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The sample tests on this site can be used to revise for: Please read the disclaimer below.
The tests are divided into two parts:
Part 1 contains six sets of questions, one for each of the six sections covered by the 7262/01 syllabus.  Page references to the course workbook have been included with each question, so you can look up the answer in the book if you are unsure.  This means you can use the tests in Part 1 to revise your learning whilst you are working through the course workbook.

Part 2 contains three sets of 20 questions, in random order.  These tests contain questions that similar those you will be given during the assessment. Therefore you can use the tests in Part 2 as final revision before taking the assessment.

If you are using these tests to revise for ECDL Module 1, you can run through the tests in any order.  However, it is recommend you work through them in the order shown.  ECDL Module 1 contains 60 questions which must be completed in 45 minutes. As there are a total of 60 questions in Section 2, you should time your progress in this section to ensure you can meet this target.


Each test consists of either 10 or 20 multiple choice questions.  To pass you must correctly answer a minimum of 60% of them to pass.   To make a selection, click on the radio button () to the left of the answer you think is correct.  A dot will then be displayed inside the button like this.  If you change your mind, you can always select another answer.

Once you have attempted ALL the questions, click the button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.  If any of your answers are wrong, you can select another choice for that question, then click on the button again to check if your new choice is correct.

Part 1 Tests       Part 2 Tests

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