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Web Directories
Personal Pages
Extra Web Directories
Skinner/Krycek Story Reqs

Web Directories:

3 Way Stop
Authors: frogdoggie, Blue Mohairbear and Mik

Addicted To Krycek
(Fanfic; Pics; Sound bites; Fan responces, ect.)

All Things Rat - A Source for Alex Krycek Stuff!

now being hosted at Down in the Basement

Araxdelan Slash Sight
Authors: Abbie, Araxdelan, Aris, Broken Angel, Eider, Janus, Lissa & Raietta

Australian Slash Archive
Authors: Lyn, Kirri, Luthien, Julad, Mystique & Jean

Blondieís Ratcave: A Marita Covarrubias and Alex Krycek Romance Page

Boys In Chains Archive
Multi-fandom: X-Files, Star Wars, Highlander, Star Trek, X-Men
*Warning: Website featuring BDSM stories*

Dark Rooms
X-Files Non-con fanfic

Den of Sin
Authors: Aries, Nicole S., & Orithain

Down in the Basement
now hosting Archive X, Mulder/Krycek Romance Association, Mulder/Skinner Slash Society, etc. Links have been changed


Focused on Nick Lea

The Resorce to check BEFORE posting your FanFic

Formatting FAQ for Fanfic Authors

Fries: the fan fiction to go archive

Full House Slash


IIBNF Zine Press

Authors: Angel, Orithain, Rina


Lisa e Krysa Awards

LZL Slash Factory
(Fanfiction by Louise Wu, Zoe Takashi & Loren Q

Male Writers Archive

Menage a Trois: Household of Three Fan Fiction Archive
Multi-Fandom archive specializing in Threesome stories

Multi-Fandom Merry-Go-Round

Mulder Krycek Romance Association

Mulder Skinner Slash Society

The Nick Zone: A celebration of the work of Nicholas Lea
(Great place to find non-Krycek NL fic)

Persuaders Archive

Phantasy Files

The Real Love of the X-files
One True Pairing site: Alex Krycek & Marita Coverrubias

The Red and The Black

Round XF Slash

Slashing Mulder archive

The Slash Page Project
(A database of slash pages)

The Slash Realm
(Fiction from X-Files, Star Trek- Voyager, The Sentinel, Highlander, Star Wars TPM and many more.)
Check out Sandra Lee, the resident X-phile

Slipper Archive (PG13 or Less)

The Sock Shoppe
(If you like Special Agent Pendrell, this is the place to be)

SKipper Fan Fic Archive

Skinner/Krycek Web Ring

Skinner Torture Archive

SKSA: Skinner/Krycek Slash Archive

SPAK ~Society for the Protection of Alex Krycek

Spirits' Heavens
(Contains slash and other fiction by Sammi-Jo, AbyKitten, Sigrid, KhiDax, Dark Rapier and Krystyne.)

(contains various fanfiction and links to fandoms)

Theban Band
(Wonderful Manipulated Photographs)

Tifling Gateway
(hosts SKINKS, the Skinner/Krycek fan fic listing)

The Ultimite X-Files Information Complex

The Wonderful World Of Make Believe


X Files Cabinfic

X-Files Find a fic
Mailing list at Yahoo Groups

X-files Lyric Wheel

XFSM: X-Files Sado Masochism

X-Philes eXcavations
(Check into this one, not working.)

X-Tasy 4 X-Files

Personal Pages:

Amy B
can be found through Merry-Go-Round

Anne Zo

(The Slip Series)

The best author out there, period.
Check out her Admission, Green Eyed Monstar, & Not on My Watch series or her wonderful AU Jade. Hell, check them all out.


Barb and Hth

(X-Files, Due South, Hard Core Logo, Highlander, Sentinal)

Brenda Antrim

Cerulean Blue
(Beyond the Vortex and The Charade series)

C.M. Decarnin

Cody Nelson
(The Best Lies and IL Traviato)

(Possessions series)

Debra Fran Baker


Derwent Spinks, Esq.
(Summer Days series: yummy Sk/K/m)

Deslea (Krycek/Corrubius & Scully/Skinner)
(K/C Not My Lover series & Hands)

Diana Williams


Erika aka Evil Child
(Highlander, Angel, X-Men, Harsh Realms, Due South, Andromeda, and Green Lantern)

Fort and Virg Fanfiction

Gray Shadow



Holly Ilx
(When itís all over series-Sk/K; Look For America series- Sk/K/m)

(Move Heaven and Earth series)

Jan & June

Jane Mortimer

Jane Symons

Janet F. Caires-Lesgold
(Arrows of Desire series)

(Morning Variations series)


Jessica Harris


Jo B
*(Life From the Ashes series)*

Juxian Tang

Karen Nicole
(Lots and lots of links)

Kat Allison


(The Bath series & Acrotomophile story)

Laura aka:Mrs. Fish
The listing of Mrs. Fish's websight has been taken down at the bequest of the author. Her e-mail address is if you want to contact her about one of her fabulous stories.

