Steve Allen was convicted of the brutal murder of his wife Sandra in 1991.  His trial became a media circus in a small town  in Oklahoma's bible belt.    
He is currently serving a life sentence for a crime that he did not commit.  We are hopeful that someone will come forward with information that will free Steve.
This web page has been designed to give you access to many of the court documents that have been filed, excerpts from the trial transcripts and updates on the ongoing appeals regarding Stephen Lee Allen.
Steve Allen's Story
On June 11, 1990 around 9:30 p.m. Steve Allen drove into his driveway at 1808 Jefferson Road in Bartlesville,Oklahoma. He saw a person close to the corner of the house on the patio. The figure started  south and then immediately turned and ran north. Steve went inside his home and found his wife lying in a pool of blood, on the dining room floor. She had been brutally beaten, her skull fractured, blood and tissue splattered throughout the room.
Sandra Jo Allen, age 30, mother of three, died that evening. Steve became the prime suspect almost immediately.
At the request of the District Attorney's office he turned himself in, following the funeral of his wife, on Friday, June 15th, 1990.
On July 15th of 1991, a trial began before the Honorable John G. Lanning, District Judge, in the District Court in and for Washington County, State of Oklahoma. On August 12th, 1991, at the conclusion of the trial, Stephen Lee Allen was convicted of Murder in the First Degree and sentenced, in accordance with the jury recommendation, to life without parole.
Steve Allen was wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife Sandra Allen and is currently in the appeal process.

Some of the many facts in support of Steve's innocence   are:
Three experts testified that the hammer could   not have been the murder weapon for two separate and independent reasons.  
Emergency personnel testified that two contact lenses   were removed from Sandra's clothing at the hospital and were misplaced. Later,   one whole contact lens and part of another were removed from Sandra's body   during the autopsy. Tests by defense experts A.E. Reynolds and Larry Birk   indicated that the whole lens was too far removed from Sandra's prescription   to have been hers.
  Terry Laber and Bart Epstein, duplicated   Steve Allen's actions and determined the blood spots on his clothes came   from the shaking of his wife and not from wielding a weapon. Bart Epstein   testified that he found no body tissue on the clothing Steve was wearing   that night and if he had committed the murder there would have been tissue   with the blood stains on his shirt.  
Psychological testing done by Dr. Eugene   Reynolds of Tulsa, Oklahoma profiled an individual who was not prone to violence,   had a close relationship to his family and had a difficult time accepting   the loss of his wife. Dr. Reynolds testified that he felt strongly that Steve   was not guilty.
Cloth fibers found under Sandra's fingernail   did not match the clothing Steve was wearing the night of the murder.
A lie detector test taken in Oklahoma City   substantiated Steve's innocence, however it was not admissible as evidence.  

Steve's Expert Witness List
Access to brief biographies of     various Expert Witnesses that testified on behalf of the defense including:    
Dr. Michael Baden, Forensic     Pathology Expert
Larry Birk, Contact Lens Expert    
Peter Barnett, Crime Lab Expert    
Bart Epstein and Terry Laber,     Crime Scene Experts
Blair Gluba, Homicide      Investigation Expert
Dr. A.E. Reynolds, Contact     Lens Expert
Pre-Trial Cases
Access to the numerous pre-trial     issues that were raised before the trial including motions for change of     venue, denial of media access.
The Trial
Access to excerpts from the trial     transcript including opening and closing arguments, testimony that is referenced     in the various briefs that have been filed in this case.
The Appeals
Access to complete copies of     the appeal briefs filed by Steve's attorneys and the State of Oklahoma in     state and federal court.

Steve's family and friends continue to search for information leading to the person responsible for this horrible crime. We are hopeful that someone has information that is capable of freeing Steve and possibly convicting the guilty person.

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