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Since this is destined to be an out-of-the-way web page, I'll guess you have a short attention span and give you a quick summary of what's here. (Oh, I've been told that if I don't use the word "Scientology" a lot, you will never find this page, so: Scientology, scientology, Dianetics, auditor, auditing and Scientology, sorry that's way the internet works, Al Gore may have invented it, but I got you here.)

Purposes of this site:

  1. Catch your attention.
  2. Engage your attention.
  3. Motivate you to join a chat list, and by extension a Standard Tech group.

What is FreeZone Scientology? (not too much crap please)

Sure, sure, Well the bottom line is that the church has kicked out a lot of good people and while most have entered the woodwork a few have gone into competition. There are more Scientology private practices out there than you might guess. The Church of Scientology tends to make entering the woodwork the simpler alternative.

So the main characters involved are those that continue to practice despite opposition: Ralph Hilton, Pat Krenik, Tommy Thompson, Rey Robles, Victor in Mexico and quite a few others that don't make a full time living of it. Ralph Hilton, (FZAOint), and Tommy Thompson, (ICAUSE), are trying to build internet based organizations around thier practices - with moderate success. For FZAOint: BB is the Executive Director, Denny is the IJC, (whatever that means), JW is the Chaplain, (all sob stories accepted), FZ01 is the Tech Sec and Ralph is the Qualifications Secretary, (Scientology auditing techniques expert), (his practice specialized in untangling OT cases, failed cases, and ones that the Church of Scientology didn't want to risk getting involved in). Basically Ralph is a genius who lives and breaths Scientology technology, has seemingly studied all of it, answers any question off the top of his head, with references, and has enough creativity and independence to not be rote about it. (Ok, I've been to see him 4 times and he is pretty good.)

OK, Rah Rah for Calvin, Luther and the Reformation, what about the rest of you all?

Sure, sure, Well a few guys started these internet chat lists. The Idea is to join a list. Unwind or ask some questions, figure out who is offering Standard Scientology Tech, a la 1983 or so, (at reasonable prices), AND figure out if they seem like someone you wouldn't mind spilling your guts to. Once you figure all that out, then it's just the logistics getting to someone - anyone can do that.

aaannnd, the rest of you?

RELAX; I'm getting there. So now as things have matured we have been picking up ex- Scientologists, stalled Scientologists and a few who found the idea of Scientology interesting but didn't want to bet their bank on church delivery.

"The rest of us" actually comprise a fairly diverse group of ex-church talent. I would guess that 1/2 are clear and 1/5 are OTIII or above. Probably 1/4 are ex-staff. There is even had an ex-OSA agent that was accepted with a little trepidation. (We are considering adopting a motto: "We never left" and "We're not leaving" are the front runners.) Most are willing to help out new people. There maybe a thousand FreeZoners using the internet to talk to each other. In the two most active groups 20 or 30 are actively doing something. Point is, you can get help, get your questions answered, find friends of like mind, but since few are getting paid, you have to seek what you need and make things happen.

How do I join up?

Yea, right. Well if you really are interested, you can try and join the FZAOint chat list. It's my favorite. Pat Krenik runs a list for her Elma Washington based group. Tommy runs a ICAUSE list for his group. Robles maintains a forum at FZUSA. Odds are fairly high of being accepted, fairly low of getting kicked off. The bad news is that you will get to listen to a bunch of fairly sophisticated ex-members argue endlessly about what went wrong and how things should be. The good news is that most of them are pretty good guys and will go out of their way to help out someone like you.

If you don't like my favorite then you can chose from quite a variety of other choices listed in the Open Directory.

OK, maybe I am interested, but I'm special.......

Special CircumstancesAction to take
My name is Xenu and I am here to conquer earth.So are the rest of us, get in line.
I'm new, how do I know I'll get anything out of it?Read the Success Stories for people getting started. Read the Dianetics book. Join the list and talk to some of the people who worked with Ron right after he wrote the book. (Yea, they're old, so you better read fast.)(Sorry, Pat. :)
I'm still in the church, I just want to look.You didn't think my real was Steve Tustin did you?
Are your auditors any good?Outside of the church you can find better and worse auditors - although mostly they have to be good to survive on their own.
Scientology is a little strange, Reformed Scientology??? That is weird.Around 1983 things were in pretty good shape - that's what I am going with. I agree though, it has gotten a little weird since.
I sort of like the idea of a Big Church that has all the answers.Yea, it was nice while it lasted wasn't it?
This is a real "ground floor" "opportunity" isn't it?Yup, the difference here is you will be responsible for yourself; success or failure will be strictly up to you. But, you will go faster and get farther at minimal costs. And, you get to say and think anything you want.
My case is so messed up even Ron couldn't fix it.Maybe so, but Ralph likes a good challenge.
The Church has declared me PTS/SP. So will I be when they bother to figure out my name. So are about a third of the various forum members. So what? You'll either fit in or you won't. Numbers have been growing nicely and most have stopped losing sleep over it.
I'm one of those 50,000 clears that never went on to OT.Gees, this is your lucky day!
I'm already OT something.START! DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING!.... !!!!NOW!!!!

And so, who are the other players in this little skit?

Ah yes, the rest of the rabble:

FreeZone International - This is one of Ralph Hilton's earlier sites, been around for a while but it's still interesting.

FZAOint - Ralph's group is my favorite site for the 'rebel alliance'.

Free Zone America - Interesting, freewheeling forum chat, quite a few courses that have been written as closely to Standard Tech as possible without infringing on any of the Church's trademarks and/or copyrights.

ib8 - This web site's main purpose is to provide a compendium of Scientology related court cases - but that would be boring! So Albert has thrown in some neat personal interest stuff, quotes, links and other bric-a-brac to really liven the place up. Damn good job, Albert!

