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Welcome to my page! Maybe you came in here by accident. Well, that's ok.
Maybe you came across this page on the web because you were looking for
pages on this subject. That's even better then! There are quite a lot of pictures
on this page, so hold on while loading them.
For further questions, you can also mail me:
Only serious questions please!
This is my English page. I'm not English-speaking so you may come across
some spelling mistakes. Hope you don't mind.


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1. Who am I?
2. What's this page about?
3. Diapers for girls? Are you kidding?
4. Which diapers to use?
5. How and where to put them on?
6. More questions?

1. Who am I?

I'm Stephanie. I won't put my last name on this page, I'm sure you will understand.
But I can tell you that I was born in 1979 and that I'll be 22 years old in september 2001. (Arghh)
I live in Belgium (Europe). Some diaperbrands you see on this page may not be available
at your place.
When I was 14 this nice picture of me was taken. I won't put a newer one on the web,
or I may risk getting recognized in public. And that's not exactly what I want...

Yep, that's what I looked like then...

2. What's this page about?

This page is about girls wearing diapers. Now you may think: "diapers? for a girl aged 22?"
The answer is yes, read on and you'll understand why.

3. Diapers for girls? Are you kidding?

You may indeed think that diapers are for little kids. They are, but it is not so surprising that
even on a later age people need to wear diapers. The reasons for this can be diverse. People
can get incontinent, by getting older, because of an accident, or because they were born like that.
Some people even start wearing them because they have a fetish for them. A fetish is a thing (diaper)
that gives them sexual feelings. They get excited by the thought. Researchers don't really know
what causes these fetishes, but they agree it must have something to do with memories from childhood.
Some really take this far, if you want you can go take a look at, That's a site about
fetishism and infantilism. Also on Couche ( you will find some artistic pictures
of girls wearing diapers. There are also commercial sites with pictures. Those found on the site
of Diapergal are pretty decent. My page is NOT about fetishes.

Why am I wearing diapers then? There are two reasons for this.
First, I have to say that, at the age of 12, I still wore diapers because I still wet the
bed. I peed in my bed until the age of 14 almost every night. Now, at 22, it still
happens, but not every night (about five to ten times a month). I don't wet because
I want to, but I'm a very sound sleeper and when I drink some glasses in the evening,
I don't feel that I need to pee. After 4-5 glasses of beer on a party, I'm pretty sure
of waking up in a soaked bed the next morning - if I would not be wearing a diaper.
The second reason why I wear diapers is because my periods are rather heavy.
Wearing a tampon results in leaking within the first few hours, and even maxipads barely
hold it. But there are more girls who have this. For more information, please look on the
following page:
If you think you recognize yourself, keep on reading!

I have been struggling with these problems with a long time. Bedwetting and heavy periods have
made my life sick for long time. Until I learned to put it all aside. For girls who, just like me,
are confronted with the same discomforts (I won't call it deseases, it's more like a condition)
I have made this page. As the years have passed, I have learned to relativate. Also, my boyfriend
is very supportive, and that helped me a lot!

Wearing diapers (in my case at night or during the day when I'm having my period) is something
you get used to after a while. It can be nicely warm in winter (in summer too, sigh..) and it gives
you a nice and cozy feeling of protection. I don't have to mind weeing at night and I don't have to
be afraid having to clean the whole bed in the morning.

4.Which diapers to use?

Diapers come in different varieties. One kind is better than the other, so there are some types
that I can recommend.

- Baby diapers - You find them in alll different types and brands. They're too small to fit me, but
Pampers baby diaperI find them to serve well as an inlay for my underwear, in case of an emergency.
To name some: Pampers, Luvs, Libero, Peaudouce, Benetton (really!)... Even to pee
in them (at night e.g.) they work quite well. Some absorbe very good. If your hips are
not too wide (until 80 centimeters) you can probably use a Peaudouce Junior, now sold
under the name LIBERO. The price is about 7.5€ for 18 pieces. That's not too expensive.
This is a picture of an older packing (they're yellow now). The picture shows a larger size
that's not available in my country. I read somewhere that they're made by Tena and are in fact a smaller size
of their incontinence brief.
Peaudouce, now Libero..

- Netting pants for adults - These aare sold at supermarkets here in Belgium. Trisepta is a French brand
that I tried some time ago. It's being sold in the GB shops in Belgium. You can find them next to
the tampons and pads. They come in packs of 15 and with every pack a fix pantie is included.
They're not expensive at all (6 € for 15pc.) Tena makes them too (
netting pant with diaper

Addult diapers - These are really the best. Especially when you wet a lot. These diapers
look like baby diapers, but they are of course a lot larger. Recommended brands are
Tena (pharmacy) or Orlys (sold in Belgium and France) which is another brand name of
the Tena factory. The diapers are nearly the same.
Tena briefs.Tena briefMolicare brief

There are differend kinds of thicknesses and absorbancies (Tena comes in 3 types).
The thicker the diaper is, the more it is likely to be notices under clothing when you wear
it during the day. But that's no problem though. With a wide pair of jeans trousers and a wide
sweater they're hardly noticable. (one learns how to camouflate through the years!) The Tena
is also quite silent, the plastic makes practically no crinkling noises under clothing. It never happened
to me that a Tena diaper leaked. The quality is very good. They're available around the world in
pharmacies and specialized stores. They're quite expensive. Health insurance may reimburse a
certain percentage of the cost.

