Calhoun County, Alabama
1860 Census Record
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Location Name Age/Sex Relationship Occupation Place of Birth
914/914 Henry Murry 59/M Head of Household Farmer /500 South Carolina
Janie Murry 52/F Wife South Carolina
Hugh Murry 20/M Son Farm Laborer Georgia
Robert Murry 17/M Son Georgia
Lucinda Murry 16/F Daughter Georgia
Margaret Murry 14/F Daughter Georgia
Jackson Murry 12/M Son Alabama
Barny Murry 8/M Son Alabama
Edward Watson  7/M Grand Son? Alabama
901/901 Barney Murry 29/M Head of Household Farmer 150/500 Georgia
Margaret J. Murry 25/F Wife South Carolina
William Murry 1/M Son Alabama
759/759 James Murry 26/M Head of Household Laborer /50 Georgia
Martha Murry 23/F Wife Alabama
William Murry 8/M Son Alabama
Elizabeth Murry 5/F Daughter Alabama
Kansas Murry 3/F Daughter Alabama
Sarah Champion 20/F Sister-In-Law Alabama
762/762 David Jennings 21/M Head of Household Day laborer Alabama
Martha (Murry) Jennings 24/F Wife Georgia
Margaret Jennings 2/F Daughter Alabama
Narcissa Watson 12/F Niece? Alabama
920/920 James M. Thompson 30/M Head of Household Farmer /300 Alabama
Jane (Murry) Thompson 27/F Wife Georgia
Mary S. Thompson 8/12 F Daughter Alabama

Cara A. Murray
20 May 2000
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15 Jul 2000
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