The Elma group is Pat Krenik's practice up in the Pacific North-West. The group has taken on some of the character of the area. Family, nature, kind to animals - that sort of thing. Oh, and Standard Tech all the way.

ICAUSE - Rev. Tommy Thompson's has incorporated as a nonprofit group and maintains a number of part-timers on various posts.

FreezoneUSA - Rey Robles likes it hot, like in Aridzona. Nice chat forum.

freescientology - A summary and links page introducing FreeZone Scientology - Scientology as practiced outside of the official Church of Scientology.

Independent Scientology - This site marks a sad story for religious freedom. b0b started a one page web site with the domain name of "". Nothing too controversial on the one page site, but the domain name itself triggered a church legal response. Which in of itself is no great crime, but those OSA morons deliberately chose to spite him by going to his employer and making unsupportable accusations. Those tactics only work when you are david, not Goliath. Currently Goliath is winning, time will tell.
The site is still down last I checked, but i am leaving the link in case it comes back up and as a reminder that religious freedom isn't free - it has to be fought for.

bb - is the main organizer for the FZAOint group. With a little help he has done a first class job with this web site.

ST83 - The web site you are on was my first web effort. This site is my second, and more studied, effort to introduce Standard Tech option in the FreeZone to those new to the idea.

Forrest - Made an excellent graphic that explains many parts of Scientology and it's many derivatives.

Calif. Assoc. of Dianetic Auditors - Probably first group to break with church and go it's own way. Has regular meetings. Good place to co-practice book one.

Holy Cows - Promotes Standard Tech, critical of church nonsense.

FreeScientology - An intro to the whole FreeZone by Ralph Hilton.

FreeZone USA - Web site for the friends of Rey Robles.

FreeZone Romania - Nice guy. English, Romanian and I believe Russian too.

Xyandra's - page. She is a OTIII, classed auditor, worked for the Washington DC org on staff. Doesn't have a following, not promoting, but is willing to audit if you seek her out. East coast, maybe Connecticut - not sure.

Ralph Hilton's - personal page, pictures of him and environs of Semmering Austria.

Alex - in Moldova, smart guy.

C-Meter - home page. I have one. THE meter to have. Works great on a laptop, portable. It is the BEST!

IVy - magazine. Liberal voice of the FreeZone for many years.

bb's - personal web page, Lots of color, very aesthetic. Of course BB is our most tireless FreeZone Standard Tech promoter. I think he used to be ED of the London Org for the Church. If you are looking for unlisted services - he is your man.

Pat's - personal web page.

Pat's - trolling page.

ICAUSE - Tommy's 2nd site.

ICAUSE - Tommy's 3rd site.

Paul's - personal web page. Success with Ralph in Semmering.

Ron's Org - VAST put up this page to represent Ron's Org in the Americas.

Other FreeZone links: - Main Russian FreeZone site. - Everything on Meters. Excellent synopsis of FreeZone meter options. - Russian site with some English. - FreeZone book store in England. - Alex Z speaks out. Russian and English. May have to paste link in. - Ralph Hilton's new meter site. Post C-Meter development. - Clearbird's Standard Tech. - Serving up tech without the triangles. - Open Directory on Scientology. - Open Directory on FreeZone. - Mainstream psychology, bit of tech borrowed. - ICAUSE church site. - Ron's Org in German. - This is THE original base web site for Ron's Org. Lot of policing info on where the church has gone astray - all in scientologeese, as in time/place/event standard evaluation. - Standard Tech in Germany. I believe this is in the North-West part of Germany. - Singles mixer. - Alex's personal web page. Brilliant guy. Expert on Standard Tech bridge and Ron's Org bridge - largely self taught, all in about five years. - Austrailian FreeZoner site. Site being replaced by I believe. - More of Clearbird's Standard Tech. - G. Filbert's take on Scientology. Somewhat modified Scientology tech, mostly in the order of the bridge line up. Auditing available in Washington State, USA. - Newlife with ICAUSE. - Ideas and c-meter software from Italy. Walk-about hand held meter coming soon. - Ron's Tech in Russian, yahoo group. - Audit the 3rd dynamic engram. - Austrailian site. Meters and more, see too. - IVy magazine, FreeZone voice for many years. - Nic's site with quality meters. - Re-vamped FreeZone Advanced Levels. Fairly new. - Homer's listing of FreeZone. 1st generation FreeZoner. - Russian FreeZone site. - Nic's newer meter site. - Kinder/Gentler Scientology. Pat Krenik. - Scientology Old-Timer web site. This is mine. I'm just starting it up with Pat and Tommy's help. - Oleg's web page. - secondary ICAUSE church site. - Earlier ICAUSE church site. Tommy was going to call group Operating Thetan Advanced Org World Wide - but then incorporated as non-profit ICAUSE. - Meters related. - Ralph Hilton's personal web page. Nice pictures. - Ron's Org in the Netherlands. New site. Lots of enthusiasm. - PC visits Victor in Mexico. Not a lot of internet in Mexico. - Heidrum Beer in Semmering Austria. Has a lot of alternative health info. - Austrailian FreeZone web site. Associated with - FreeZone Russian site. - Pat Krenik's Standard Tech practice in Washington State. - Pat's trolling page. - Peter Shepard's Tools for Transformation. 1st generation FreeZoner. - English site, mainstream psychology with a little tech added. - World Transformation. Fleming Funch, lives in France now, I believe.

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