The life of NINA 

NINA is my FTO. This site is made to enable family and friends to view the pictures and life of this amazing car. So, as a first attempt at a website, this is designed as functional and not flash.

The name NINA did not take long. For those who watched the series 24, you will understand. Nina was a nasty aggressive bitch. The letters NENA were also the original number plate letters (close enough). 

I had spent a lot of time researching the type of car I wanted. The criteria was simple. Small, fast, fun and of course look good!! A few cars were short listed, but following a quick drive in an FTO - that was it. Sold. Also, a big thank you must go to all the websites about the FTO. Lots of info, with people willing to share ideas.

All I had to do now was find "the one". I had decided on manual (not coz I dislike auto as I currently drive one, just want to go back to gears), Black or Moonlight Blue and GPX or Type R (I definitely wanted the MIVEC engine). Many nights were spent searching the web. Finally, NINA was found.

NINA is a Moonlight Blue, manual, GPX, 1996. Added extras are an HKS Induction Kit, HKS Superdrager exhaust, Momo steering wheel, OZ Superleggera Alloys with 215 x 35 ZR18 tyres.

This is what she looked like on day one (dirty!).      

front2.jpg (147758 bytes) rear1.jpg (113486 bytes)   Drager.jpg (116861 bytes) front.jpg (100154 bytes)    New number plate
side1.jpg (142323 bytes)  Oz.jpg (123384 bytes)  Inside.jpg (72527 bytes)         

Is the car what I expected? Absolutely - and then some. Small (but not a two-seater, I have had 5 people in it!!, and the boot is big enough for shopping!!), Fast - oh yes - 200Bhp if you did not know, Fun - great to drive and I think it looks great. 


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FTO rocks     

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