The Office
4/13/07 - "Safety Training"
Another great episode aired last night.  Check out a summary in the Season 3 episode guide.  New episode in two weeks!

4/11/07 - First
Get Smart Photo!
The first photo for the big screen adaption of Get Smart has been released.  It shows Steve with his co-start, Anne Hathaway.  Check it out in the projects section.

4/6/07 - "The Negotiation"
Well folks, it's been a long time, but a new episode of "The Office" finally aired last night after a long break and it did not disappoint.  Be sure to watch another new episode next Thursday on NBC.

3/30/07 -
Evan Almighty Poster!
The first poster for Evan Almighty has been released.  You can check it out in the projects section.

3/27/07 - Man of the Week
Steve has been named AskMen.com's "Man of the Week"  You can visit the link here: AskMen.com - Steve Carell

3/24/07 - Cast Additions
Wow, it's been forever since an update.  Anyway, obviously a new episode of "The Office" did not air on March 15.  A new one is officially schedualed for April 5.  Also, Steve's Little Miss Sunshine co-star, Alan Arkin has been added to the cast of Get Smart, along with the man who played Azamat in Borat, Ken Davitian.  There have also been many cast additions to Horton Hears a Who! You can check those out in the projects section.

2/26/07 - 79th Academy Award
The Oscars aired last night and
Little Miss Sunshine was unable to pull out best film.  But Alan Arkin won best supporting actor and Michael Arndt won best original screenplay.  Steve also presented best sound editing award with Greg Kinnear and you can watch the video of the presentation on YouTube.

2/25/07 - Oscars Tonight
The 79th Academy Awards air tonight on ABC.  Coverage begins at 8:00 ET/7:00 CT.  Steve will be a presenter and
Little Miss Sunshine is up for best film so be sure to watch!

2/23/07 - "Business School"/"Cocktails
Sorry for not updating after the new episode last week, I was gone.  So today I update with both last week's new episode and last night's new episode.  Both were great and were added to the Season 3 episode guide.  Right now, the next new episode is scheduled to air on March 15

2/9/07 - "Phyllis' Wedding
Last night another new episode aired and it's been added to the Season 3 episode guide.  Another great episode, and be sure to catch another brand new one next Thursday on NBC

2/4/07 - Extras

I added a new section to the site to just dump all sorts of extra stuff that really didn't deserve it's own section.  There you can find a guestbook, awards, staff info, and more.  If you would like to see anything else added, e-mail me at
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