Date Groom Place Age Parents Bride Age Parents Witnesses

Fleet / Jewers  Oct 15 1910 Norman Parker Fleet  ESW 25 Absolm  Mary Maude Jewers  18 Isaac and Sarah Jewers Hezikah Ashton Mrs Isaac Jewers 
Smith / Romkey June 26 1912 Ernest William Smith 24 William and Annie Anna Maude Romkey 20 Mary and John Mrs William Walker
Clarke/ Fleet July 15 1912 George William Clarke West River Pictou 22 Robert and Elizabeth England Lottie May Fleet 22 Alexander and Laura Mary Publicover and Mrs Walker at Rectory F Walker Deacon
Barnard / Pye Sept 3 1912 Harry S Barnard  ESW 24 Simon and Hannah Prudence R Pye Henry and Phoebe Adam Jewers Mrs W Waker
Pye / Worthen June 5 1913 Levi Pye Widow ES 42 James and Elizabeth Lucy Alice Worthen / spinster 41 George and Caroline Mrs William Walker and Mary Publicover
Ashton/Rochat Dec 24 1913 David Stanley Ashton 31 Maryand Nathaniel  Margaret Hope Rochat Windsor 24 James and Mary Rochat of Geneva Switzerland J. Woodbury Ashton and Nathaniel Ashton
Snow/Publicover March 3 1914 William Alden Snow ES 23 William and Maria  Annie Sophia Publicover 19 Isabella and J Publicover George Shrider and William Walker
Moser/Shiers Sept 1 1912 Arthur Moser MR 27 James and Fanny Estella Maude Shiers 21 William and Eliza Shiers James W Sutherland and Leeta M Shiers
Romkey / Hartling Aug 25 1914 Thomas Henry Romkey NT 24 John and Mary  Minnie Florence  MB 27 George and Mary  Margaret Jane Jewers and DK Veinotte
Baker/ Turner Oct 17 1914 Forrest Bayne Baker 22 Henry and Mary Jane Oris Belle Turner 23 John and Alice Turner Charles H Baker and DF Douglas
Pye / Jewers Nov 11 1914 Archibald Alexander Pye 22/or 32 Sam and Emily Margaret Jane Florence Jewers St Pauls Isaac and Sarah Jewers Neil Jewers and Gretton  Banard
Baker/Murphy Dec 28 1914 Abraham Bartlett Baker 29 James and Elizabeth Carrie Kathleen Murphy Ship Harbour 19 Matilda Newcombe an James Murphy Mrs George Baker and Harold Pace
Davidson/Rawding Oct 1 1915 Alexander Smith Davidson 28 James and Jemima  Laura Mildred Rawding Eureka 17 Burton and Agnes W Ross Edward Jewers / Annie Bridgeman Rev WJ Bridgeman
Smith / MacDonald Oct 13 1915 Adam Smith 23 Edward Nathan and Ida Edith Ross MacDonald HC 23 Thomas and Elizabeth  Emmaline Jewers and Gertrude Meisner
Pye / Barnard May 3 1916 Noble Aubrey Pye 20 Robert and Elizabeth  Gretta Aurellia Barnard 19 Samuel and Emma Harry S Barnard and Prudence Barnard
Turner/Snow July 8 1916 William Lawrence Turner MJ 24 William an Fanny Turner Olive Snow Widow  West Liscombe 38 James and Susan Rudolph Ross E Jewers and Emma Sutherland
Pye/Jewers June 20 1917 John David Pye ESW 22 Robert an Bessie Estella May Jewers 17 Mary Jewers Freeman Wallace Fancy and Annie Bridgeman
Pye/Shellnut Sept 5 1917 Arthur Archibald Pye MR 28 William and Lettia  Annie Margaret Shellnut  George Richard and Elizabeth Jane George Shellnug and Agnes Shellnut  Rev WJ Bridgeman
Publicover / Romkey June 6 1918 Arthur David Publicover Widower NT 40 Solomon and Mary Maggie Romkey Widow  MB 45 George and Mariah  Emma Romkey and Solomon Publicove
Fleet / Smith Feb 2 1918 Charles Agustus Fleet 27 Jeffrey and Annie  Alice Victoria Smith NT 18 Ansel and Melinda Smith Margaret Fleet and Agnes Rawding
Smith/ Pye  July 24 1918 Norman Edward Smith NT 21 Edward Nathan and Ida Clarissa Ethel Pye 17 John Odess and Annie Florence Pye Adam Jewers and Sid Turner 
MacDonald / Rawding June 9 1919 Stanley Albert William MacDonald HC 23 George Henry and Angeline ( Romkey) MacDonald Nina Eva Viola Rawding 16 Burton and Agnes consent of her mother Beatric Ashton and Mrs John G Fancy
Bezanson / Ashton July 30 1919 Clifford Foster Bezanson 25 Nathan David and Edith Catherine Bezanson Beatrice Margaret Winnifred Ashton 20 Frances and Lazaruis Annie Bridgeman and Arthur Bezanson
Fleet / Pace Aug 13 1919 Joseph Wallace Fleet 24 James H and Gertrude Rita Eliza Pace 19 William S and Harriett A Pace Annie Bridgeman and Agustus Fleet
