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The next Scheduled Novice SIG meets at 6:00 PM  immediatly prior to the September 20, 2005 BPCA general meeting. (Updated September 19, 2005) Cancelled due to Hurricane Rita

Next scheduled meeting: January 17, 2006

This is where you can find the latest information from the BPCA Novice SIG

Follow the first link (Novice SIG Information Page) to get information that is available from our Novice SIG sessions.

Topics currently available include:

Working Without a Mouse
Copy, Cut & Paste
The Find Command
The Save & Save As Commands
Changing the Appearance of Your Desktop
Data Back Up Basics
Working With Folders
10 Digit Dialing from 3/21/02 SIG meeting

Also available is a link to the Windows 95/98 Basics document. The index shows the topics covered.

Some of the above available as PDF files, more to come.

Updated April 18, 2005
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