Lady Midath

Lexi Krycek
(Out of the Darkness series)

(OAT: Dancing on a Wire; Carpe Noctem. OAT/Vampire The Masquerade series.)
Fandoms (Voyager, Professionals, Star Wars, Sentinel, La Femme Nikita, Hercules/Xena, Manga-based, & Miscellaneous.)

Louise Wu
(Echo Lane story)

(Suger Daddy)

Loren Q

Mare (SKipper)
(Wicked Game series & Bittersweet: Doggett fic)

SK/K, M/K/Sk, M/K, M/K/Sc & BDSM(loving dicipline), AU, Rape, Threesome, M/M/F.
"Dancing in the Shadows", "The Midnight Matinee Series", "Fire & Ice" & more.

Mrs. Fish
The listing of Mrs. Fish's websight has been taken down at the bequest of the author. Her e-mail address is if you want to contact her about one of her fabulous stories.

Mrs. Stan Kelly
(Nick Lea links and more)

Nadine (MSR and Slash)

Nicole aka:Czara
(The Changing and The Alliance series)

Nonie Rider


(His Master's Voice series, Triad universe)

(Ersatz: Pendrell and Frohike)

Rachel (SKipper)
(World Without End series)

Ratadder & Teand

(Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Once A Thief)

Riticulan Amenuensis




Sandy Herrold

Sarah Ellen Parsons


Shadow Omega

Sleeps with Coyotes


Father's Shadow series *work in progress* & *New* Fallen Angels & Soiled Doves

(Eat me, Beat me; Dancing With The Devil Series)


The Gift of an Enemy, online novel



Teand & Ratadder

Tiny Dancer's Episode Guide

(Lovers & Ghosts)


Viridian 5
(Green series; The Truth series, ect.)

Virg and Fort Fanfiction

"The Spotter's Guide to the Common Krycek "

Sk/K, M/K/Sk, K/Samantha, Threesome, BDSM, Spanking,
"Human" - multi-award winning story, "A Man of Two Truthes", "Nexus", "Mrs. Krycek", ect

Zara Hemla
K/JefferySpender, M/K, Sc/K
"Mercy series", "Petter Cottentail", "Nowhere to Nowhere", ect.

Zoe Takashi
K/o, Sk/K, Kink, Character Death, Rape,
"Exigency series", "Becoming Alex", "It Has to Be You", "Distaster, Fiasco, & Tragedy"

Extra Web Directories:

Alex Krycek: the supportive villian

AltaVista Translatior: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and English

Alternative Russian Dictionary

Camp Gaea
(Camp Gaea Retreat Center, home of Heartland Pagan Festaval)

Gorblimey Art by Socar Myles
An artist that knows the value of a rat, the animal, not the Krycek kind.

Nicholas Christopher Lea Tribute Page

Nick Lea Screen Capture Gallery
Currently not availible

Maryland Renassance Faire

Kansas City Renassance Faire

Mighty Cool Dancing Nutsac

The Silo
Guide to Krycek, Lea, Alex and Marita, & X-Files

Television Without Pity
(reviews of TV episodes of big name TV shows)

Cyberex: entertainment online-lots of interviews and reviews
Mulder and Krycek Tick Tac Toe game
Must install languages to see page

Whereabouts Unknown: Information and pics of Alex Krycek

Worst Case Scenarios
Krycek wrote the manual, I'm sure.


Just because I want to (lol) I am posting story links for recomended Skinner/Krycek stories.

Daedalus by Dreamerlea:

There and Back by A. Leigh-Anne Childe

Josan's many Sk/K stories, available at her website

JiM's "Settling" series 1 and 2

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot by Xanthe

Shadowplay, by Xanthe

Only This and Nothing More, by dot(?)

WitchQueen aka Zvi