The easiest way to make real money on the web

I've tried about 30 ways to make money over 5 years and this is the best and easiest.

First go to this website for the plan

Once you have checked out the site, sign up for it.

(I would highly recommend signing up for the premium service after you make some money, so you will make more money.)

Verify your email address and look in the email for your referral site.

Go to the source of this site, change the above address to yours, then save the source code as index.htm.

This made your own version of this site, now you need to put it on the internet to make money.

Click here for more detailed instructions.

Upload your new site to a free web-server, like

More detailed instructions here

Now to make a nice amount of money you will need to advertise in Kazaa.

You can do this anytime anyday with any internet connection, all you need is Kazaa.

You are going to put the website address that you just made into the documents.

Its the same way that I got you to come to this site.

You put the website in the documents and then put them in the shared folder.

Make sure you have upload on, in the kazaa settings. You do if you didn't turn it off.

Go to my download documents page. It is easier and faster than downloading the documents off kazaa manually.

Document download page

Unzip all the files and put them in a folder.

Take all of the documents, (they look blue), (not texts), out and put them in a seperate folder. They will corrupt if you use the following program and cause Kazaa to keep shutting down.

Now download this TextWiz 2.1 This automatically places text into all of the documents and saves.

Open textwiz, push the "select folder" button, find the folder with all the files, push "select all files". Now go to the "search for:" place and put in

Now go to the "replace with:" box and put in your address.

Now push Start

This will replace my site in all the text files, to your site, really quick. It took me 8 hours without this program, but it will take you 20 seconds.

Take all the texts and put them in kazaa.

After you set this easy program up, all you will ever need to do is open kazaa, sign on the internet, and sit back and relax.

Thank you for reading this and good luck. If you need help than email me at and write in the subject line "Payclick Kazaa."

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For the microsoft word documents. I dont know, either put the site in manually, which I did, or not use them and wait for me to get more text files.

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