Wamboldt / Shellnut Sept 17 1919 Howard Leonder Wamboldt SHP 30 Levi Norman and Sarah Ingram Agnes Maude Shellnut  24 George Richard and Elizabeth Jane Sarah I Wamboldt and George R Shellnut 
Turner / Lowe Sept 18 1919 Sidney Gordon Turner ESW 36 Alexander an Lucinda Sadie May Lower MR 26 Edward Lowe and Emma McGregor (ESW) Heath J Jewers and George Shellnut 
Jewers / Rood Oct 1 1919 Milton Adam Jewers ESW 34 William and Orena  Gertrude Alice Rood Indian Harbour Lake 25 David and Sophia Rood David Rood and Carl W Jewers
MacDonald / Moser Oct 9 1919 Stephen MacDonald HC 29 Thomas and Mary Elizabeth  Mary Elizabeth  MH 21 James and Fanny Moser Thomas MacDonald and George Crowell  Married in HC
Turner / Publicove Nov 5 1919 James Fredrick Turner MJ 29 Henry and Matilda Mary Alice Publicover 20 Henry and Mary  Annie Serena Matthews and Laura Cropley
Moser / Moser May 4 1920 Norman Verge Moser  24 Nelson Moser Ruby Maude Moser MH William and Sarah Moser Robert Elmer Naugler  and Eunice Harriet Naugler At the house of William Moser
Beaver/ Woodworth June 6 1923 Horton Wallace Beaver HC 35 Charles and Annie Hazel Beatrice Woodworth 21 William and Harriet Ewart G Beaver Mrs John Lowe at St Barnabas Rectory
Lowe / MacDonald July 28 1920 William Bruce Lower 21 Edward S and Emma McGregor  Rosa Alce MacDonald  22 John and Bessie Mrs John MacDonald and William Croft
Jewers / Woodworth Aug 25 1921 John Henry Jewers MR 35 William E and Mararet J Jewers Abagail Jane Woodworth  23 William Henry and Harriett Althea Caroline Wiggins and Flossie M Bezanson
Ashton / Simmonds Jan 24 1922 Nathaniel Ashton 64? Joseph and Mary Ashton Seline Alice Crawford Simmonds spinster Alma Pictou  50 John S and Elizabeth Simmonds London England Hezekiah Ashton CE Ashton Married at ES Post Office 
Fleet / Langille March 27 1922 Wallance Dougall Fleet ESB 28 Alexander and Laura Fleet Hannah Naomi Langille  West Liscombe 19 Leroy and Nina E Langille Dan Cameron and Minnie A Mitchell Married at ES Rectory
Oicles/ Naugler Oct 27 1923 George Cornelius Oicles  MR 76 Henr and Abagil Oickes Bridgewater Amelia Elizabet Naugler widow Bridgewater 43 James and A. E.  Frank  WS Crouse and EM Crouse
Fralick / Pace Nov 10 1923 Andrew George Fralick  Brooklyn Queen Co 29 Horace and Rosalie  Maude Belle Pace Widow 29 Jebedee and Olive Pye  Richard Pye and Minnie Mitchell St Barnabas Rectory
Turner / Lydns March 26 1924 Howard Sidney Turner MJ 25 Henry and Matilda Francis Alma Lydns Stillwater 21 James and Mary  Edwin Lydns and Jessie Turner At MJ
Pye / Morrison Sept 19 1924 Forrest Levi Pye 27 Levi and Ida Pye Julia Bernice Morrison Lawrencetown Annapolis Co 21 John and Cora Morrisson  Minnie Mitchell and Mrs Charles Gillam  at St Barnabas Rectory
Pye / Turner Jan 4 1926 Burton Thomas Pye 26 Robert D and Sarah E Francis Lucinda Turner 20 William Ha and Lena F Amy Ashton Minnie Mitchell St Barnabas Rectory
Turner  / Miller March 14 1925 Carl Ellridge Turner MR 23 David J and Laura A Rita Irene Miller 19 Charles andEffie Miller Mrs Clarence Mitchell and Mrs CharlesGillman at Rectory
Breen / Publicove May 23 1925 Roy Charles Breen  MJ 30 James and Mary Bessie Alma Publicover NT 20 William and Naomi  Minnie Mitchell and Ester Gillman at Rectory
Jewers / Turner Jan 4 1926 Percy William Jewers ESW 25 Isaac and Sarah  Laura Eleanor Turner 15 William  and Lena Amy Ashton Minnie Mitchell at Rectory
Morris / Turner Oct 22 1927 John Huber Morris 30 Henry and Margaret Jessie Leone Turner 27 Henry and Matilda Lillian Pace Ralph Turner St. Matthews MJ
Pye / Hape Feb 21 1928 Irvin Henry Pye  25 Phoebe an Henry Mary Evelyn Hape 21 Arthur and Annie  W Rex Haper and Mary L Fleet at Brides Home
Burgoyne/ Logan June 25 1930 Havelock Burgoyne  PD 33 Etta Logan Sober Island 17 Charles Herrick and Mrs CR Herrick St Barnabas
Moser / Powell Noc 21 1942 George Cherry Moser  Virginia Usa 40 Alex and Minnie Moser Moser River Dorothy Maria Powell 35 Thomas and Maria Powell Ralph E Powell and Mary M Smith Rev Parsons St Giles Psresbyterian 
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