Naomi and Steve's Wedding Gift information

Thank you so much for your support and friendship as we get married.  The gift of your friendship

and love is far more precious to us than any material gift!!


For those wishing to give us a present for our married life, we must confess that we would much

prefer a monetary gift, as we have large purchases to make, such as furniture and white goods.


For those who prefer giving more concrete gifts, we have placed a number of items on a gift registry

for your convenience at:


Peter's of Kensington

Gifts may be purchased online, on the phone or in person.  Their shop is located at 57 Anzac

Parade Kensington and their phone number is (02) 9662 1099.  Their service includes free gift wrap

and delivery.  To view a gift list and to purchase gifts online, please click here.

Note: Peterís of Kensington will be closed from Christmas Day 2004 to Monday 10th January and

purchases may only be made on-line during this period.



Gifts may be purchased in any Myer store, or over the phone or email.  Simply find the gift registry

in the store nearest you, and request a list of items.  You can either quote our surnames, or this

registry number: 556578.  Alternatively, call 13 14 43 or email and

request a list.  Once you have picked an item, pay for the item at a register and then return to the

gift registry and inform them that you have bought that item so that it can be crossed off the list. 

Note that there is a wrapping and delivery fee of $8.50 (wrapping and delivery is optional).


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