Girl with diaper in underwear.girl with tena-diapergirl wearing a diaper on the bed

DrryNites/GoodNites - Night-time protective pants for kids. They're intended to be worn overnight. In Belgium
only the two smaller sizes are in the shops. If your hips are not too wide, you can use the widest size, it will fit fairly well.
Drynites/Goodnites are panties you can pull on like normal underwear. They look alot like normal knickers. Because
these briefs are made for older children, the absorbancy is good! For more information look at
or (available in the United States). I have read that there are more girls out there using briefs like
this. The girl in the picture is busy unfolding one. They cost about 0.75 € per piece, which is not cheap, but they are
quite effective. They're called DryNites in Europe and GoodNites in the USA. The larger size XL is not (yet) available
in Europe.

girl is about to put on a goodnitegoodnite diaper
good diapers for the nightThe range.
Drynites XL, for girls and boys aged 10-17. Must fit older ones too!

Addult protective panties - They look a lot like DryNites/GoodNites, but they're made for
adults. The size is larger, although Tena comes in youth sizes (XS) also. Tena pants are my preferred.
You can pull them on and of just like a pair of knickers.
For more information visit

The Hartmann products ( weren't as good. Tena absorbs much better...

Tena Pants
Hartmann (Molicare Mobile):

Presentation of the Tena Pants:
Tena Pants presentation.

Baaby-Inlays - You will find them in almost every supermarket. They are intended to be
Inlaysused inside plastic pants (which I wore as a child) or for extension of the
absorbancy of your diaper. You can't use these separately, unless you
wear a plastic pant over them. They're not suitable for heavy wetting after
drinking a lot when used separately. The packaging of the brand Delhaize
(sold in Belgium) says: 'Also for adults who need extra protection'.
So, why not use this type of baby diaper?

Teena Lady - Convenient for light wetting, so don't use them at night. I saw an ad in a ladies'
Tena Ladymagazine and decided to try them. They were much smaller than I thought.
I tried wetting in one but I was leaking before I knew it. Not recommended,
unless you like leaking in your pants...

Unndergarments - Depend sells these. I don't know if you can call these things
Girl wearing undergarment with straps.diapers. I have never tried them before. They look like baby inlays that
you fasten around your waist with straps. I assume they're not recommended
for heavy wetting or at night. I wouldn't use them then anyway...




- Helen Harper absorbant pants - Helen Harper is a manufacturer of tampons and pads.
Their range also contains a superabsorbing brief, made especially for heavy periods and bed-
wetting. They were for sale in the GB shops in Belgium, but I don't know if they still carry them.
Would be a shame, because they were really 'thirsty'. I once wet them three times without leaking.
link leads you to a German site with info about the products. The pants are not (yet) shown
on these pages.

This is a picture of the packing, which contains 20 pieces for about 12 €.
Helen Harper briefs.20 per packing.

Kootex Personals - If I had lived in the Americas, I surely would have tried these
protective panties from Kotex. Unluckily, they were not available in Europe. I say
'were' because they don't seem to be around anymore. It was a kind of pullup brief
that could be compared to Tena Pants or DryNites/GoodNites, but not as absorbant
and also not intended to be peed in. That's probably the reason why Kotex stopped
the production. I assume Tena Pants sold alot more. This was an ad for the Kotex
protective panties, around 1996.

Kotex Protective Panties.

5. How and where to put them on?

I always put my diaper on in my room or on the toilet. The best is putting your
diaper on the same way you want to wear it. A night time diaper is best put on
lying down (on your bed e.g.). A day time diaper is best put on standing up,
if needed on the toilet. You can stand against the wall to press the diaper to
your back, while positioning it and sticking the tapes. To achieve the best fit,
first put the lower tapes on, aiming a bit upward. Then put the upper tapes on,
aiming a bit down. (this makes sure the diaper does not go down by itself, try
it!) Some time ago I mailed with a girl from Holland (Annelies) and she described
it like this: (I translated in English)

About putting on a diaper:

Usually I put them on lying down, but sometimes also standing. First,
I adjust the back, and go standing against the wall, so the back of the
diaper stays where it is.
If you put them on while lying down, which I find the most comfortable,
the position of your legs is very important.
First, I go lie down on the back of the diaper, and I adjust it.
Then, I raise my legs and pull the diaper towards the front. I lie down
my legs again, and open them a bit (in an "o"-form), so I don't press
them together. Then I pull the diaper on fairly tight. Before fastening
the tapes, I make sure the diaper is positioned well between my legs.
I always attach the lower tapes, aiming a bit upward. That's the best.
I attach the upper tapes aiming a bit downward, otherwise the diaper
is too loose at the top. That's about how I do it. Hard to explain,
I hope you understand.

As far as the pullups are concerned, there's no problem there, as you can put them on
and of just like normal underwear. Keep in mind that you need to remove your trousers
for this, so if you ever change your pullup in a public restroom, someone might notice that
you are taking off your pants. But mostly that's not a problem. Normal diapers with tapes
can be changed without taking of your pants. Just put the used diaper in a plastic bag, put
it in the bin and you're done dear! That's all!

6. More questions?

Do you also suffer from bedwetting or are your periods that heavy that it might justify
wearing diapers, and you want to mail about it, then go ahead! I need to say that I won't
answer indecent mails. So please leave them behind!

Serious questions or remarks can be sent to:

See you soon!