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Britain Betrayed

Foreign powers conspire with an elected British Government to destroy our heritage, tax the British people illegally and impose laws manufactured abroad.

Now if you saw that headline in the press wouldn't you be worried. Thats exactly what British Governments have been doing, Labour and Conservative, ever since they signed the "Treaty of Rome" in 1970. The sad thing is those of us who voted for entry thought we were voting for free trade and travel, not a customs union or the transplanting of European laws and judiciary into the United Kingdom. We were conned then and we're being conned now.

Edward Heath, (or grocer Ted as he was nicknamed then), was so determined to rail road this country into the "Common Market" the wet Conservative Government of the day gave away our fishermens future livlihood even though the Treaty of Rome never envisaged a common fisheries policy.

What business, individual or government in their right mind would surrender the richest fishing grounds in the world to a committee of Europrats, well Heath's did just that. For further information visit the eurolinks page.

  The New Battle of Britain
Winston Churchill, do you remember his response to Hitlers ultimatum, it was uncompromising, "we shall never surrender". And so it is now, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and now, the european commission, all the unelected acolytes, fellow travellers and those oppossed to individuality and freedom take note. We might be few, we might be poor, you can pass as many laws as you wish, repressing our ancient rights and freedoms but we shall never surrender. Freedom is not something you give us or enshrine for us from Brussels. We've fought for it and fought to preserve it when the so called 'Europeans' surrendered to Hitler, remember the 'vichy French' who betrayed their own people, we shall never surrender.

Individual politics do not matter we will save our country, Conservative, Labour, whatever creed or culture you follow fight for the right to determine your parliament and your future, fight for your country.