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CDCat  - Catalogue your data CD's
CLICK here for the Original Version Click on the cat to download CDCat v1.0
***** New Version 1.4 now available! Includes many new features and a bug fix.
CDCat will catalogue you data CDs. It will filter all files by extension so it does not use up loads of hard disk space. This download includes the installer and all support files.
Approx. 3Mb Download.
Shareware - 5 if you decide to keep it. This original version got three stars on Ziff Davis download site.
Click here for V1.4
Shareware 10 or $20 (free to all previous registered customers.)
CLICK here for the new EXE
Version 1.2
This is just the EXE and is the latest version which includes a print feature.
You will need to download the original version first to get the dll's required.
Click on the bell to download for Win98 COMDLG32.OCX (required for v. 1.2)
Click to download
You need Java to see this applet.
A big fan of Harry Potter - David (aged 8)
Click here to register and pay by credit card
CDCat will quickly catalogue all your computer magazine CDs into a database on your hard drive. Then you can search for any file or app. at any time later and it will tell you what CD it is on. It will catalogue ZIP and LS-120 disks or even your hard disk (for super-quick searches). To keep the database as small as possible, it only stores directory names once, and can filter by a set of user-definable file extensions. Once you try it, you will never have to wade through your pile of CDs again to find that Demo version of Quake 7!
There is no expiry date and it is not limited in functionality - but it will nag you to register every time you save a CD to the database. I will give you a password if you cross my palm with silver.
Just download the new version if you already have VB6 files on your system or download the VB6 files from (

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