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Currently living in Stacey Bushes, in Milton Keynes, having moved from Deanshanger in Northamptonshire in 1988.
I`m 33, single, no kids, and am quite happy to stay that way. Far less hassle ;-)
This page is really only designed for old friends to be able to find me easily, should they do a search for me on the web. There`s far more information on my other websites, but you won`t actually find those sites too easily if you search for me by name.
I`m a musician, making alternative techno tunes... also an artist, writer, and web designer, when I can find the time.
You`ll find examples of all my work on my other websites.
There are some old friends I`d love to hear from, who went to Kinsbrook School in Deanshanger in the early 80s.
Richard Henson
Ryan Donovan
Andrew Hillesden
Steve Lawson
Gary Fitton
So if any of those is you, or anyone else who remembers me from back then, email me, or try getting me on ICQ 32158049 or Yahoo Messenger name ambiguous_intentions