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Trieu Vy

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Hay thu loi cho Trieu Vy !

 last update 16/10/03

Hay thu loi cho Trieu Vy ( Buc thu cua mor fan Vietnam )

Tap chi Ngoi sao Thuong Hai 17-1-2002

Kinh gui Ban bien tap

Em la mot fan cua Trieu Vy. Tat ca cac bo phim cua co ay em deu xem khong bo sot. Khong chi rieng em ma ca gia dinh em cung rat thich Trieu Vy. Co le phan lon nguoi Viet Nam deu rat yeu men co ay.
Ngay 24 thang 12 nam 2001 vua qua Trieu Vy da den tham Viet Nam va trinh dien truoc 15000 nguoi ham mo. Trong co ay that de thuong, that xinh dep. Moi nguoi deu rat vui khi thay co ay cuoi .
Vi vay chung toi that dau long va tuc gian khi doc duoc nhung thong tin phe binh Trieu Vy tren Internet.

Xin nhung nguoi dang phan doi Trieu Vy hay tha thu cho co ay. Hay de co ay duoc tiep tuc lam viec, tiep tuc dong phim, tiep tuc hat, song mot cach binh thuong va nu cuoi luon no tren moi.
Trieu Vy moi 25 tuoi , con rat tre . Co ay co tai , thong minh va that de thuong . Hay bo qua cho co ay va hang trieu nguoi ham mo co ay tren toan the gioi.

Dang Nga

TP Ho Chi Minh

Ban goc dang tren bao Ngoi sao Thuong Hai ( bang tieng Anh )

Forgive Zhao Wei

Shanghai Star. 2002-01-17

Dear Editor,

I am a fan of Zhao Wei. I have seen all her films. All my family loves her. She is loved by almost everybody in Viet Nam.

On December 24, Zhao Wei visited our country and performed for over 15,000 fans. She is very lovely, very beautiful. Her fans felt happy to see her smile. We were elated.

But we are broken-hearted and indignant when we read that Zhao Wei is being criticized on the Internet.

I implore her oppositionists: forgive her. Let her continue working, let her continue play-acting, let her continue singing, living and smiling, so that we can continue to pass stiffness in our lives. We can't stand it, we can't live if they put an end to her play-acting, singing and smiling.

Zhao Wei is 25 years old. She is a young girl. She is accomplished, intelligent and lovely. Forgive her and forgive the hundreds of millions of her fans all over the world.

Nga Dang

Ho Chi Minh City

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