will marry!" exclaimed Kamara, crying more.

Captain Alex Leno's Personal Log Stardate: 51594.3

I will have a court martial hearing in a few days for killing Wrog on Vatqu.

First Officer's Log Stardate: 51596.3

     We have left for Starbase 126, where Captain Leno will be put on trial.
     "Commander, we will arrive to Starbase 126 in 15 minutes," reported Murphy.
     "I will go tell the captain," stated Brooks.
     Commander Brooks went to Captain Leno's quarters.
     "We will arrive to the starbase in three minutes," stated Brooks.
     I'll go and get ready," stated Leno.
     "You're going to get past this."
     "I know I will."
     "Commander, we are arriving to the starbase," reported Murphy.
     "I'll be there in a few minutes," answered Brooks.
     Commander Brooks returned to the Main Bridge.
     "Status report," requested Brooks.
     "We have docked," reported Murphy.
     "Admiral Collins wants to Captain Leno in his office right away," stated Wilson.
     "I will go notify him," stated Lieutenant Dayan.
     Lieutenant Dayan went to Captain Leno's quarters.
     "Admiral Collins wants to talk to you right away," stated Dayan.
     "I'm ready."
     Captain Leno and Lieutenant Dayan walked over to the starbase.
     They went to Admiral Collins' office.
     "Alex, your trial is three hours away," stated Collins.
     "Who is going to oversee it?" asked Leno.
     "Admiral Webster. Why did you do it?"
     "It was the only thing I could do."
     "I will represent you, if that is okay to you."
     "That will be fine."
     Captain Leno left Admiral Collins' office. He returned to the Texas to get Kamara to bring her to the starbase.
     "Admiral Webster just left. He asked me about Klingon traditions," stated Kamara.
     "My trial is three hours away," stated Leno.
     "Don't worry about it. Let's go hot a coffee," stated Kamara.
     Captain Leno and Kamara went to get a cup of coffee from the starbase.
     "I have to get going," stated Leno.
     "I'll come with you."
     Captain Leno and Kamara went to Admiral Webster's office.
     "I don't see any reason for a court martial. You were going with Klingon traditions," stated Webster.
     "Thank you, sir."
     "You will retake control of the Texas immediately. Proceed onto your next mission. Dismissed."
     "You did it!" exclaimed Kamara.
     Captain Leno and Kamara returned to the Texas. Captain Leno went to the Main Bridge.
     "We've heard. Good job!" exclaimed Brooks.
     "It doesn't take long to find anything out on this ship. Ensign Murphy, proceed onto our next mission, Warp 3," ordered Leno.
     "Leaving dock. Proceeding to Warp 3. Nice to have you back," reported Murphy.

Captain Alex Leno's Personal Log Stardate: 51599.2

     I have been cleared of all charges and have resumed control of the Texas.