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Welcome to Steve's Home Page
For now, let's just call this a LOSER SITE.  Since you're reading this, the aimless web surfing that brought you here means you're a LOSER with way too much time on your hands.

Cheer up, chump.  I promise not to tell anyone.  Cool?
Wanna know what the weather's like in LOSERville since you're too busy sitting inside in front of your computer to notice?  Then check out The National Weather Service or The Weather Underground.
Say Goodbye to An Old Familiar Sight Over the South Carolina Capitol Dome:
Simple things amuse
simple minds.
If you still insist you're not a LOSER, click on the picture of this bombed-out building:
Our LOSER OF THE YEAR says....
"Duh, along with yew, that makes
LOSERS who've graced this site so far."
Feel free to sign the LOSER guest book.
Or, if you're a more prominent
LOSER, you might enjoy boating:
List your favorite hobbies:
Watching Fishin' on TV
Cow pie tossing
Cow pie tossing then nose-picking
Remedial Drooling for Credit
Vote here.
LOSER fans click here:
Let us know what you think.
Methinks thou art a LOSER.
Other LOSERS have a Death Wish:
Some LOSERS are just confused:
...Then there are the Terminally Stupid LOSERS:
Self-righteous, existential LOSERS
deserve a special door prize:
Geekozoid LOSERS mercifully confine
themselves to online chat rooms:
Cyberthrasher: hey guys whats up
Milktoast: hey thrash
Bedwetter: well look whose here
Foureyes: What's up, Thrash?
RoomtempIQ: hey look who the wind just blue in
Bloodhound: looks like thrash
Sherlock: Check it out, its cyberthrasher
Born2lose: whats new thrash
Dimflame: who was that
Smartass: shut up Dimbo.  you brighten up the whole chat room just by leaving it.
Cyberthrasher: LOL
Foureyes: ROFL
Bloodhound: LMAO
Sherlock: hehehe
Elitist LOSERS will go to any length
to take the moral high ground:
Drunken LOSERS are in a class by themselves:
How 'bout those tree-huggin' left wing pinkos who are so fixated on "saving the planet" that they can't even save themselves from being LOSERS?
Let's not forget those e-mail chain letters and the LOSERS who forward them:
Some LOSERS are real FREAKS
WARNING:  Not for the fainthearted):
All this glitz was built with money
from LOSERS who suck at math.
You just spent $160,000 on your B.A. in Liberal Arts.
"Would you like fries with that?"
Some LOSERS just plain
piss us off:
Self-obsessed hipster-wanna-be LOSERS dwell in the God-awful world of Karaoke:
Cold, Man, COLD
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Who's Next?
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