updated photo's from the Hong Kong team.


.....has this ever been an ordeal.  Just to get few simple pictures up on the net you can't imagine what it's taken.  At one point or another we've wrecked FOUR computers in order for us to share with friends and family the 'oh how she's grown' pages!   And Chloe really IS growing. Huge.  Although she's just torn a large chunk of her growth chart off the wall in one fluid swipe she was 95cm (and 34lbs) at the last marking.  And that was a month before her 2nd birthday (see birthday page).  For those of you keeping track on your personal Chloe-teeth-count chart, we're at 16!

Toys & flowers

Mummies shoes


The performer

Food wise, when she's not asking for 'cacka' (cracker) and 'teess' (cheese) Chloe is big on sweet corn, on or off the cob.
French fries from the place with the big yellow 'M' are, of course, heaven.  Have managed...so far...to keep her away from sweets, believe it or not, but we know it's coming.
The vocabs coming along pretty well.  A favourite of dads  being Homer Simpsons "DOE!".
Can say all the letters, recognises and says 'one' to 'ten' but  not in that order and NEVER on video!
Goes for all the Disney tapes, now (big progression from.....the dreaded tubbies) but only her favourite bits, like the dancy singy bits and where Peter Pan flys.

Aunt Terry


Chloe's back!


The 90's



cHeCk OuT:


Chloe's WELL into her big Winnie the Pooh book (she got at her semi-not really a Christening-type thing) and a cool Disney book on all the 'princess' stories.    She'll often grab Steve, Josie or Lorna to carry her up to the book shelf and knows exactly what she wants to look at.  We've noticed her also running her fingers over the text and murmering to herself.