April 22nd, 2001 Update: Im almost done with my latest, and I believe freakiest map ever. Im not quite ready to release it, but i do have some screenshots for you to peruse. Let me know what you think. They are located here.
April 20th, 2001 Update: I have finished my latest short story titled The Salty Wench. If your a fan of Pirates and Plunder, give this one a look. The main character is based on a prominant person from the Rune community. You can get there through the Art and Stories section, or through this link.
April 6th, 2001 update: I just released my latest Rune level named DM-BigBen. As you have probably already guessed, its a replica of the Big Ben located in London. I think it shows marked improvement in my level design skills. Please go to the Rune Maps section to check out the screenshots, or download the map.
Hello all, and welcome to SoulSavers Lair. This is my personal site dedicated to my main addiction; level designing. First off let me tell you a little about myself. I have been an avid video gamer for over a decade, and before that a role-player. Over the past year I have been obsessed with designing levels using the UnrealEd, RuneEd, and Unreal2Ed game engines. My current obsession is Rune, and will be the main content of this page. But here in the near future I'll try to branch out a bit, and include some UT and Quake 3 levels.
Also, I'll be adding some sketches and other forms of artwork that I have done throughout the last few years. I'll even try to throw in a few short stories and poems I've created. I've studied Graphic Arts and Journalism at the college level, and currently reside in the Ohio area. Below you'll find links to my levels with screenshots, custom textures and prefabs, artwork and more. Please feel free to contact me at smaisch@zoomtown.com if you have any questions or comments.
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