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These pages updated 11-06-04

Mom Kraensel and Kasey come for a visit!
Dylan and Steve go Paintballing
Steve and Dylan
Just Dylan
* Our Birds
Old Pictures - Our glory days!!
We Have a New Home
Honeymoon Pictures are being loaded!
Honeymoon Pictures.  More to come...
Our White Thanksgiving Pictures
Updated 11/28/2004
On The Ship        Updated 11-6-04
Malta                  Updated 10-31-04
Santorini, Greece Updated 10-28-04
Captain's Dinner   Updated 10-28-04
Contact information...
How to get a hold of us  Updated 10/31/04
Pictures of the House (Mitzi's Request)
Outside   Updated 10/31/04
Inside     Updated 10/31/04
Wedding Pictures
The Wedding                   Updated 10/27/04
The Wedding Reception    Updated 10/27/04
Formal Wedding Pictures   Updated 10/27/04 I received a special early Christmas picture of Chester the pig.
The Rehearsal Dinner        Updated 10/27/04
The Rehearsal                  Updated 10/28/04