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    "I want to thank everybody for checking into my very first on-line site! I would like to thank my good friend Garland Triest for taking his time and efforts to put this together!
     Please sign the message board if you will, and I will do my best to keep the site updated and growing day by day. I plan to include Music Trivia, tidbits, chart facts etc. Please make sure to check out the Links page as well, for some awesome additional websites! While there are alot of music news sites to choose from, I hope I can provide something just a bit different!" - Steve Orchard
   Steve Orchard is presently in his 10th year with the Music Tree, at Iron Mountain Michigan. In addition to store sales he also heads up the Mobile DJ department, doing weddings, high school dances, parties etc.  He came to the Music Tree after a long stint in radio, most noteably with WMIQ/WIMK(k-93) from 1984-1992. Orchard is a former "military brat" who spent his first 3 years of High school in Germany, then finished his senior year at West Iron County in Iron River(1978). Orchard, who celebrates birthday #42 on May 28, is married to Sandy & has 2 girls, Sara & Sabrina. He currently is an entertainment columnist for The Iron Mountain Daily News.
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