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SWTNZ Software - The all new, "R2M-Player", Multimedia JukeBox

SWTNZ is proud to introduce you to the first multimedia JukeBox software
designed around a R2D2 (astromec) theme, simple yet effective this little
fellow will happily sit inside your system tray while playing all your favorite
Mp3 songs one after another. It can also play many other standard formats
such as: Mpg / Mpeg types, Mp3, Mp2, Wav, Mid, Asf, Asx, Windows media
video /audio and more.. All of the controls have been kept simple with three
panels allowing access to directory's, files and the video output window.

R2M-Player, Multimedia JukeBox R2M-Player, Multimedia JukeBox
Above, R2M-Player file list and default video window..

R2M-Player remembers your favorite directory and minimizes itself to the
system tray, it switches from default video view to full screen with a single
click and comes as a very small downloadable file (Below). If you're a big
fan of R2D2 then this is the media player for you..

Requirements: Windows (Any Version)
800x600 Screen res or higher

Download From MediaFire

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